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After helping Spike and Rarity while the little dragon was cursed as a werepony, Princess Luna sets out to do all she can to help the other ponies that embodied the Elements of Harmony. On her journey, she finds friends she didn't realize she had and something more.

The story continues with Hope and Shadows

Don't know what the heck is going on? Then start to story right by going all the way back to the beginning with And Tootsie Flute Makes Three

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All RIGHT! I was wondering when you were going to transfer this here!

Hmm... I shall read it later!

happy happy joy joy

This is on here now BUCK YEA


Also, the owl is a SPY! :twilightoops:

OMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYOSH! IT IS FINALLY HERE!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::moustache::moustache:

Read later but rated it anyways.

462780 Luna talks about it with the CMC. Twilight's owl ended up in Ponyville because of the royal court to gather information on them. :derpytongue2:

462802 Who else could it be? Twilight only has one owl.

462827 Very funny, sir. I'm pretty sure Owlowiscious would be proud.

I am just enjoying this series very much, dlazerous. Keep it up, good sir!

Wait you just threw out the, sweetie belle is raritys daughter thing?
That seems kinds important.:facehoof:

This is a great LunaLight fic! (Yes I know most people call the shipping TwiLuna, but something about LunaLight just rolls off the tongue so smoothly :twilightsmile:)
Anyways, looking forward to where this story is going! Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

It will be brought up later. by chapter 8 I think.

Hooray! I am so glad this is up here! As your beta reader, I have to say that I am so glad I get to read these. Your writing has improved so much from the first drafts on DevArt to now. I'm sorry I haven't been able to return your notes, but I will say it here: Everything you have sent me so far is wonderful!

Fillies and Gentlecolts...BEHOLD!!!

oops wrong catchphrase ahem we need to favorite and thumbs up the *beep* out of this so that it will be featured....CHARGE!!! :flutterrage:

After stumbling into a bunch of dark stories tonight this was just the sweet, well written, story I needed to get things back to being cheery. You're off to a great start and I can't wait to see how you plan to have Luna complete what will likely prove a rather complex, and daunting, ambition.

Sweet loved this story on DA this will make it easier to track.

And so begins the novel. I know there are over 20 chapters still to come.

If we're lucky, it might turn out to rival the length of "Two's Company, Three's a Crowd" (60 chapters and still growing)

Really good start, interesting theory with the lockets and stuff, can't wait. :twilightsmile:

One thing I can say about this story:

Be prepared to laugh, cry, gasp in shock, and scream in terror.

From what I understand, there are more chapters somewhere else? WHERE! I would be very appreciative is somepony would tell me.

The rest of the chapters will eventually make their way here, but I may cut end this story after chapter 10 and continue the rest of the fic under a different title.

Looks like everything's going great in Ponyville!
Luna is doing a really great job!
Also, . . .
:applecry: 1000 crying Appleblooms for Scootaloo
:raritycry: and 1000 crying Raritys for good measure!:pinkiesad2:

Awesome! A new chapter just as I favourite it! You are 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!


So I have to parrot what a previous commenter asked, what's with Sweetie Belle being referred to as Rarity's sister, is that still just a cover story, has she not told her yet?

The quality is dropping pretty fast here, tons of errors and very fast pacing; I'd suggest some refinement.

How was the encephalitis contracted and spread? You need some way to make this logical or just flat out switch it with a highly contagious, fast acting disease.


<i>'Scootaloo, what the heck are you doin?'</i>
This happens a lot lol. Fix?
'Scootaloo, what the heck are you doin?' should do it

I took me nearly a year just to get what little information I have...Did you mean...It took me nearly a year just to get what little information I have.

Yeah, Curse of the Werepony2 was written after 20 chapters of this story so, there will be a difference is quality, sorry bout that.
Encephalitis is a spread by a virus amongst equine. I didn't want to dwell too much about how it was contracted seeing how it's a young girl telling the story and she doesn't know. All she knows is that her mother and father are sick. If I was revealing this from the viewpoint of a doctor or an adult, I would have been more descriptive.

Blame FiMFICTION's coding, that has happened several times when i try to put a sentence in italics but I will try again.

Having read what is on DA, and referring back to a comment I made earlier, Sweetie Belle has not been told yet and it will be several more chapters before she is told.

"The quality is dropping pretty fast here, tons of errors and very fast pacing"
I'm aware of the fast pacing and I should let you know, it's on purpose. As far as errors are concerned, could you please be more specific? Saying that I have tons of errors doesn't really help me that much.



It didn't show up in my last comment because the coding actually worked, but use these brackets []
instead of these brackets <>.

There is one grammar issue, your italics. On FiMFanFiction it's [ i ] and [ /i ], there should be the option to add those marks when you edit the chapter. There should be aI[/] logo at the top when editing. Two of those symbols will appear together, but just cut and paste the words you want to do like [ i ] [ /i ] are seen together next to 'Scootaloo, what the heck are you doin?' just copy and paste that in between the italic symbols and you should have 'Scootaloo, what the heck are you doin?' Try it.

Man, Luna is being ridiculously clumsy for a multi-millenia old existence.


I'm very nitpicky when it comes to killing characters, too many authors pick something that either can't happen or could but there was no listed cause. In your case, I can't understand how either of them picked up the virus as neither place seems to be particularly infested with mosquitoes. Even if I were to ignore that her mother was a slow decline and her father conked out in a few days, the consistency issue bugs me.

Regarding the errors I found, unfortunately since I found an error or two every few paragraphs, both spelling and grammar, I'd have to download the file and proofread the whole thing for you. I barely have time to read these, so that's out of the question; sorry about that. I understand that this was written first, but the quality difference is quite jarring and, as I said before, could benefit from a great deal of refinement.


Okay then, I shall wait.

Yes! I've never been so excited in my life to see Luna get hurt so bad! More time with Twilight is worth it. >:)

Damn you cliffhanger!!!!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage:

Did I just see someone say Lunalight? Buck this gay Earth *facehoof* There are plenty of nameless stallions. Haters gonna hate, please don't take me seriously.

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