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I don't write, so much as I perform acts of high-wire fiction without a net. Come watch me fall! I believe in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.


This story is a sequel to Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World

Twelve years after the Crusaders discovered their true nature, an ancient evil has returned. Celestia is hurt, magic is weakened, and Equestria is nearly lost. Now our heroes must find a way to fix things before time runs out, and the world falls to darkness forever. They'll join forces with friends they've made around the world, utilize amazing new breakthroughs in science and magic, and get help from some of the most unexpected of sources as they try to fix The Hole In The Sun.

Gracious prereading and editing help provided by: Dusk Watch, totallynotabrony, Mares Guyver, CMC4TW, SeaponyLover65, and Web Of Hope.

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Now to jump into this after I finish the other one...

~Skeeter The Lurker

3527523>>3527513 Wow, you're both quick on this stuff! I've been sitting around, waiting for the past couple of hours for this story to pass moderation. Then when it does, I didn't even have time to hit the "publish" button on the final chapters of the previous story before people are already over here commenting. Awesome!


What can I say?

When a story grabs me... A story GRABS me.

~Skeeter The Lurker


You've done thrown them in to Sue Territory. I must say, though, a STRONG start despite doing that.

I'll follow along, yeah. I mean, I really like this story so far... But, this gives me some misgivings about it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is sooo good . I can't wait for the next chapter ! But Celestia , gone:raritycry:

3527574 Yes, yes I have. Deliberately and intentionally. For one, because it's fun to pull that kind of stunt now, rather than at the end like most stories would. But more importantly, because this isn't a story about power. It's about ponies, who they are and the decisions they make. We'll see if I can, in fact, pull it off of course, but I try to always remind myself that the show's subtitle is "Friendship is Magic" not "Magic is Powerful."

And so here we go once more into the rabbit hole. I am ready. I am prepared. I am not so sure I'm up for novas and ripping solar energies in pony words. Without further ado, onwards! Into the minefields of perpetual insanity!

Oh, wait, this is a story about three little fillies. Psh, silly me, what could be wild about that?
*still recovering from the story before this*


Alright, you seem to have a handle on what's going to go down.

Let's see what you do with these Sues.

~Skeeter The Lurker

:fluttercry: what am i? celestia!
:trollestia: so much for immortality

Welp, to be brief. "Here we go again." Dazzle me, Xepher. :coolphoto: I'll be awaiting the continuation.

Wow, you don't waste any time. Most authors would make this the climax of their story, and here you are dropping right in the beginning.

Also. Celestia is a Queen now?:trollestia: and Fluttercord shipping? :twilightoops: not sure how I feel about this.

Urgh, those references were kinda painful to read in the middle of a serious battle.
Over all, it seemed like this chapter had way too much happen at once and it really put a dent in my expectations for this story.
But I just came over from the end of Three Wishes and I loved it, so I'll see where you go with this.

Wait, why was Princess Celestia being referred to as a Queen?

Sweetie Belle: Unicorn. Ultimate Unicorn magic.
Apple Bloom: Earth Pony. Ultimate Earth Pony magic.
Scootaloo: Pegasus. Ultimate Pegasus yadda yadda yadda.

Unicorn magic + Pegasus magic + Earth Pony magic = Alicorn

Sweetie Belle + Applebloom + Scootaloo = Cutie Mark Crusaders = Cosmic Sisters.

Sweetie Belle + Applebloom + Scootaloo = Ultimate Alicorn?

3527577>>3527749 Immortal doesn't equal invincible, and she's hurt, not gone.

3527614 It should amuse you to know that your name is mentally tagged on one of the upcoming ideas. It's probably a few chapters out, but it might finally shut you up. :pinkiehappy:

3527822>>3528010 Heh, glad to have you on board.

3528446 Nothing will shut me up, and wait what idea? I gave u an idea?

3527844>>3527857 I know this kind of stunt opening is dangerous. While some readers will definitely like the references, rapid pace, and escalation, I also know it may not sit well with others. One reason this is listed as a "prologue" instead of chapter 1 is that this is the setup, and doesn't quite reflect the same pacing and style that the main story will have. It is rushed, crazy, and probably a tad awkward as well. As such, I'm definitely relying on the trust I (hopefully) gained from the last story so that readers, like yourselves, who aren't in love with the prologue will stick it out at least another chapter or two. Sometimes its fun to go off the rails, but I don't want to end up with an actual train wreck. So please, let me know if things don't improve for you in the next chapters. I need to hear when I've screwed up.

3528312 Keep in mind, the CMC aren't normal ponies in this universe, so some of the stuff that applies to the others may not work for them in the same way. I won't say more at the moment, but an interesting theory though.

3527941 A lot has happened in eleven years, but don't worry. That detail will be explained in a future chapter. :pinkiehappy:

3528479 Well, you said that this story won't be about power and more about the ponies themselves, and if that turns out to be true, then I think you'll do a good job. And don't get me wrong, I actually like most of the stuff in the prologue, just not all cluttered together. References for example are fine and all, but don't really fit into the seriousness this chapter demanded, the shipping came out of nowhere(well, I'm a sucker for the slow shipping, so that's just my biased opinion), which just made everything more absurd.
But I'll try to give some good feedback in the next chapters.


I never assumed Celestia was dead, I assumed the signs of sudden aging meant her immortality was gone, or at least weakened. Perhaps repairing her sun would heal her, I don't know. I am throughly enjoying this story, just as I enjoyed the previous story in this series. I look forward to reading you future work.

3528594 Sorry about that... I combined replies to save space, which seems to have only added to the confusion. As you can see, some actually have been assuming the worst. Very glad to hear you're enjoying it though!

3528506 Speaking of... She's unconscious, hurt, and aged, but not dead. Regardless, I'm happy to know the story is keeping your interest though! :twilightsmile:

Well, that happened.

So... I know this story isn't about power, but surely you've got to try and top this in the climax! :rainbowlaugh:

OK I started at 5 am preparing for my MLPFIM day and reading your stories. Here it is almost 8:30 pm EST, and I am so weary after such an emotional ride that you have brought to us in the three chapters that you posted for us. YOU ROCK! Thank you master word smith, you have done well this day.

I need a day to recover from this, so no supposition today.

Well, it's not often that I like stories after a single chapter, but after your last story and how well this one went, you get a thumbs up from me.:moustache:

What she had to do; what she always does: turn death into a fighting chance to live. :trollestia:

Three beams of energy—red, white, and blue—shot into the amulet, one from the chest of each crusader.


Well. I must admit, turning the Mane Six into Alicorns seemed odd, and other stories that have done this usually end up being awful pure Mary Sue fics....... But I'm gonna trust you know what you're doing here. The crusaders don't seem so bad with the way you set their abilities up in the first one, and it's only natural they'd get better, but I'm gonna keep an eye on this one.

Love your story, Xeph, keep up the good work or Ill put you in a crash collision with the sun:trollestia:

Man Xeph, you are awesome, keep it up, now that I think about it could I also use this this as a part of my story even though its not done, if so thanks I appreciate it because it would be awesome for me to start my story at this time period with my OCs I have in mind :D

Uh. . . did we miss a story or something? I would've like to have seen the stuff that happened before all this. That would've been interesting. Sure, I don't mind cutting to the chase, but it still would've been cool to see Nemesis' arrival.
Also, were you inspired by the Nemesis from Beyblade?
Anyway, THIS IS SO AWESOME! The battles, the character development, everything is just so great.
It looks like Celestia is no longer immortal. How are we going to deal with this?
Also, I like how you call Celestia Queen. She's the oldest, she's the highest Princess, Lauren Faust wanted her to be a Queen, so good job.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask you this, Xepher, how did you made those custom cover pages for both books involving the CMC, I wanna how to make them so badly.

Why do I forget questions alot, anyway, do you have a group? IF you do, can I join it please and thank you

OH MY GOSH THIS STORY IS SOOOOOO INTENSE! :pinkiehappy:And I'm glad that Fluttershy and Dizzy are together now! :twilightsmile:Flutters being a draqonequs... Now THAT is creative as anything, my dear author! :raritystarry:Kudos to you , and my the odds ever be in your favor! :ajsmug:

So... is this gonna be like that cartoon in the 90's "Battle Planets", where the good guys think they won and then the giant F'in Beast Planet comes out of the sun and totally pwns them in 10 seconds flat in the season-ending cliffhanger?


3530532 Since she realized, "Ya know, being a tyrant would be kinda awesome..." :trollestia:

This story, and the one before it, are the best about the CMC I have ever read, and I can't wait to see how this story progresses. You sir, receive a thumbs up and a spot in my top 20 stories.(Considering I have read at LEAST 500 fanfics(I may read a lot of fanfiction :P), just about mlp:fim that is, thats pretty high up there.):twilightsmile:

3535394>>3534871 Thank you. I am, obviously, going way off into the wild on this. But I hope I've earned some trust with the last story. This tale won't just be a mary sue. It won't be just a generic story. I hope you can trust that I know what I'm doing.

3534095>>3533575 I'm trying, that's all I can promise.

3533575 I shall never escape the nineties. :derpytongue2:
3534095>>3533575 Yeah, trying really hard to be something new.

3535394 Thank you!

3533075 So 90s it hurts!

3532490>>3532102 Yes, and the "Queen" thing will get a full explanation in a later chapter. But yes, the fact that Queen Celestia was in Faust's original plan does factor into this. Nemesis though, comes from the real-world theory about a red dwarf in our own solar system. Google it!

3531035>>3530755 Heh, yes.

3532622 Sorry, no, but I don't have any group as of yet.

3531301>>3531035>>3530755 I shall try to keep things on track as best as I can.

3529926>>3529467>>3529348 I am trying SO hard not to screw this up.

3529151 Thanks!

3529290 And yes, gonna try real hard to make this work.

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