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I'm just an English major who spends more time writing things she shouldn't than things she should.

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Back from Vacation, Anything but Textbook to update soon · 7:03pm Jul 27th, 2012

Just got back from vacation with my family. The response to Anything but Textbook has absolutely whelmed me, and I'm glad that, generally, people seem to have liked it. I'm catching up on comments now that I'm back, and I appreciate them all.

Oh, and apparently I'm employed now (or will be. or something.) but I'll have chapter two up soon. Like I'd let anything dumb like a job get in the way of updating fanfiction.

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Last Seen: 38w, 5d ago

Thirty eight weeks, five days. How long it's been.

God, it's like staring into the face of a grave marker.

I didn't know you at all, nor did I know any of your works you published on this site, but your empty profile page got to me in a way not many things do. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's the deadness of it, like a patch of flowers growing out of a dead animal's ribcage. A heart of lilies. It's so colorful, and still so very dead. It's got finality to it--as if you've seen into the future and reconciled with yourself that this is the future you will have to accept. And then you just up and left.

I can see the remnants of life. It's very much apparent. You followed people and people followed you and answered comments and wrote things, perhaps even good things, things of worth. And now it's nothing, the skeletal remnants of something on the verge of being but didn't quite get there, sat on the fence and enjoyed the view, then plunged to its death below.

It feels like you're okay with that. You left your little hand-print in a state of everydayness--like you went to check your comments, got bored, and never came back. Just left it like you didn't even realize you'd never check it again. The fact that you haven't changed it is a sign you wanted it that way--that you wanted to be remembered how you lived the ordinary days of your life online.

And some day, we'll join you. Someday, maybe soon maybe not, we'll pick up and leave. I'd like to take your example and leave nothing disturbed by final goodbyes. Just get up and leave and never look back and let anyone who dares load that particular page wonder.

What made them pack up and leave?

What made them be?

What made them go, 38 weeks, 5 days ago?

Are you coming back? I would really like to keep reading your story!:fluttercry:

Thanks for the favorite on Metamorphosis!

Haha, I figured I might as well make the bio fun. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

I know humanized fics get a bad rap, but I'd love it if you took a look sometime. (and yeah, I'm an artist too- figured I ought to be drawing my own cover art at least)

There miiiiiight be some Rarijack. Just because I like a ship doesn't mean it's right for every story I'm writing. They have a great dynamic regardless of romantic crap going on.

You're welcome for the watch! I keep meaning to comment when I read. I'll try to do better in the future! :twilightblush: (For the record, your AppleDash project is Awesome!!)

I read your bio and cracked up at "secretly a platypus." And I totally agree.

I don't normally do humanized, but I did notice your fic because of the awesome cover art, (you drew that? Amazing.)

I think I'll check it out sometime. I'm not the biggest TwiDash fan (and was I getting hints of RariJack from the description?) but as long as it's not FlutterDash I can give it a go. :ajsmug:

Oh, and thanks for the watch.

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