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HOLY SHIT THE LAST TIME I WAS ON HERE THEY WOULDN'T LET ME CHANGE MY FREAKING BIO!!!!!!!!!!! anyways I am a big classic lit fan, I like fifa/battlefield 1. ps- don't forget to have a good time :)

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Stranger than Fan Fiction Thoughts · 6:15pm Jul 31st, 2016

Ok. So I've always been a major Soardash shipper but I love Patton Oswalt and his character in the most recent episode so much. He complained constantly but his wittiness and the way he pissed off Dash was SO entertaining. I had been a little late on watching the episodes but this was probably my favorite episode of the season so far. The part when Quibble talks into the credits was so funny. Also throughout the episode I just knew how much fanfiction fuel this was and now I'm waiting for

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Welcome back! Hope you enjoy them!

You’re welcome! I saved a few of your stories a while ago but I wasnt active for a few years but I’m back and excited to read some of your stories

Thanks for the follow and the faves! :rainbowkiss::eeyup:

1932871 Thanks... But I have to go now... the quesadillas are coming

Love the profile pic :rainbowlaugh:

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