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Growth chapter 9 is online · 9:04pm Jul 27th, 2014

Terrible title puns aside, chapter 9 for Growth is now up. I apologise sincerely for taking this long in getting another chapter ready, particularly considering the (sort of?) cliffhanger the previous chapter left. The reason why it took so long is really threefold:

1) I had exams in June, which required me to be somewhat serious with my studies.
2) After finishing the exams, I went to attend a week-long music festival between June and July.

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Hello I was just curious if you were still working on Growth. I thought that story was very good so I am still hoping that we will see more updates for it.

Hey I just wanted to mention that I really like your story Growth. What I wanted to mention is that I particularly like the character Flint at this moment. The reason is that Flint is doing something many people do but have a lot fo trouble doing. Right now he clearly loves Limestone and many would think that he would just stay with her. I think he is willing to stand up for her but makes the very difficult choice of helping her parents even when they are being jerks. I think he does this as a way to try to extend the olive branch in his own way to the parents. I think he realizes that there is a fair chance that in the future there will be forgiveness and that by doing this he can help the healing come faster.

This is an idea that we rarely see in too many stories I think since the idea of having him stand up to the family seems more dramatic but I like this idea more. Flint wants to be a good family member/husband and I think it is clear he is willing to go to great lengths to help. However as I recall I think both Limestone and Flint have some more to learn about being in a relationship as some of their conversations seem to suggest to me that they still have something to learn about long term relationships (for some reason I feel like Limestone is the bigger issue though it has been a while since I have read the story in detail). I think that is also another interesting potential plot point in that they can learn to become an even stronger couple.

I am also hoping to see more about Pinkie in this story. I still wonder whether I saw something between her and Rainbow in those couple of chapters so I hope to read more about that. It would be interesting if Marble and AJ ever get going that it inspired Pinkie to do the same OR switch that around and Pinkie starting a relationship with a pony that her parents would not like leads to Marble finally asking AJ. Either way (or other ideas too of course) would be awesome.

Lastly Marble is a fantastic character in your story and she is very enjoyable to read. She is just flawed enough while not being mopey or emo which is a nice change of pace from many characters who go through similar types of stories. So keep up the good work!

Thanks for the fave on Good Morning, Beautiful! You read one of my very first stories. I do hope I've improved since then.

Thank you for the watch! I appreciate it! :pinkiehappy:

Hey! Thanks for the fave on 'Many Kinds of Love'. A fun look into the loyalty of Clover the Clever, and the only way I am ever going to write something that even looks like a RariLight story :twilightsheepish:


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