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It's been seventeen years since the largest wedding in the history of Equestria, a leader and a hero steps out of the past to be reunited with her family and friends past. Luna is up to her old tricks again, encouraging relationships as she and the other protectors of Equestria prepare for an uncertain future that may cost them everything they hold dear.

New to the story, don't know what the heck is going on, then start the story right by going all the way back to the beginning with And Tootsie Flute Makes Three

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Please continue. I loved Luna the Matchmaker and am very interested to read more.

1005011 He decided to break up Luna the Matchmaker. This would be part of the original story that is now considered the sequel. Somewhere around chapter 15ish I think.

Speaking of, how are you mate? Pulling this little stunt on me I did not foresee coming. It's quiet devious; I'm so proud.

Yay to nightly threesomes! :yay::yay::yay:

:yay:there is only one word to say: MORE:flutterrage:

I remember this, but it was a bit futher down the road on devart. I like that's here easer to track and follow good job as always

why did you re-post the last chapter of matchmaker

1005048 And this is the logical place to break it, as it is 17 years after the grand wedding.

When i read "The voice that had taunted and tormented the mysterious mare all those years was now crying out for mercy" i shouted: "HOLY SHIT IT'S APPLE BLOOM!" (In italian, obviously). Good thing my mother just told me to shut up.
Continue this, i want to know how it will end.

Hold on a sec, i froze for a second just before the "Add Comment" button, and i thought: "Why did Apple Bloom left? What about all the other ponies?" This fanfic is plenty of possibilities for continuing it! Keep it up!

1005150 It seems he decided to separate from the last chapter on from Luna the Matchmaker and start a sequel, considering the time skip it seems like a good place to do it if he was going to do it.
Dlazerous wouldn't it be better to add a link in the summary or at the beginning of the first chapter to the matchmaker?

So good. More. Write more.


I think I already made that joke. Except it was "sex nights", where the kids go to a baby sitter.


I'm glad that you approve. A lot of people have suggested this since after the wedding the story takes a sort of new direction. I'm working on the revision of the next chapter when we find out what happened in Ponyville since Apple Blooms absence.

1005402 yes, i will be altering the description of LtMM to reflect that the story continues with this newish fic

Love the new title! I think you picked a great place to make this a sequel and the added bit in there with Diamond Tiara was awesome!

1006810 Glad you like it
*cracks a whip* now get back to work but stop at the end of LtMM so I have a chance to catch up

*cowers* All right all right, back to my dungeon!

Stops at 10 right?

1005402 Technically, this isn't a sequel, since it, and MANY chapters afterwards, were/are already written as one story. He just realized that with the 17 year time skip, it was a natural breaking point, and would allow for the name of the fic to make better sense, since Luna isn't REALLY matchmaking anymore! xD

It started well, then I reached the part where Fluttershy ran for her husband. Eenope.


for the first time, now to reading.

Very nice. Can't wait to see where you take this.

Comment posted by 10984120assclencher deleted Apr 25th, 2016

the last seventeen years seemed to crawl by unbearable slow.
Everything you told you’re father was right, she does need you, more than either of you know.”
“You can count on me Princes.” He said, blushing slightly.
Sweetie Belle gave her little brother a hug. “Were here for her.
Rainbow and Soaring told us she was back so we dropped what we were doing and rushed home.”
Than you again, I don’t know how I’ll repay you.”
“If your feeling up to it, maybe I can get Tootsie Flute and Dinky to visit, I know they’d love to see you again.”
Laying in the bed in front of her was none other than her hated rival and now that shoo looked ant Diamond Tiara


I´m done reading and now a little poem:

I laughed and I cried,
but i´m not nearly satisfied,
your story good for more
and that I´m waiting for.


The story image intrigues me. I guess I have to read this now.

1009748Our brain is in a position even if the letters are in the wrong sequence to read the word correctly and to guess the context and grammar changes every few years, so who cares.

“You can’t be serious, he actually propositioned you?” Diamond asked.
proposed to
I’d think about giving him a chance.”
You had your friends, you’re family;
At first I though she was setting me up as some sort of joke but she wore that she was sincere.
You’re grandpa Apple gave that ribbon to me when I was about you’re age.
The little purple unicorn colt was wearing a bowtie that was the same color as her mane.
It wasn’t till then that we realized you had left e the forest behind

I've got allot of work to catch up on as well as a letter to write to Applejack.
a lot
I walked out there and Dusk told me of you're sleeping issue.
I must say that you grew up every bit ... your mothers.
...That's because it's your name Honey."
If you keep perusing me you're only going to get hurt."



The little purple unicorn colt was wearing a bowtie that was the same color as her mane.

Actually that line IS correct. Garnet was wearing a bowtie the same color as Apple Bloom's mane, which is what the line is referencing.

Also holy-crap back story... also I totally read Jato's lines in Jay's voice. (you know from Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma, etc...)

Okay... I noticed the shout-out to South Park. Specifically- to South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

I can't believe that Apple Bloom didn't mention anything about Honey being her cousin. You'd think she would.

Actually since Braeburn is her father and is AB's cousin, Honey would be her... second cousin I think.

Lyra and Bonbons daughter. If I remember correctly she there is actually a background filly in the show that is used for her.


No. No, she wouldn't. She would be her first cousin once removed, if Braeburn is Applejack's first cousin. Second cousins share a set of great-grandparents. For first cousins once removed, one's set of grandparents is the other's set of great-grandparents.

Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that they are cousins, which is my point here. She should have said something about it.

1009840 some of these are correct but I'm not going to nit pic

1010579 I'll see what I can do to correct the oversight

1011080 and thus begins this generations spike and rarity


Great. Seemed like that was oddly missing.

1011828 Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

1014109bad for your health
but a good thing for..... no its a bad thing
we need the loves dont make him wait to long or we will be sad

1014247 There will be Sad but Happy will come along soon enough


One complaint, you have it basically mentioning Apple Bloom met Dusk just before her return to Ponyville, however, when Dusk sees her at Garnet's he has no idea who she is. Might want to fix that.

He acted like he didn't know her. Garnet doesn't know what happened between Apple Bloom and Dusk and that wont be revealed until around chapter 12 or 13

Not bad, looking forward to more.

One suggestion, you might want to add something to the description indicating that this is a sequel, would make for fewer readers getting confused about the OCs.


That's a rather long ways away, guessing around the _______ or so, if what your work on deviant art is a clue. (trying to keep spoilers to a minimum in case a new reader actually reads the comment)

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