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Writer's Block of Sorts · 2:05pm Feb 20th, 2013

You ever have those days where you want to write something, but you just can't because you don't have much time, and when you DO have time, you waste it thinking of ideas and then immediately writing them off as shit? Yeah.

But I must prevail. Writing stories about talking horses is my destiny, that's what my... uh... computer is telling me.

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Best Ponies

Obviously Lightning Dust is canon Best Pony. I mean, look at this.

Pure mare-grit.

Official Horse Ranking Time

Main Horses:
1) Fluttershy
2) Rainbow Dash
3) Applejack
4) Rarity
5) Twilight
6) Pinkie

Side Horses:
1) The Great and Powerfu-hahaha, no. Lightning Dust.
2) Suri YOLOmare
3) Miss Harshwhinny
4) Celestia
5) Coco Pommel

Barely Even Exist Horses:
1) Model-Who-Got-Punched-Off-Runway Horse
2) Model-Who-May-Actually-Just-Be-Lightning-Dust Horse
3) Manehatten Secretary
4) Twinkleshine
5) Derpy

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It's been so long. So very long. And I know it's probably impossible you'll notice this as you've probably not been into ponies for some time. But after yesterday's episode, I just had to share this with you as it totally reminded me of my favorite fellow Lightning Dust fan.




As if last season didn't tease her being an ultra talented baby filly doing crazy stunts that drove their parents insane what with how big and talented most ponies in her family are, we all but get more potential episodes to ease us into what could be an epic return of Best Pegasus Pony, Lightning Dust. As her full title demands. ;3

I'll PM you the episode if you wish to watch it. If you ever happen upon catching any of the these messages. Hope you enjoy the little treat. I hope life is treating you well, thanks for all the old fun times with your stories.

Thanks so much for following My Faithful Student! I hope you enjoy it, even though I don't think there'll be any Lightning Dust in it...

Got places to go, gotta follow your rainbow (dash).

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