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It's been almost three months since Spike was cured of his werepony curse and things seem to be getting back to normal. Unbeknownst to him, however, Rarity has a surprise that will test his commitment to their relationship.

The story continues with Luna the Matchmaker

Don't know what the heck is going on? Then start to story right by going all the way back to the beginning with And Tootsie Flute Makes Three

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 169 )


WEOO WEOO WEOO :pinkiegasp:

Awwww, I wasn't first?! GAH!!! Curse you, Hivemind!

Anyhoof, glad to see you're putting everything in here now! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Ah yeah, can't wait to see how this developes.

this makes the comment i made on the first one completely moot. *faves*

>finished reading curse of the werepony
>thinks 'best Sparity I've seen all day
>sees sequel
>line 2

Jeez, isn't this still on the top 5 at the top?

Get some sleep at least!

SEE PEOPLE NOW THIS IS DEDICATION!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:
GOOD SHOW, GOOD SHOW:pinkiehappy:

SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!:twilightangry2:

Another one? My god man! Are you mad?
Good story

Oh my god shes preggers ans spikes the father kinda saw that comming and my verdict is . . . awesome oh its sooo good why cant i wright like this:scootangel:

This is good, but...

I don't know, there seemed to be an overall lack of emotion. Maybe that's just me, and it isn't really a problem. I'm genuinely interested in what's going to happen, it's just this weird little thing nagging at the back of my skull.

But it is a very little thing.

These aren't coming as fast as you think. The author has had these up on his dA account for months as he keeps tweeking and tweeking them. This tale, for example, is still not finished, and yet it leads into his epic length story "Luna the Matchmaker". (The character tags for that? Oh, pretty much everypony and Spike, along with OCs)

A baby dragon screwing with an unicorn and letting her pregnant, i could be more surprised :trixieshiftright:

wait first of all i seem to have missed something between stories.

did rarity and spike become friends again after what she said in last story?

and i think i have to reread something here when they said your pregnant again?

If you guys want to read the second chapter, it's on dlazerous's deviant art page.

"we did not have sex...I think I might be pregnant.”

One would probably assume she would tell Spike well before she told anypony else. But that's just me.

So is this child going to be some mutant hybrid, because the father was a pony that wasn't really a pony?

Yeah I had to read that part twice. But idk if their offspring will be a mutated pony/dragon thing. Although, that's up to the author. But my guess is probably either... a pony that switches between the forms or is just a pony.
Still a good story and I'm looking forward to more


You do know the last story had three chapters right?


I'd have to concur. They all seem pretty aloof about the whole thing. Especially Rarity.

Still, there is potential for something interesting... provided you can get the emotion down right. I expect them to be somewhat horrified if the child is mutated :pinkiecrazy:

wait, WATTAFAK almost gave me a heart attack! how will offspring be like?! write damn you! Write!

wait it did?

when i read it it said complete

had to stop in the middle of this and listen to this:P!nk - Stupid Girls
srry if that offends u
and when I just finished the original of this
when I saw there's was a part I nearly cried as much as when I was reading part 1

For a second I thought Emerald was going to kill Rarity :twilightsheepish:

Omg. After finishing the first part i was like: "this is so awesome why it´s over" and now i was so freaking out because i saw it will going on. This is a incredible story, i just tought at the end of the first that if Rarity would be pregnant it would be realy awesome and interressting and now i´m reading this. Spike is just a awesome little dragon. I can´t wait to read what he will react like when he´ll get the news. ^^:raritystarry:


You do know this wasn't written this week. The author had this over on his Deviant Art profile almost a month ago.

Still awesome though.


Why did you have to go a ruin the God-like image these bronies hold for me. Thanks a lot.... just kidding. :derpytongue2:

Me:Two dislikes? Hey Dusk, can you kill someone for me?

Dusk:Way ahead of you.(walks into room with blood on his hooves)

Me: How did you... On second thought, I don't want to know. Problem solved!:pinkiecrazy:

This has to be the best Sparity story I've ever read. Can't wait for more. BTW, can somepony tell me how to track stories?

Track and Favorite are the same now.

423744 Thanks, I was wondering about that.

That was great, looking forward to more!

I thought to my-self "Shit's 'bout to go down!" at-LEAST five times in this chapter alone. Can't wait for more.

This story Is awesome :pinkiehappy:

However I have to ask Now that spike is a dragon Again Can rarity and spike still do the bad thing? :moustache::heart::raritywink:

No. Or at least not entirely, you'll just have to keep reading to find out.

Very well then I shall Indeed :twilightsmile:

I can't until the entire story has been updated. The revision of the first chapter went so long I had to break it into two.

Against my better judgement, I've decide to upload the rest of Curse of the Werepony2

461631 Your fans forgive you

I hope Rainbow Dash beats him up anyways :rainbowdetermined2:

Now that's a :twistnerd: !



Against your better judgment? This story is bucking awesome!!!

:rainbowhuh: I wonder what he's doing

*gasps*:rainbowkiss: SO MUCH DASH!!!

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