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This story is a sequel to Dragonball MLP

Peace has returned to the inhabitants of planet Equis. However, the same could not be said for the planet Earth. In the midst of the threat from Cell, An enemy thought to be dead has stolen the Dragonballs and taken them off world. Now, the planet faces a new calamity with its very balance being thrown into chaos. Goku, as well as the other Z-fighter's, must travel back to planet Equis to retrieve the Dragonballs before it's too late. Old friends are reunited, and new bonds are formed in this new installment of Dragonball MLP!!!

Cover art made by RainbowDashVegetaFan123

Chapters (33)

On his way to planet namek to save his friends, goku the strongest martial artist on earth gets sent to equestria thanks to unpredictable cosmic storm. Upon arrival he meets the magically gifted creatures of this bright and colorful world. What perils shall he face? what friends will he make? and will he be able to return to journey to namek before its too late. FIND OUT NOW ON DRAGONBALL MLP

Chapters (34)
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