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(SPOILERS) Krieg's Little land dolphins: A sneak peek at our main villain. (And minor villain role call) · 5:51pm Jun 8th, 2014

As was hinted in the first chapter, the royal guard and changeling kingdom will try to kill Krieg like Johnny Depp towards my childhood..
So, while animal villains like Chrysalis, Timberwolves, and the lovable oafs known as Diamond Dogs will play their roles in the story. The great thing about Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 was that he had a highly trained army that outgunned and outnumbered you.
and he constantly rubbed it in your face.

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I didn't take it as super negative or anything. I mean, some stories just have to end that way.

Nothing wrong with it really, besides how often it happens.

As long as people enjoy the story, right?

1202746 Honestly, I can't really say that I'm not guilty of doing that ending for my first fic
(although, that was a Deadpool crossover, but the fact that I totally half assed the ending has to count for something.)


To be perfectly fair, we had an incredibly brief encounter. You were actually the first person to comment on my first story, about two years ago.

The story was a human in equestria, alicorn OC, semi self insert kinda thing. You had commented: "let me guess. He falls in love and decides to stay."

I replied with "that's not even close to what happens."

Of course, now I know what I know. And I realize that it was a horrible idea to do such a story. I mean, HiE is almost universally hated on this site.

However! I stuck with that story, and actually made it past 1000 upvotes.

So I'm just here to say that... Yeah you were right. He fell in love and decided to stay.

I realize this is out of the blue, and even though your comment was deleted over a year ago because of deleted and replaced chapters, it kinda always stuck with me. So I figured I'd finally say something. And yes. I realize how insane I sound right now.

1202501 Okay, I give, I checked my followers, the people I follow, and the comment sections of my fics.
Considering you just addressed me by my first username which I pretty much stopped using my first year on here, I'm genuinely curious on where I know you from.

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