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Dragonball MLP: Buu's Calamity! - ultrapoknee

An evil wizard named Babidi unleashes a terrifying monster bent on universal destruction!

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episode 33: Confront Majin Buu, Super Saiyan 3!?

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(New Intro!)

Amidst a torn and broken landscape, Goku proceeds to walk forward with a fierce look of determination on his features. Image of his latest battles flashes above before he transforms into a Super Saiyan. Spike lands beside his master. The top portion of his Gi is gone to allow two new sets of wings to expand from his back. He is noticeably taller and more muscular than before. Images of the remaining dragons and Ember roll by as his aura flares. It is now green with a shimmering gold outline. On Goku's left, an alicorn sharing some aspect of Scootaloo's features lands. She is as tall as Princess Celestia with a vibrant wingspan as long as Spike's. Flashes of the elements having a slumber party with the crusaders appear. Her aura flared out along with her magic as the trio comes to a stop. The trio glare into a miasma as Majin Buu emerges with Cozy sitting on his shoulder and several shadow figures behind them.

On The Supreme Kai planet, Gohan vigorously trains with the Z sword under the watchful eyes of Kibito and Supreme kai. However, the sword begins to emit a bright light before the appearance of an Elder Supreme kai shocks the group. He holds out his hand towards the boy as Gohan release a bellow while his aura towers into the sky. Back on Equis, Chrysalis scoffs at the new Changeling kingdom as she starts to turn away. However, Ocellus grabs her hand and pleads with the former queen. The little nymph points to the ominous aura in the distance. Chrysalis features soften for a moment before she sighs and flies off. Elsewhere, Sombra holds a box containing stone fragments while he stares at them somberly. A hand grips his shoulder as he turns to his wife and daughter. He hugs them before his loving smile turns stoic at the glow over the horizon. He breaks the hug and flies over to it.

Sombra and Chrysalis land next to Goku's group as they power up. The shadows behind Buu begin to morph into a lanky shape as it smiles sinisterly at our assembled heroes with red eyes. It crosses its arms as its clothes flowing in the wind with the prominent Majin insignia upon its belt shines. However, several shadows from behind our heroes as well. The first is of a boy sporting a cocky smile before a golden aura forms around him. Next to him were various other creatures native to Equis. Finally, another figure with spiky hair floats to meet the other shadow. The gleam of its earrings catches the light as the opposing forces face each other. Buu made silly gestures with his tongue while Cozy flashes a cute smile before it turns manic. Goku narrows his eyes but sports a confident smile as he becomes a Super Saiyan 3 and leads the charge.

[Canterlot Castle.]

Ember stood stock still with her eyes frozen in a state of shock. The dragonlord almost resembled a statue from her lack of movement, which was appropriate, given how hollow she felt. Every just went limp. All around her, she could hear murmurs and steady growing panic. She looked down to her left to see her little charge Smolder being comforted by her friends. Her student's face was streaming with tears as they hug her. Her student was more expressive than she was, but the tears flowed from Ember's eyes just the same. She tries to block out the image of her father and her people getting slaughtered and eaten. But, every time she closes her eyes, she sees the ones responsible laughing at her face. Then, all at once, the cold numbness she felt ebbed away for a raging fire. All at once, Ember's aura flares outward. Her face contorted into a vicious snarl as she gripped her specter so hard that it began to crack. Whisps of her flame came out of her mouth in waves while the air got hotter around her. Ember began to march, ignoring everyone's screams, as every step she took scorched the ground.

"Ember, wait!!!" Spike stated. Spike steps in front of his mate. However, Ember shoves him away. Spike was surprised at his stumble, but he tries again. This time, grabbing Ember by her shoulder. "You need to calm--"

Spike started, Ember glares a hole into him. "Move, Spike!"

"No! Ember, you know we can't touch this thing! I won't--

"I said move!" Ember uses her tail to bat Spike aside. Spike skidded across the room while holding his stomach. Then, summoning his aura, Spike flickers behind his mate and puts her into a full nelson. Ember began thrashing to free herself while Spike tries to calm her.

"Ember! Think about what you're doing! You don't stand a chance! You're going to get yourself killed!!!"

"That monster is slaughtering our kin! Don't you care!?"

"We can't help them by rushing to our deaths! Let's go to my master. I'm sure he has a plan!" Spike felt Ember slump and break his old. However, the moment he lets go, Ember whirls around and drives her fist into his stomach. Bits of spittle flies from his mouth as he doubles over, nursing his abdomen.

Spike looks back at Ember in confusion while she looks back with indifference. "I don't expect you to get it, Spike. But, I can't let this happen!" Ember then ran out of the doors as Spike reaches out to her.

Spike found his strength failing again as the taunting voice of Spi-Roh echos in his mind. "Aw, like father, like daughter. Look at how eager she is to commit suicide. It's too bad that it will likely lead to the dragon's extinction. I'll try not to lose sleep over it,"

"Ember, no!" Sitting up, Spike looks toward Smolder, who was saw everything transpire. Then, with a gasping breath, Spike called out to her. "...Smolder! Find! Goku! Please!!!"

Smolder was surprised at first to hear the genuine plea for her help, but she shook her head and nodded. "R-right! Come on!" Smolder and her friends quickly ran out of the room and through the halls. The juniors eventually found a door with two guards in front.

"Halt! There's an emergency conference--"

"OUT OF THE WAY!!!" Goten and Trunks shouted as they turned flared their Ki. Then, they plowed through the doors as the rest of the juniors followed.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Princess Luna demanded.

Smolder instantly ran over to Goku, tugging at his pants. "Whoa, where's the fire?"

"You got to help! It's the Dragonlord!" Smolder said with urgency.

"What's wrong with Ember?" Twilight exclaimed. "Is she alright? We felt her Ki fluctuate after..." Twilight couldn't find the words. Every in the room saw the same thing.

"She went to fight that monster..."

"WHAT!?" The elements exclaimed.

"Tsk. She is going to get herself killed!" Piccolo grunted out.

"Spike said to get you. You're his master, so you're strong. You can beat that thing?' Smolder pleaded desperately.

Goku was quiet for a time with a serious look on his face before kneeling to Smolder's level. He pats the little dragon on the head before flashing her a smirk. "Don't worry; I'll handle everything,"

"Is there anything we can do, dad?" Goten asks.

"Yeah, head back to Earth and get the dragon radar. We might need the Dragonballs sooner than I thought,"

"My father probably to the radar to our home at this point. You should check the main building. Trunks can show you the way," Bulma said.

"Sonny. You aren't going to fight that thing by yourself?' Pinkie asks; her mane was flat as she appeared less vibrant.

"Yeah, you need back up!" Rainbow supported.

"Hey, dweeb, do you miss the part where that pudgy blob turned all those dragons into sweets!" Gilda reminded.

"Indeed. Even if we were to unite our military forces, chances of beating that thing are slim," King Squawk stated.

"We must do something!" Iron Hoof said, slamming his fist together. "A threat was issued to the entire world. We can't take that lying down!"

"I agree with the minotaur. However, it makes us look weak if we let some pink menace cow us!" Pharynx said.

"Perhaps, we should consider all our options here. Where are the elements?" Queen cream Puff asks.

"Unfortunately, that wizards and his minions destroyed them," Rarity notified.

"If the elements are lost to us, and our forces are out of reach, we should consider meeting their demands,"

All the Equestrians were appalled by this. "You can not be serious! Are you suggesting we hand over the reigning EAT champion and an Equestrian princess in the hopes this tyrant won't attack!?" Cadence said in an offended tone.

"What choice do we have?"

"Excuse me, Mister Babidi? I have vital information to tell you about those people!" A shrill voice said.

"Who is that?" Twilight asks.

"Oh, do tell?" Babidi said.

"Those people were a part of the EAT tournament. In fact, the orange one was the current champion. Scootaloo was her name!"

"What the buck!?" Rainbow and Scootaloo exclaimed.

"The other one is Princess Luna of Equestria. I don't know why she was there, but I think it's bad form endanger her subject like this and not taking responsibility!"

Luna immediately snaps her attention to every guard in the room. "Find this curr and bring them before me! They will be charged with treason for aiding an enemy of Equis!" The guards instantly dispersed from the room as Luna snarls.

"I can't say much bout the others, but I recognized the son of Bulma Briefs when I see him. She's the head-off capsule corporation in the West City of Earth. Did you know her son and his friends cheated on my boys in the tournament, and now they are out causing this kind of trouble? Why--"

"Yes, yes. Your words are appreciated. Shut up!" Babidi clears his throat as a sinister grin appears. "Well, it would seem we have some huge names for our faces. We'll be heading to Equestria and the earth very soon. But, I am sure Buu will get hungry along the way. So, feel free to meet us at your leisure,"

The spell stops for now as trunks clench his fist. "I don't believe this! How could someone rat us to like this!?"

"It would seem someone's heart is astray. Their hate and jealousy have brought doom our way," Chief Zomboiyoy said grimly.

"We must prepare the castle defenses!" King Squawk said.

"What about west City? My parents are there! they're going to burn it to the ground!" Bulma said.

"We could destroy the portal on our side," Twilight suggests.

"And leave that monster trapped here? Why not lure it to earth and trap it there?" Gilda said.

"We can't doom innocent people!" Cadence said firmly.

"Everyone cool it. Fighting each other won't work," Goku said. "Piccolo. You can head back to the lookout and tell Dende we'll need the time chamber,"


Piccolo started, but Goku continued. "I'll explain everything else later. But, for now, I have to give you the time to get that radar," Goku said, putting his fingers to his head and vanishing from sight.


Ember soared the skies like a rocket as she quickly enters her homeland's airspace. She feared the worst, but, what she saw in her mind, she knew where she had to go first. Flying to the lava baths, Ember came across the nursery, and There, she found a maroon and orange dragon quickly gathering as many eggs as he could carry. "Garble! Why haven't you left with all the eggs yet!?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because every other dragon went to go stop that pink ball of fat, leaving me to take all the eggs away!" Garble snaps back.

"That thing got this close! "She mutters before growling. "Getting these eggs safe is your top priority! Don't stop for anything, or else we risk extinction!"

"What about the magic doofus? We can't leave with them over the ridge,"

Ember sighs at the truth of Garble's words. Her father always warned her about becoming a dragonlord. It wasn't because of his ideals of how dragons should be, not entirely at least. Instead, it was that leaders must make hard choices and sacrifices. Ember takes a long look at the bloodstone scepter, her solemn expression reflecting off the gem on top. "Well, you wanted to be dragonlord..."

"Um, hello?'

"Hurry and get those eggs out of here. I'll give you enough time,"

"That's funny; I had the same idea," A new voice said, startling the two dragons.

"Hey! You're dorky consort's master!" Garble shouts as he points to Goku. The Saiyan merely salutes the drake in return.

"If you came here to stop me, you're wasting your time," Ember said. "Even with your help, I doubt it will help much,"

"I wouldn't say that. I happen to have a secret technique that might do the trick. Besides, after Buu's rampage, your people will need their leader,"

Ember clenches her fist as she glares at Goku. "I can't run away from this fight. Dragons hold their ground, to the last if that's what it takes!"

"Would Spike want you to do that, or your father?"


"Plus, we have a more permanent plan in the works. But, I need you back with the others. Right now, get the rest of your people out of here,"

Ember kept her glare for a few more moments before finally relenting. Then, using the scepter, she called out to the surviving dragons in the area. "ALL DRAGONS HERE MY CREE! TAKE WHOEVER YOU CAN BACK TO THE BORDERS OF THE PONIES!!!" The gem on top of the scepter glows brightly as the message echoes outward. Ember turns back to the eggs as a red glow surrounds them. Taking the eggs in the sky, Ember turns back to Goku."You better not die,"

Goku chuckles while pointing to his halo. "It's a little late for that," He waves the dragons off as he turns towards Majin Buu's direction. "I guess it's now or never," Goku takes off to the skies again as he continues his course. Along the way, a few dragons pass him by in a rush. "Alright, good. At least they're listening to Ember's order," It wasn't long before he felt Buu's power coming closer. He was chasing after the dragons with Babidi and the rest close behind.

The two groups quickly stop in front of each other as Babidi spoke in an irritated tone. "What are you doing, Buu? You're letting them get away!"

"Look, Master, it's one of the ones that tried to stop Mister Buu," Cozy Glow said.

"Son Goku, we meet again," Gera comments.

"I wish I could say it was under better circumstances and company," Goku quips.

"Aw, so you've come to surrender yourself?" Babidi asks. "Well, you miss a few more among your little group. I suggest you tell us where they are now,"

"You won't have to worry about them. In fact, I have an offer of my own,"

Babidi wangs his finger dismissively. "Aw, aw, aw. We're far past the point of negotiating. You sealed your fates the moment you sided with the Kai and raided my ship. After all the pain and suffering you caused me, it only fits I deal out the proper punishment,"

"So holding the world hostage is what you consider fair? Sorry, but I can't let that go on. Besides, my offer was to Majin Buu, not the one hiding behind him,"

Babidi snarls as Buu points to himself. "Me?"

"That's right. I imagine since waking up that you hadn't had a real challenge. I happen to know a powerful warrior that will be all too happy to give you what you want. All I ask is that you leave the inhabitants of the planet alone. The fighter will meet you in about three days on Earth,"

"I don't get why mister Buu would want to fight after waking up. If you want to give us sweets, that would've been a better idea," Cozy stated.

"Enough of this tripe! Buu, stop wasting time and deal with this fool. We'll pry the information about the other ones' whereabouts with your boots over his throat!" Babidi commands. However, Buu remained stationary while considering Goku's offer. "Hey! Get that fat dome of yours out of the clouds! I gave you a direct order!" Instead of an answer, Buu covers his mouth and hunches over. Buu starts to shiver as he faces Babidi. "What? What is it, Buu?" Buu moves closer as Babidi backs away. Buu started to giggle as he opens his hands and burps in Babidi's face.

"Haha, good one, Mister Buu," Cozy Glow chuckles.

"Yes, it was quite amusing," Gera said while holding her nose.

"Hey, you're aiming that stuff the wrong way! Throw at him, not me, you idiot! Or do you want me to put you back in your ball?"

Majin Buu frowns at the threat before facing Goku. "I don't get it. You're a thousand times stronger than Babidi. So why are you letting him boss you around like this?"

"Huh?" Buu said confusion. In the background, cozy adopts a nervous expression while Gera arches a brow in interest.

"Don't listen!" Babidi growls at Buu before turning back to Goku. "And you. You better keep your trap shut if you know what's good for you. I resurrected Majin Buu, so he belongs to me! So, of course, he's going to do what I say!!!" This time, but narrows his eyes at his master as he growls. "Hey, do you want to be stuck inside your ball for another million years?"

"Buu gets stuck inside the ball, you going to go bye, bye. He's going to make you dead," Buu counters, making every double-take at the point Buu made.

"Don't be like that, Mister Buu. Master Babidi is just cranky that all these bad creatures keep bullying us. He'd never put you back in that stuffy ball," Cozy reassures.

Cozy's words placate Majin Buu as he starts clapping. "No worries. Buu keeps him safe. Buu doesn't like this one more than Buu doesn't like Babidi!"

Babidi sighs in relief while Goku grunts in frustration. "Well, so much for a talk!"

"Buu going to have big fun!"

"I'd like all of the inhabitants of this planet to watch this. A perfect example of what will happen to anyone that tries to stand in our way!" Babidi stated to Equis. Goku's transformation elicits Babid to start laughing. "This tired old trick again? What a waste of energy. Vegeta tried the same thing, and look what happened to him!"

"So, I guess an ascended Super Saiyan isn't a match for you. Then how about I take it to the next level!"

"Ascended Super Saiyan, next level to what?" Cozy said in confusion.

"Huh?" Buu said.

"You're obviously bluffing," Gera said with more interest.

All of the arches a brow as Goku depowers. "Why you go down? You not going to fight Buu?"

"We'll get to that. First, I thought I teach you a thing or two about Saiyans,"

"Don't bother with it. I never asked you to explain anything," Babidi said.

"You're going to love this, trust me. What you see now is my normal state..." Goku's Ki flares as he instantly powers up. "...This is a Super Saiyan!" Goku's power rise again as electricity dances around his form. "And this is what is known as a Super Saiyan that has ascended past a Super Saiyan. Or, you can call this a Super Saiyan 2,"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh," Buu said with great attention.

"Oh, hum, what a useless transformation. You can change your hair, so what?" Babidi dismissed.

"I want to try that, but I don't want my mane to get all spiky," Cozy said.

Goku chuckles at the reactions as he continued. "Just wait..."

Back in Canterlot, Trunks had left for Capsule through the portal as the others stayed behind. Everyone had their eyes closed, watching the fight transpire. "Has he really found a way to surpass an ascended Saiyan? Is that possible?" Piccolo asks.

"Look who you're talking about? If anyone can break the limit, it's Master Goku!" Scootaloo said in full support of her mentor.

"He must be bluffing. I mean, what would that make him-- double ascended?" Krillin doubted.

Goku gritted his teeth as he hunches over. "And this...!"

"Eh, what's he doing!?" Master Roshi said in concern.


The air around Goku began to fill with his Ki. Several veins bulged out from Goku's forehead from the strain. His vision became filled with gold as his energy start to condense around his entire body. The cloud steadily flowed towards Goku as if he was the eye of a storm. Yet, he was to the eyes of Equis as the weather reacted to this new element. The winds pushed and churned the lava below. The ground began to quake and split apart. The dragon lands weren't the only place affected. The creatures of the Everfree ran in every direction, trying to find shelter. Several trees have already fallen over from the constant shaking. Major populated cities suffered as well. The inhabitants screaming filled the streets as glass shattered. Every electrical device seems to short or break. Back in Canterlot, the panic was born anew. The guards scrambled to get the citizens to safety. But, the contact shaking made keeping their footing nearly impossible. Chrysalis stumble for what might be the fourth time as she growls.

"You stupid oaf. What do you think you're doing!? You'll burn out both our time at this rate!!!"

The rest of our heroes weren't fairing any better as they had trouble staying in a standing position. "Whee! It's the whole castle is a bouncy house!" Pinkie squeals.

"I know. It such delightful chaos at a grand scale!" Discord added, holding up scorecards that all read ten out of ten.

"Discord! Can't you do something?" Fluttershy asks.

"No can do. There's so much of that Ki in the air that adding magic might the castle explode!" Discord pauses as he looks at his talon. "Actually--"

"NO!!!" Twilight exclaimed with the Royal Canterlot Voice.

"All this shaking is ruining my mane!" Rarity stated.

"That's what you're worried about?!" Sweetie asks her sister in disbelief.

"Priorities, Sweetie,"

"It's like back on the raging river on the way to Golden Delicious house!" Applebloom reminded.

"Or maybe like being on a dingy in the ocean, in the middle of a hurricane!" Videl said.

"Please, somebody make it stop!" Hercule stated, hugging onto Blue Blood.

"I ain't used to all this tussling!" Applejack said, clutching the wall.

"I don't think the castle is used to it either!" Rainbow added, a piece of the castle wall breaking off and hitting the ground.

"It's unreal! How is Goku generating this much power?" Piccolo asks, his eyes opening in shock.

"Do it, dad!" Goten said.

"I-Its too much!" Krillin exclaimed.

In other parts of the castle, Sombra held his family close as the structure shook. "This is madness!" Hope exclaimed.

"Is the world breaking, Popa?" Luminous asks with fear in her voice.

"It will be alright," Sombra treasures. 'But, what are you doing, Son Goku? It feels as if the world is coming apart at the seams! It would be best if you stopped this before everything is destroyed!' He thought.

Despite the global anomalies Goku was causing, he pressed onward. "AAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" The hair on top of his head started to grow in length. The world around him started to fade out, and Goku felt himself change. He was now a mighty Oozaru before it shrank down to being an infant. Goku felt at one of his inner Saiyan instincts as he spins in a small ball until, finally, the ball shatters. On the outside, Goku's powers reached their zenith, as did his bellowing cry. "EEEAAAHH-EH-EAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Babidi and his cohorts shielded themselves as Goku's ki turned dominated the airspace between. A few more moments before the flash of energy began to subside, and Babidi was the first to recover. He took one look at one Goku, and his jaw made acquaintance with the floor. Goku's body glow with the remnants of his Ki as it starts to recede. His hair was now the same length as the princesses only. Instead of flowing in the wind, it was stagnant while far spikier than ever. The lightning shrouding his form was far more pronounced as it even bounced off the air. However, it was Goku's face that underwent the most change. His eyebrow was gone, and in their place was a more expanded skull line. His pupils had a black tint with blue irises, giving the Saiyan a far more intimidating glare from Earth. Babidi yells out in shock as Goku spoke.

"I'm sorry that took so much longer than the others. But, I hadn't much occasion to practice this one. So, this is what I call a Super Saiyan 3!" Goku's voice now carried low gravel to it as if there were knives at the end of each word.

[Planet of the Kai's.]

Gohan was in the midst of training with the z sword when he suddenly stops. He looks off in the direction of Earth as his eyes widen in surprise. "N-no way1 Is that my dad?"

"It's truly puzzling. I don't know how, but that is indeed your father's energy," Supreme said with a hint of nervousness.

"That's impossible! Saiyan powers aren't meant to be felt from this far away!!!" Kibito denies. But there was no mistaking what they were all feeling.

"Whatever is happening - I know one thing for sure - it can't be good..." Gohan said grimly.

[Back on Equis - Canterlot Castle.]

"There's a Super Saiyan 3 now? Oh!" Master Roshi comments.

"Master, is that really you?" Spike asks in disbelief, having finally joined Twilight and the others.

"Are you guys feeling this, Ki? There's no way that Buu can take my master now!" Scootaloo said excitedly.

"...Indeed. It is an impressive transformation. Not even with our full power could my sister and I hope to match this level of power," Luna said in an astonished tone.

"After all that fanfare, I can't wait till we get to the fighting," Discord said, popping a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

"Rarity? Are you ok?" Sweetie Belle asks her sister. The marshmallow unicorn was like a stone pillar. Her mane was out of place from all the tremors, but nothing was out of the ordinary save for the vacant, thousand-yard stare she sported. Every so often, her right eye would twitch in an irritated manner. Sweetie waves her hand over Rarity's face but still didn't receive a response.

"...That mane...!" Rarity mutters.


Rarity shakes her head as she adorns a friendly smile. "Oh, I am fine, darling,"

"Are you sure, Rarity?" Fluttershy asks.

"Yeah, you were kind of out of it for a minute there," Rainbow observed.

"I suppose I was a bit thrown for a loop. But, rest assured, everything is alright. Now, if you will excuse me,"

"Where in sam hill are you going?" Applejack asks while Rarity moves to the door.

"Oh, I figured I would help the guards tend to the castle staff. After such a rousing experience, I am sure they will need aid. Tootles," With a waggle of her fingers, Rarity left the room with a resounding slam of the doors.

"Did that seem weird to anyone else?" Krillin asks.

"Only if you count that manic smile she was wearing," Pinkie said.


"Well. You weren't bluffing. I must say that it's quite rare I found myself surprised," Gera stated. There was an almost manic grin plastered on her features. "All of my deduction could''ve never predicted this level of power from you, Son Goku. I can see why Dr. Gero was never able to beat you. But, one must as why you didn't use this power earlier? It would've made things much easier for your group. And you wouldn't have suffered such losses,"

"You can say that I am under some time constraints. But, let's not get into boring details," Goku replies.

"Wow. Your mane is as long as the princesses. But it looks so rough and spiky like a razor-pine. And you won't make any new friends with that scary face of yours," Cozy said.

"Buu not scared of you. Big hair makes you big fun!"

"Yes, I am inclined to agree. This super 3, whatever you called, is ridiculous. Majin Buu, I believe our friend here needs a haircut!" Babidi said.

"I'm ready. Show me what you got!" Goku goaded.

"Oh, we will. The whole will watch as Buu pounds you into oblivion!"

"Pow. Pow. Pow-Pow-Pow!!!" Buu said.

'Trunks, Ember, you both better make it fast!' Goku thought.

"Do it! Take him down!!!"

At Babidi's signal, Goku charges forward before vanishing behind Majin Buu. As Buu turns to him, Goku slams his knee against Buu's cheek. Buu went flying in the opposite direction as Goku appears in his path. With another kick, Goku sent Buu flying again. However, he stops the pink terror by grabbing ahold of his antenna. Rearing his left arm back, Goku thrust his fist hard against Buu's temple. The elastic properties of Buu's body made him recoil back from the punch. That's where Goku began launching a series of convective punches against Buu while the monster continued to bounce back into them. Effectively turning Majin Buu into an age of paddle ball. The entire time, Majin Buu shouts out in pain.

"Yeah, look at him. He's going for the paddle ball record!" Diamond cheered.

"A hobby of yours?" Applebloom teased.

Diamond huffs and turns away from her. "I am allowed to branch out,"

Goku commits to a huge punch as Buu hollers. Then, Goku started spinning Buu around, quickly gaining speed before launching Buu into the ground. Buu left a trail of destruction until he fell into a lava pool. Goku stares silently at the lava until the surface started bubbling. Then, Buu shot out back into the sky as he smiles at Goku. Leaning back, but opens his maw and spews lava at the Saiyan, causing Goku's eyes to widen in shock. Goku flickers to safety while Coy and Babidi narrowly avoid getting doused. Goku reappears some distance away as he's more guard. Buu suddenly raised his hand and began firing rapid Ki blasts in every direction toward Goku. In response, Goku deflects any that came his way while Babidi and company dodged them. Finally, Buu ceases his assault and vanishes behind Goku. Buu sends Goku a devious smile as he rears back his right hand. Before Goku knew what was happening, Majin Buu threw his fist, and his elastic body stretched it to Goku's face. The punch connected despite Buu being a few meters apart from the Saiyan from Earth. However, after drifting in the air for a bit, Goku turns his head back and sends Buu a mile of his own.

"What sort of abilities does this creature have?" Cadence asks, slightly unnerved at Buu's malleable properties.

"I don't know, but at least that blow didn't have any effect on Goku," Shining Armor observed.

Back with Ember, the two dragons have halfway made to the borders as Garble spoke. "Well, at least that ape thing can take a punch,"

Ember rolls her eyes as she concentrated on her hold over the eggs. "You better hope he can give as much as he takes. Now, keep your comments to yourself and keep watching. You'll never know when we'll have to pick up the pace!"

Back at the battle, Goku charges Buu again and lands another knee on his face. Majin Buu retaliates with a left hook across Goku's cheek. Goku counters with a hook of his own before the two went into a furious exchange of blows. Breaking away, Goku fires a Ki blast at close range. Buu mimics the Saiyan as the attacks are pushed against each other. There was a bright flash as the two attacks canceled out while Goku and Buu enter another stare down.

"Buu, have fun with you. You're strong!"

"Thanks, you too," Goku replies.

"Buu! You're supposed to be crushing him, not engaging in idle chit-chat! Do you want to be sealed back in your ball!?" Babidi threatens as Buu frowns.

"Quiet!" Buu growls.

"What? How dare you talk back to me that way! I am your Master, and I am ordering you to grind this man into dust!"

"You're doing a good job, Mister Buu. But, you got to pace yourself," Cozy said in a placating gesture.

Neither she nor Babidi notices the sideways glance Gera was giving them. "...Seems like things are starting to break down. It might not be long before I take my leave," She mutters softly.

As Buu stands there seething, Goku looks in the direction of Ember. 'Good. Ember made it safely back with the eggs. But Trunks' presence hasn't returned to Equis. I'll have to stall a little longer,'

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