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Dragonball MLP: Buu's Calamity! - ultrapoknee

An evil wizard named Babidi unleashes a terrifying monster bent on universal destruction!

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episode 14: Reunion!


High over the horizon, a long, serpentine-like dragon, Shenron, soars through skies. Upon his head were the likes of Gohan, Goten, and Trunks enjoying the ride. Moments later, a portal opens. Flying past the dragon, Vegeta, and Piccolo enters the portal first as the trio looks on in awe. Shenron lets out a roar as he follows the two through it. The scenery quickly changes from Earth to Equis.

Celestia was enjoying a cup of tea on her balcony with her sister Luna as Shenron exits the portal in the background. Fluttershy was busy tending to the animals in her sanctuary as Angel bunny frantically points to the dragon above. The yellow pegasus looks up and gasps at the sight. Over in Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack hauling in her product before a large gust of wind from Shenron's passing blows her hat off. The farm mare puts down her produce and gives chase. In Ponyville, Pinkie gasps as she hovers in the air while Shenron passes. A moment later, the party mare disappears, leaving behind an outline of smoke. At the carousel boutique, Rarity struggling on a new line featuring the combat Gi's Spike and Scootaloo wore before Shenron passes by her window. A look of inspiration hit the fashion mare as she quickly stretches something out before running outside. Rainbow Dash was resting on a cloud when she spotted Shenron in the skies. Looking at their destination, Rainbow shot off her perch with her signature sonic rain-boom. The trios of Saiyans leap off the great dragon while landing in front of the castle. There, Twilight is standing at the entrance, waving them over. The rest of the elements of harmony, Piccolo and Vegeta were there to greet them.

Elsewhere, Dragonlord Ember was walking through a hellish landscape. The silhouette of a massive dragon was reaching toward her. She closes her eyes only to open them again as Spike looks at her with concern. In a coliseum filled with cheering spectators, Scootaloo walks in with the E.A.T. belt around her waist. Her opponent was a man in a brown and white Gi that sported an afro. She shots her opponent a confident grin as the two charges one another. A second later, Scootaloo sends her rival out of bounds as two announcers - one blond human and Earth pony of similar features - declare her the winner. High above the castle of Friendship, the Great Saiyaman floats above the structure as the sun rises. He smirks as he flies off into the rising sun.

The sunsets as the moon rising over a statue of Goku. Spike and Scootaloo stood there wearing somber expressions at the loss of their beloved mentor. However, the transparent image of Goku puts a reassuring hand on Scootaloo's and Spike's shoulders. They turn around in shock at his appearance. He smiles at his pupils before he fades away, with the two of them chasing after him. They don't get far as several figures cloaked in shadows appear before them. Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten land beside them as they all take combat stances. There was a staredown between the two factions before they collide in an explosion of light. Finally, the ponies and dragons stand next to the Z fighters in front of the School of Friendship. Goku lands between his wife while draping his arm over Gohan's shoulder. They both share wide grins that for their friends and family.

[Son Family Shrine - Scootaloo POV.]

I wonder if this is how Goku felt - this pride swelling inside of me - it's overflowing. All of the students were able to perform Gohan's family rituals. Unfortunately, that meant being proud of Videl. I don't know why she came back. D.T. suggests that Videl was looking to poach Gohan from the herd. Then, Silvie brings up the fact that - despite Videl hating the idea - came with her hair cut short. She also changed her clothes to a white two-strap shirt covering a purple undershirt. Applebloom tried to say she was following advice. I could believe that. There were a few times during the tournament when some creature tried to grab my mane. It didn't end well for my opponent, but Sweetie made another point. Videl fights human criminals all the time with that old mane style. The average mare doesn't cut their manes short. Then, she suddenly changes it at the drop of a hat-- at Gohan's request? Both points seem possible, but, I don't know, I don't get that poacher vibe from Videl. I may not like her, but she has grit, and I respect that. After Ocellus finishes her turn, we all step outside the shrine.

"Welp, it's safe to say, each of you graduated with flying colors!" Gohan said.

"Yea, haha, we did it!" Goten exclaimed, shooting off into the air.

"Say, Teach, how long until we fly like that?" Videl asks with a smirk.

"Urm, that may take more time then why have. This stuff is in Goten's blood, you know,"

"Regardless, all of you are ready for the junior division!" I said. "Isn't that right, Videl?"

"It seems like you're excluding me from the main bracket. Are you that afraid to fight me?"

I could feel the smile growing on my muzzle as I challenged her. "I mean, learning to use your energy doesn't make you the better fighter, it only makes you a fighter that can fly,"

"Interesting theory. It's a good thing we won't have to wait long to test it," Videl sends a smirk of her own before floating in the heir. "I'll see you all at the tournament. And when we meet, I intend to win!" With that promise, Videl flew off.

"See you later, Videl!" Goten shouts.

"Is she gone for good this time?" D.T. huffs.

"Not likely," Applebloom shrugs.

"We should head back too. Grandpa Grump has been twisting my feathers about some secret griffin moves," Gallus said.

"I might sit the junior division out. I have never been the fighting type," Sandbar said. I feel bad for the colt, but I guess not every pony is cut out to be fighters.

"Prince Phayarx also wants me back in the changeling kingdom for skill link," Ocellus said.

That surprised all of us. Ocellus was another creature I knew wouldn't fight. "What is this skill link?" Gohan asks.

"Sorry. It's a secret changeling process,"

"Golly, that isn't fair. Gohan and Goten took us to their family secrets," Cozy Glow pouted.

"I suppose it is unfair," I said.

"She doesn't have to share if she doesn't want to, Cozy," Gohan said.

"Well, I don't want to be rude, and it's something that changelings can do, so I'll tell you. The process is using the hive mind to transfer experiences to one another,"

"That's amazing! You can become a master fighter in half the time," Gohan said. "Anyone else?"

"Yaks don't have a big secret. Smashing always works for yaks, and Yona will smash all the other fighters!!!"

"You won't smash any hippogriffs!" Silverstream exclaimed.

Yona butted her head against Silverstream's. "Yona is going to smash all the fighters!"

"Nuh-uh!" Goten stated, pushing his head against Yona and Silverstream. "I'm going to win!!!"

I decided to but in and separate them. "That's what I want to hear - Confidence, determination - having the right attitude is the key to winning. But, I want you all to remember that you're still friends no matter who wins," I said with a smile.

[Canterlot - Celestia's chambers - Celestia's POV.]

I let a long drawn out sigh as I read the various letters on my desk. It was always the same this time of year as the tournament draws closer. A soft pop went off behind me as I began to open another scroll. I paid my visitor no mind as she is always welcome in my room. The sound of soft clipping hit against the carpet as I read. "Reading fanmail, sister?"

"While I wish for it to be something as trivial, Luna. It is another pledge from King Iron Hoof,"

"Aw, yes, another declaration for marriage should he claim victory in the tournament,"

"It is the same each year,"

"Can you fault the bull for having good taste?" I snorted at that before taking a sip of tea. However, I missed the mischievous grin forming on her muzzle. "Why not reciprocate his feelings, sister? The minotaur king is a strong bull, and his constant proposals are proof of his dedication. Equestria needs an heir to the throne after all,"

I spat at the liquid all over my desk and letters as Luna giggles. The nerve of her, suggest as a thing. "I hardly call his attempts at my courtship dedication as suppose to infatuation. A fine bull, he maybe, but not the one for me," I must remember to thank Scootaloo for her diligence in her training.

"But how can any creature resist such charming poetic skills?" We shared at one another - a flat expression versus an amused one - before breaking out in a fit of giggles. "Speaking of the tournament, I hear rumors that the Earth's champion made a request,"

"Yes, he wants to skip the preliminary round. He believes it that would put undue strain on the reigning champions, Scootaloo included,"

"Hmph, Young Scootaloo never had such complaints,"

"And I said as much in my response. However, Hercule's counterproposal was interesting. Humans have another means of qualification. A way to measure ones strength with a machine,"

"A device like the counter?"

"No, from what I heard, it is a punching machine,"

"It should be interesting to see how Gohan and the others interact with this tool. But aren't you excited? Sir Goku will be returning from the summer lands! We've never met a spirit before!"

"Goku is not a ghost, Luna. As I understand it, he will have a body,"

"It will be quite the welcome indeed,"

Yes, the trap is in place. All the other rulers are aware as well. Whomever these criminals are, should they be foolish enough to reveal themselves, we will--- Aah!!!" A migraine hit my sense as I winced. Luna was instantly by my side.

"Are you ok, sister?"

"I am fine, Luna," I sighed. "These migraines are starting to be a nuisance..." A quick flash of my horn and the headache stops.

"They have been coming more frequently. But, your nightmares is also concerning as of late,"

"What do you mean?"

"They are not nightmares per se, but I am surprised to learn you have such doubts and paranoia,"

"I always have doubts, Luna. And the paranoia stems from the constant threats that rear its ugly head. Perhaps the stress of ruling a kingdom is getting to me..."

There was a pregnant pause as neither of us said anything. "...Then, have you made your decision? Do you believe Young Twilight is ready?

"Indeed she is, we will make our announcement after the tournament. For now, I should get some rest for tomorrow's events,"

"Pleasant dreams, sister,"

[EAT Collesium - Regestration line - Gohan POV.]

We arrived at the registry on time despite how many came with us. Everyone wanted to see my dad again. We walked together in a small group toward the entrance. There was a large number of humans and Equians eating food and mingling.

"I didn't expect such a turn out for this thing," Yamcha said. He opted out against joining the tournament.

"It's amazing to see all these people here at once," Bulma stated.

"Hmph, spectator sports are so meaningless. All I see are blood-crazed parasites. You'll never see them on the field of combat," Vegeta stated.

"I'm inclined to agree for the most part," Piccolo grumbled. I saw eye the several cameras with disdain.

"The times have changed indeed," Master Roshi said. "It's hard to believe this is the first Martial Arts Tournament held on another planet,"

"So, what's our dad like in person?" Goten asks.

"Sorry, sport, no spoilers," I said, poking his nose. Goten bats my hand playfully. "If I go on a tangent about dad, then we'll miss our chance to register,"

"He's right, Goten. Explaining who your father is troublesome," Mother said sternly before a smile graces her lips. "You'll finally have the chance to experience it yourself,"

Grandpa Ox-King let out a belly laugh. "Your father certainly is a character. I'm sure you two will get along well. Although, I'm not quite sure he'll recognize you in that getup, Gohan,"

"Grandpa, remember, I'm the Great Saiyaman!" I reminded. "You can't go blurting out my secret identity like that!"

Grandpa sighs as he shakes his head. "I remember when fighting was about beating the other guy. Now it's fancy costumes and dramatic effects..." Grandpa smiles back down at Goten as he continues. "Now, Goku didn't care for the fancy stuff. He was a real fight fighter through and through,"

"Really?" Goten asks.

"Absolutely," Vegeta said. All of us turned to him like he grew a second head. He smirks at the attention as he continued. "That is, of course, if you admire a second-rate clown,"

"Vegeta!" Bulma scolded, but nobody was surprised.

"What? I'm only him the truth. He should know that the strongest fighter is standing before him right now,"

"Um, Gohan?" Goten asks innocently. All of us had to surprise our laughter at that. Vegeta looked like an angry tomato.

"No, not Gohan, my dad is saying he's stronger than your dad!" Trunks stated. It's still weird looking at him and seeing his future self.

"Nuh-uh! My dad is way stronger," Goten shot back.

Trunks cross his arms with a smirk on his face. "How do you know that if you didn't meet before~,"

"It's a solid point," Yamcha ponders, only for him to receive a glare from mom. "B-but, it's never wise to bet against Goku, hehe..."

"Indeed, I'm sure your father has been training nonstop in Other World," Master Roshi said.

We all enter inside, and another surprise greeted us. The elements of harmony were here waiting for us. Pinkie wore her trademark smile as she came over. "Is he here yet? Huh, huh? Is Sonny here?" Pinkie was moving in between all of us while looking for my dad. At one point, she poked out of my cape. She finally stops in front of us, holding Goten up from under his armpits. "I found him! Who knew being in Otherworld makes you shorter,"

"Actually. Pinkie, I think that little tyke is Goku's kin!" Applejack stated.

Everyone gasp turns to me for confirmation. I nod my head as they start to fawn over him. "The resemblance is uncanny, darling. Although..." For some reason, Rarity spent a good five minutes glaring at Goten's hair. "Perhaps a tad too uncanny!"

"Is there a reason you're staring so intently at my Goten's hair?" My mother asks in confusion.

Rarity instant;y put on her best smile and introduced herself. "Oh, pardon me, darling. I'm Rarity Belle. Young Goten merely reminded me of the time I styled his father's mane. It was my best work. And I would be remiss if I didn't offer the same services to your son here,"

"Um, Rarity, are you sure that's a wise course of action?" Twilight asked tentatively. "Given what happened last time, and your subsequent reaction, I don't--"

"Oh, pish-posh, darling. I have a proven method that I have mastered over the years. Are you interested, Miss?"

"Chi-Chi," Mother said, extending her hand. Rarity eager accepts. "I have to warn you, though. Styling Goku's and Goten's hair isn't easy. How much will you need?"

"Oh, it's on the house, darling,"

"By the way, where are the girls?" I asked.

"Scootaloo is getting fitted up for her appearance while mah sister and her friends had to go secure their seats," Applejack explained.

"This year's attendance is record-breaking considering the people of Earth joining the ranks," Twilight clarified.

"Hey, look, We have a Mini 18 and Mini Trunks!" Pinkie exclaimed. She lifted Trunks from the ground and gave him.

Trunks were struggling to free himself in Pinkie's hug. "Hey, let me go! How do you know my name?"

"We met back when you were a foal," Twilight answers.

"Oh my, you're both so cute. Goten even has matching clothes," Fluttershy cooed. Trunks and Goten started to blush at the attention they were getting. The noise the girls were making rouse Marron from her sleep.

Instantly, Marron became the sole focus as they swarmed 18 from all sides. "Her name is Marron. Wait, Pinkie, how did you know about 18?" Krillin asks.

"Oh, she has the same blue eyes as android 16. Plus, I haven't picked up any energy signature from her this whole time. Congratulations, Krillin, you snagged you a keeper,"

Krillin and 18 linked at Pinkie's analysis. Before they could say anything, Twilight appeared before her. "Amazing, another android! Is your design similar to 16? Is Marron an android too? If not, how did you reproduce?"

18 responds with a blank look. "Marron is not an android - she human - much like Krillin. My design isn't something I like talking about, and you're a big girl. You should know about the birds and bees,"

Huh, it's weird watching purple turn into a darker shade like that. "So, you and Krillin?" Rainbow asks abruptly.

"Rainbow!!!" The element chastised.

"What? You all were wondering the same thing!"

"Wondering what, exactly?" 18 asks. There was a dark edge in her tone.

"I-I mean, I was wondering if both of you were entering the tournament. I don't know what you thought I meant," Rainbows smiles sheepishly.

Applejack snorts as she spoke. "Liar,"

"I am not!"

Before things could escalate, I felt the air shift. A familiar energy signal made all of us stop in our tracks. I don't think I ever saw Pinkie turn so fast in my life. But, there was our dad with his trademark Gi and smile. He gave us a salute as he spoke. "Hey, everyone. It's been a long time, hasn't it?"


[Third Person POV.]

Goku found himself bombarded by hugs from everyone. "Whoa, easy, I don't want to die from getting squashed!"

Pinkie snorted out a laugh as she hugged him tighter. "Back from the dead with new material? Impressive!"

"I see they're feeding you good in the Otherworld, huh? You look right as rain, like you never left us," Applejack complimented.

"I know. There are no visible distinctions between your previous body and this one. Other than that ring above your head, I mean. Does it signify any special status?" Twilight asked, examining every inch of Goku's body.

The sound of a disgruntled scoff grew the group's attention. Goku hadn't come alone as Baba the witch waves at the group. However, it was the second arrival that stole the speech of everyone. There, in a black and green version of Goku's Gi, was Queen Chrysalis. She looks at the group in disgust - the group, in turn, glares back at her - while Goku looks back and forth between them. Everyone went on alert, but everyone stops as Goku stood in front of the former queen. A smug grin forms on the changeling's features as she spoke.

"Goku, be a dear and destroy them. As your queen, I command it!"

"Huh?" Goku said in confusion.

"What?" The elements shouted.

"Now things are getting interesting," Vegeta smirks.

"Chrysalis..." Baba said in a warning tone.

Before the witch could explain, Scootaloo flickers onto the scene. It only took one glance at Chrysalis for Scootaloo to charge. Luckily, Goku caught her stops with her fist mere inches from Chrysalis' muzzle. Accusations started to spread around as Chrysalis watches in amusement. Baba sneers at the changeling while reading her voice. "ENOUGH!!!"

Master Roshi approaches her with a stern glare. "I realize you have a job to perform, but I believe an explanation is in order,"

"There is, and I was about to give it..." Baba glares one more time at Chrysalis. "Before someone thought it was prudent to joke around!"

"Is it my fault the fools present are still as weak and skittish after seven years?" Chrysalis said coyly.

"I'll show you whose weak!" Rainbow shout, charging ahead. However, a magenta aura freezes her in place. "Urgh! Twilight? Let me go! Let me at her! I'll make regret the day she was born!"

Chrysalis responds in a bored tone. "How will you make regret my life when I'm already dead?" Chrysalis' question gave Rainbow pause. She gestures Baba to the restrained pegasus. "See?"

"Please continue what you were saying, miss?" Twilight asks.

"This is Baba the Witch," Master Roshi said. "She--"

A sharp gasp erupts from Pinkie as she zooms to Baba. "You're witch!? The kind that put curses and hexes on other creatures!" Pinkie leans in to whisper as Baba shies away from the party pony a little. "Do you happen to know an evil enchantress that does evil dances. I thought I did before but--"

"PINKIE!!!" The girls shout again.

"What? I don't have a catchy tune for witches yet,"

A chuckle escapes Baba's lips at the scene. "My, you are a colorful bunch. And no, my dear, I am not that type of witch. I act as a spirit medium for this world and the next," Baba finished with a smile. However, the ponies looked at her with confusion.

"It means Baba here acts as an anchor for departed spirits to communicate with the living," Master Roshi explains.

"I get it, like a message pony, or how Spike used to deliver letters through Dragonfire," Twilight explained. The rest of the nod their heads in understanding. "And Chrysalis?"

"Aw, she is here as part of her probation. Recently, there was an incident in the underworld that required her aid. And before you ask, I can't go into further details," Baba turns back to Chrysalis, who still looks bored by everything happening. "We will be watching your progress. Stick to the form we agreed upon and stay out of trouble," Chrysalis grunts in frustration as she took her human form. Yamcha stiffens up at seeing his ex. His reaction did not go unnoticed. "Goku, can I count on you to keep an eye on her?"

"She won't leave my sight, Baba!" Goku affirms.

"Good, you both have twenty-four hours. Enjoy your time," Baba said before vanishing.

There was an awkward silence before Goku notices something. Goten was hugging Chi-Chi's leg, ducking behind her when Goku notices his gaze. "Hey, Chi-Chi, there is a mini-me standing behind you," Goku approaches them while kneeling to Goten's eye level. "Hey, there,"

"Go on, Goten, meet your father," Chi-Chi encourages.

Goten peaks out behind his mother's leg to gaze at Goku's smile. "You're my dad?" Goku nods as Goten rushes from behind Chi-Chi. Goku catches him in his arm and spins him around. The laughter of father and son dominated the area. "Haha, daddy!!!"

"Man, what's Chi-Chi feeding you? You'll be strong than me in no time if you keep it up," Goku laughs. "And Scootsloo, wow, you might be taller than Rainbow Dash,"

"Seven years and a growth spurt will do that to you," Scootaloo said bashfully.

"As touching as this is, we should get to the registry," Piccolo said.

"Hey, you're right. But, where's Spike?" Goku asks as the group moves further inside. There were fighters from Earth and Equis making returns. All of them here for a chance to capture fame or relive the glory. However, Goku's eyes met with a cloaked figure staring at him. Goku narrows his eyes at the stranger until a pair of fighters broke his line of sight. The moment they passed, the mystery fighter was already gone. "Huh?"

"You got secret admirers too?" Scootaloo asks her mentor.

"What do you mean?" Scootaloo gestures to her left to another pair of cloaked individuals. "Do you think they're a problem?"

"They might be, I can't sense their energy, so they know how to use their Ki. But, I bet they're some ponies I clocked before,"

Goku smirks down at his pupil. "Are you having doubts?"

"No way! This year's tournament might be the best one yet!"

"Since Spike is the prince consort, he'll be coming with Ember along with the other leaders," Twilight explained. "Oh, they are arriving now,"

Several airships and dragons were descending from the sky. However, there was one in particular that caught everyone's sight. Immediately, the reporters flocked to the capsule corp vessel. The world martial arts champion of Earth steps down from his personalized airship. He wore his championship belt proudly around his waist as Videl follows behind him. "GREETING PLANET EQUIS! YOU'RE NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION OF THE EAT IS HERE!!!"




Videl looked disinterested and kept her eyes closed. Annoyance was written clearly on her face as she crosses her arms. A news reporter game up with a microphone. "Hercule. Mr. Hercule! That was a bold claim you just made. Do you believe you can best the other competitors here?"

"It's simple logic, Jimmy," Hercule said.

"My name's not--"

"I Fought everything the Earth has to offer. Nothing could stop me from claiming the title. Even a monster like Cell couldn't handle my awesome power. I don't I'll even break a sweat,"

"And what about the E.A.T. champion? Do you believe your counterpart will pose an issue? She has held the title for seven years straight,"

Hercule gave the reporter a dismissive wave. "Bah. The only reason she kept the title so long is because of two reasons, Jimmy,"

"And what are they, Mr. Hercule?"

"Mediocrity and luck. The fighters here might be strong by Equis standard, but they never fought any creature like me! Scooter Who's been lucky enough to be slightly better than the rest, but your luck has run out. I hope she had fun living the dream because she's in for a rude awakening!"

"Wow, you could give Trixie a run for her bits!" Scootaloo called out, approaching the interview.

Hercule eyes his rival with a smirk. Scootaloo barely came up to his chest in terms of height. And her body type was similar to Videl's. "Hmph, I was expecting you to be taller,"

Scootaloo smirks up at him before turning to Videl. "I see you made it,"

"Naturally," Videl said with a smirk of her own.

"You won't mind if I take your blowhard dad to the cleaners, will you?"

"That depends, will you mind if I wipe the floor with you first?"

"We'll see," Scootaloo extends her hand to Videl as she does the same. The two bump fists before Scootaloo faces Hercule again. She holds out for a handshake. Hercule wore a face of confusion during Videl and Scootaloo's entire exchange. He shakes his head while grabbing her hand. The moment their hands locked up, Scootaloo applied the pressure. Hercule's confident facade morphs into a troubled one as he did his best to hold his smile. However, he was turning red in the face. "Good luck out there, champ. May the best fighter win," Scootaloo mercifully let's go as Hercule's hand swelled up slightly.

She went back to her group as Krillin snickers. "I got to admit. I was expecting to start squealing like a pig. The guy knows how to put on a class act,"

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