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Jason Wright returns at a pivotal moment in Equestria's history. He bares his vengeance, not with the hand of a conqueror or an invading force. But with the greatest weapon of all; the truth. And the truth is seldom pretty when it reveals the lies we tell ourselves.

This story is inspired by the Ending-verse.

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I have the question.

Instead of Jason Wright, what if a 12-year-old eccentric kid appeared in Equestria

YES another entry into probably my second favorite universe I love this style of writing all ready I hope that not only the xenophobia brought up but want about the fact that putting someone in stone forever and only sometimes forgiving them if the can break out on there own is worse than death

There is a story called Innocent Monster where a child is sent to Equestria, where something horrible happens. It's not in the Ending universe though, but it's a good read. As for your idea, I could do a commission. I was going to start commission after I finished my last dragon MLP story.

Goody goody! I like the Jason Wright universe

I seriously don't understand people who do these things for no reason

Hmm... now we have 2 Jason Wright stories being written and making the featured list. Hell yeah. I am happy to see this.

This is golden. Can't wait for the next update. Justice for Jason Wright!

Likely because your first comment is not about the story itself(people don’t like seeing that) and makes people think that you are asking for a free request under a story or stuff like that. 🤔
Also, I don’t get your first comment’s purpose under this story. What question? Why are you suddenly talking about another kind of HiE instead of this one?
If you get what I mean then you don’t have to reply, just clarifying stuff.

This story is nice, I don’t know who Jason Wright is, but I hope he could make this story more interesting than usual HiEs.

Its just a question of 'What if'

There's nothing wrong with that. But people now hate me for that for reasons I don't understand. Just a simple question

And I didn't request for another story. (AGAIN) Just a simple question. If the author likes it then I'll go with it

Idk if I should tell ypu who that is. Its will give spoilers

shame about the school of friendship, it's gone now lol

Can't wait for next chapter 🙂

I’m sure people don’t really “hate” you, they just don’t like seeing that kind of comment talking about unrelated-to-the-story business. Sure, it’s a “What if”, but I don’t think under this already established story is a good place to talk about it. If people wanted to give the author ideas for another kind of story, saying it on their user page or sending a PM is better than doing it here. Saying that instead of using this guy they could try using that kind of person for HiE under this story is like saying that you don’t like this story and the author should do your idea instead of this one.
Anyway, I’m sure you don’t mean it, but we know people don’t like derailed and bad vibe comments, especially if they come out of nowhere.

If you say that saying who that guy is will give spoilers, then in that case I will not ask. But since there’s no “crossover” tag then I assume that he someone from real life, I guess.

The only RL Jason wright is the president of Washington commanders

He is an character of an older story, where he came to Equestria by an magical portal, but when he came to ponyville he was mistreated and physically abused by the ponies

Though there are quite a few spelling mistakes this story had potential. I wonder how the royal sister's reacted to Jason's reveal, considering they sent him to Ponyville in the first place.

Despite several errors, a promising start. Will eagerly wait to hear what the horn actually does…

Do you know any other editing programs? I used Grammarly, but people keep saying there are errors. :facehoof:

Well, well, well, it seems I have some friendly competition in the Jason Wright-verse. I look forward to this.

Lol, yeah. :rainbowlaugh: You gave a lot of inspiration as well. This is a fun universe to explore, though.

Glad I gave some inspiration. Have fun!

Is that an endings-verse fic I see? Looks like we know what’s going into the tracking tab :raritywink:

*Slap with an instant like and favorite, then starts shaking the writer* l NEED MOREEEEEEE.....

"I-I w-writing a-a fast -a I-I can!" He said, his voice jumbled by the vigorous shaking. :derpytongue2:

"But, more times than not, the past always comes back to remind you of your infallibility."

Infallibility - the quality of being infallible; the inability to be wrong.

So in other words, the above statement can be read as:

"But, more times than not, the past always comes back to remind you of your inability to be wrong."

I don't think that's your intent, unless I really misread what you were going for. The proper word is fallibility.

Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

"If I am a monster for wanting justice, what does that make you for turning me into one? I am no monster, but a victim. I am living proof of your hypocrisy, that everything you stand for is a lie, that you are traitors to your own ideals. Anyone else would've come for blood, I simply wish to see the truth come to light, for your arrogance, your true nature to be revealed to the world. Nothing will bring me greater satisfaction than doing equal damage to your reputations and Equestria's as a whole in one week, the damage you've done to me for years."

And if he really wants to twist the knife, give Discord a "it's you or them" decision when he confesses.

"You're no hero, so don't even try, for they aren't the effort anyway. I do admire that you would be willing to take the fall for them though, so I'll give you a choice: I dislocate and break every bone in your body before turning you to stone and throwing you to bottom of the ocean, or they get turned to stone instead until I die of natural causes. All you had to do was be quiet, now, it's even worse for everyone."

Very interesting start to the series. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes

Did i need to say it..



Princess Celestia, Princess of the sun and co-ruler of Equestria, had castrated herself and bowed

Uh. I think you've got a bit of an error there.
I think you meant to say she prostrated herself.

Golden Rule horn. Niiiice~!

Interesting artifact indeed. Sounds simple, but those are often deceptively some of the more potent ones... And then there is that part about "sticking to your word". So don't come crying if you try and break the promise afterwards, thinking there is an expiration date to it.

Keep it up. Its really getting good.:pinkiecrazy:

I really love the concept of the Gjallarhorn. It's a good plot device that doesn't feel too contrived, after all, the ponies have their magic jewelry that gives them a rainbow laser, an old goat made a bell that can remove magic, the idea that the Gjallarhorn existed for peace talks doesn't seem too far fetched.

And side note, that bit with Jet Set getting major karma was a nice touch. A really good "Do onto others as you have them do onto you," moment.

So far this is turning out to be quite interesting.

I need more!!!!

"Aw, aw, aw. That part comes later~," Jason smirks again at Chrysalis, parroting him.

I think you mean "Ah, ah, ah."

"So, you mean to say that Queen Chrysalis is now invulnerable to any threat, physical or magical?" Queen Novo asks. "What's to stop her from conquering our lands?"

Baldur Chrysalis is blessed with invulnerability to all threats, physical or magical. :)

"Still slow on the upkeep and trying to play victim, huh? Let's say we didn't use the horn and went to Princess's little throne room with our grievance. Would you listen? Would you hear us out? Or would you raise the alarm, break out the spears and hurl the rocks at us while chasing us out?" Jason asked. The silence was all the answer he'd need. "I thought so,"

"You don't know that!" Twilight cried out.

In response, Jason tilts his head to her and runs a finger across his gash, showing her the blood. "This happened with me just standing here. Are you sure about your stance?"

"And before you try to answer that, I'll have you know that I have years of scars from you and the rest of your town to prove me right. I did not insult him directly, I did not threaten him, I did not attack him, I didn't even look at him or his wife, and he still attacked me with a weapon when his grievances ultimately lie with the Queen, then openly admitted it was racially motivated. I hope you're ready, cause we're just getting started."

Just how I would've added to it for fun.

A thought comes to mind, if the Horn reflects damage to the same extent/ intent, would Rainbow be protected by her magic if she's told to hit Jason with lightning to prove it's deadly to him, or would she suffer the same damage and probably fall regardless?

Hit her with mistletoe, then go all out.

Found another one

"Aw, but we have known her for all of our lives. We do not know the Princess for all of her life,"

Did i need to say it..



No, any damage is reflected. So, if Rainbow does hit him with lightning, she'll be as vulnerable to it as humans are.

Wait, are you showing the quote or a mistake?

In that case, provided it doesn't turn out to be a risk to him, it would be so satisfying to use it as evidence.

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