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Through the simple act of bumping into somepony new, Spike will be shown just how far his music can take him. Healing old wounds, finding new friends, and possibly even rekindling an old fire.

Cover art was drawn by myself

Featured 11/5/16

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Sweet sweet normalcy have swept over Equstria, Spike now a much older dragon, has setteled into his routine with Princess Twilight now stationed in Canterlot. However, with the calm, must come the storm. spike is having visions of death, agony, and dispare. All at the hooves of the fallen King Sombra. He now tortures Spike with these visions, claiming to come and take all that he helped take from the dark ruler. Terrified and scared for the ponies he loves, he now plans to prepare his body and mind for the coming threat. How far is he willing to go to protect his home. And what will he sacrifice?

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After suffering another lose to Sonic and his friends, Dr. Ivo Robitnik has been searching for another world to concur and sap its energy. his new target: Equestria. with his sights now set on the land of friendship and harmony, he now leads the charge against the ponies and threatens their peace with inventions that will almost insure victory. but considering he has no real flair for subtlety, he unintentionally let sonic in on his plans. now sonic and his friends are off to stop Robotnik and help in anyway they can.

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