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Work in progress.

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Nice goatee!:twilightblush: I've got more though!:pinkiehappy:

That's not a bad plan, though, it takes me forever to write one chapter, regardless of any snags I hit. I'm just lazy, I think.
And no, I don't really have an editor, though I do have one or two people that I send the story to before posting to make sure things flow well and that my ideas don't suck. I would be interested in talking to Frostwyrm about editing, though. Thank you. :3

I think that it would be best if you try to type a few chapters ahead with every update, so that way you can still update the story for a little bit if you hit a snag. That, and do you have an editor? If not, I might be able to convince Frostwyrm to help you.

Woo Hoo, my Dadric Masters are most pleased... i think. That or they have supernatural gas

Not quite sure which.

I actually just bought a new laptop last week. I'm now working forty hours a week, so I've really only got three days where I can do work on my stories, but I'm expecting the new chapter to be finished by next week. Trust me, the fact that it's taking so long is bothering me just as much as it bothers you guys. :ajbemused:
I'm almost done, though!

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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