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Dragonball MLP: Buu's Calamity! - ultrapoknee

An evil wizard named Babidi unleashes a terrifying monster bent on universal destruction!

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episode 12: Count me in too!!

Author's Note:

Sorry. This one is a bit late. I'm going through some stuff.


High over the horizon, a long, serpentine-like dragon, Shenron, soars through skies. Upon his head were the likes of Gohan, Goten, and Trunks enjoying the ride. Moments later, a portal opens. Flying past the dragon, Vegeta, and Piccolo enters the portal first as the trio looks on in awe. Shenron lets out a roar as he follows the two through it. The scenery quickly changes from Earth to Equis.

Celestia was enjoying a cup of tea on her balcony with her sister Luna as Shenron exits the portal in the background. Fluttershy was busy tending to the animals in her sanctuary as Angel bunny frantically points to the dragon above. The yellow pegasus looks up and gasps at the sight. Over in Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack hauling in her product before a large gust of wind from Shenron's passing blows her hat off. The farm mare puts down her produce and gives chase. In Ponyville, Pinkie gasps as she hovers in the air while Shenron passes. A moment later, the party mare disappears, leaving behind an outline of smoke. At the carousel boutique, Rarity struggling on a new line featuring the combat Gi's Spike and Scootaloo wore before Shenron passes by her window. A look of inspiration hit the fashion mare as she quickly stretches something out before running outside. Rainbow Dash was resting on a cloud when she spotted Shenron in the skies. Looking at their destination, Rainbow shot off her perch with her signature sonic rain-boom. The trios of Saiyans leap off the great dragon while landing in front of the castle. There, Twilight is standing at the entrance, waving them over. The rest of the elements of Harmony, Piccolo, and Vegeta were there to greet them.

Elsewhere, Dragonlord Ember was walking through a hellish landscape. The silhouette of a massive dragon was reaching toward her. She closes her eyes only to open them again as Spike looks at her with concern. In a coliseum filled with cheering spectators, Scootaloo walks in with the E.A.T. belt around her waist. Her opponent was a man in a brown and white Gi that sported an afro. She shots her opponent a confident grin as the two charges one another. A second later, Scootaloo sends her rival out of bounds as two announcers - one blond human and Earth pony of similar features - declare her the winner. High above the castle of Friendship, the Great Saiyaman floats above the structure as the sun rises. He smirks as he flies off into the rising sun.

The sunsets as the moon rising over a statue of Goku. Spike and Scootaloo stood there wearing somber expressions at the loss of their beloved mentor. However, the transparent image of Goku puts a reassuring hand on Scootaloo's and Spike's shoulders. They turn around in shock at his appearance. He smiles at his pupils before he fades away, with the two of them chasing after him. They don't get far as several figures cloaked in shadows appear before them. Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten land beside them as they all take combat stances. There was a staredown between the two factions before they collide in an explosion of light. Finally, the ponies and dragons stand next to the Z fighters in front of the School of Friendship. Goku lands between his wife while draping his arm over Gohan's shoulder. They both share wide grins that for their friends and family.

[Canterlot - Golden Horseshoe Hotel - Gera's POV.]

"Aw, nothing like a hot bath to start the day~," I sigh, exiting the bathroom with a towel around my chest.

That unicorn thug proved his worth and got me the complete current roster of fighters for the E.A.T. He even was gracious enough to leave me his bangs profits. Those ponies must be the tourist trap variety. They had amassed a small fortune from unsuspecting visitors. At least enough to land me a room in his hotel, so I decided to stay in the capital. What better way to hide from authority figures then right under their snouts. Anyway, once I got dressed, I pulled out the capsule containing my equipment. My portable computer appears as I began typing. I set a spy network using the addresses of all the current fighters on the registry. Each micro drone is residing in their place of residence. I program them to latch onto these individuals the moment any attack occurs. The fighters aren't the only ones I'm keeping a watchful eye. I need to see if the Equestrian royalty was onto me or not. The two high princesses haven't made any announcements about, other than the occasional wanted poster. I suppose - with my whereabouts in doubt - I can't blame them for the lack of notoriety. The junior Princess is a non-issue. She's too busy running a school geared toward Friendship. I still find that notion to be redundant.

"Now, let's see..." Most of the disappearances happen more along the eastern and western coasts. But, a startling number happens in various other countries. I'm sure magic is involved. I need to gather more information on that enigma. "Hmm, that's strange. Some of the signals of the drones went offline. Based on the data of their last position, they shorted out within the badlands. What's going on there?" I began typing to pull in as much information as I could. The video feed would show the victims coming under attack, fighting for a brief time, then taken away via teleportation. Then, the live feed would fade to black the moment they reappeared in some white room. I suck my teeth at this revelation. "That wasteland is too large to traverse on foot. I'll never be able to react fast enough to a kidnapping in progress. And revealing myself will only complicate matters further. Urgh!"

I fell back on the bed in frustration. All my options came with considerable risks. And, for the first time, the future seems uncertain. With a sigh, I sat back up and switched the video channel. The school of Friendship came on screen. I started alternating between different angles, more so out of boredom than spying. I was about to stop when my camera's focused on a small pegasus filly. I was about to write her off, but her behavior caught my interest. She enters a secluded room while checking for any occupants. Once satisfied that she was alone, the filly pulls out a white medallion from her backpack. At the center of it was the letter M in cursive.

(Something like this but with the Majin symbol instead of the gem.)

I saw the little pony put the medallion down with both her hands on top of it. A red glow began to emanate from it as the filly's light blue lock flutters. The same glow was coming off her forehead as her locks shifted enough for me to spot another M resting there. What was the significance of that letter? I recoiled in disgust at what happened next. A creature I've never seen before appears from the medallion in a hologram. It was short, bald, and ugly. It had whiskers like a catfish while it's skin - I hope that skin, more like leather - had wrinkles. It wore a poofy orange cape with a black shirt and a blue kilt. It wore a belt buckle with the same insignia as the medallion. It crossed his arms behind its back as it studied the pony in a bemused fashion.

"Master Babadi," The filly said, bowing her head.

"Ah, if it isn't my favorite little mole. Good Evening, Cozy. What do you have me for this time?"

"The human bandits' are no longer a problem. The local heroes stop them,"

"Hmm, I suppose that eliminates the competition - as insignificant as they were - what else?" That was rude. Some gynomorphs have no respect for the dead.

"The princesses want to lure you out in the open with the upcoming tournament. Princess Twilight says they've made special runes to detect bad magic,"

Babadi rubs his chin. "I assume you've dealt with that,"

"I change one of the symbols in the formula. It was easy to get access to it since Princess Twilight made me her assistant. Now, it won't go off when you get close,"

"Excellent work, my dear. Now, what is the progress for finding this Tree of Harmony?"

I arched a brow at that. Tree of Harmony? "Oh, it's coming along..." The letter on her fore began to glow red as the filly winces in discomfort.

"I must've misheard you, my dear. What was your progress?"

"I got the location out of them. It's somewhere in the Everfree Forest, but the Princess keeps saying it's dangerous for students to enter there!" The glowing stops as the filly sigh in relief. She rubs her forehead a little as she spoke. "I still think we should go with my plan..."

"A plan that is uninspired and foolish. The whole purpose of my being here is the magic potency of this world. Have you thought of the ramifications should you succeed? For instance, the moon colliding with the planet - or the sun burning the lands - No. Don't start forgetting who is the puppet and the puppeteer!" Cozy seems to pout while giving Babadi the puppy dog stare. Babadi recoils at the sight. "Urgh! Enough of those eyes! I will consider your idea as an option, but only if what I have planned falls short. Now, find that tree!"

"I already know who can help me," Cozy said with a smirk.

I turned the camera off as a smile grew on my face. "I think I spy a window of opportunity,"

[Later that day - Castle of Friendship - Cozy Glow POV.]

I was standing next to Twilight as one of the human students sat down. Humans tend to complain way more than the average creature. This human had trouble grasping the point of this school. Humans know about Friendship, but it not a big deal on Earth as it is here. Actually - from what I have seen - humans share my view of Friendship. A tool to help push you ahead. Humans get that, ponies though, not too much. I like watching Twilight work her magic. She can bring any creature to her side. In no time at all, the human left feeling enlightened. Too bad she'll never agree with Master Babadi's plans.

"Gee, I don't know why so many humans are having trouble accepting friendship," I pouted.

"Friendship isn't something everyone can understand. See creatures see as a mere concept, but it holds more value than that,"

"It seems like humans have it worse off than any creature on Equis,"

Twilight shakes her head. "Humans are like a puzzle game. Not all the pieces fit together right away. Which is it important to take the time to see how each piece goes together,"

"It sure is good that they have you to guide them,"

"Hehe, thank you, Cozy Glow. But, it's not just me, I wouldn't be in my position if not for my friends,"

"It pays to have others willing to help you. Say, I have an idea! What if we showed every creature the Elements of Harmony!"

"Cozy. I already said it's too dangerous to bring students to the Everfree Forest. Look at what happened at the opening of the school. Six of our students going missing almost sparked a war!"

"Yes, six unsupervised students. Who got saved thanks to Fluttershy knowledge of animals. Rainbow's speed. Rarity's keen eyes. Applejack's strength. Pinkie's party cannon, and your magic. With all the professors there we won't have to worry about any problems,"

"I don't know Cozy. It's still a considerable risk. Even the girls and I have to be cautious about entering the Everfree. Our presence doesn't guarantee our safety,"

I almost huffed out loud. "But think about the lesson the student will get from seeing the tree. A physical representation of Harmony right before them! We can't let them go on without feeling that inspiration!"

Twilight sat there and thought about my words. She was cracking - A chance to teach Friendship is too good to ignore. I gave Twilight my best cutesy stare as she sighs. "I suppose--"

Before she could finish, the door opens again. I kept a smile on my face as I turned to see Gohan enter the room. "Hey there, Gohan!" I flew up to him with my fingers resting on my chin. He steps back from me for some reason. I can't imagine why.

"Uh, hey Cozy. I came to speak to Twilight," He said.

"Really! Twilight and I was talking about going to the Everfree,"

"I haven't decided on anything yet, Cozy," I felt my eye twitching. "nice to see you here, Gohan. How's everything been since the Red Ribbon fiasco?"

"My mother and Goten are fine. But, I have another problem I wanted to bring up," Gohan said.

"What's that?" Twilight asks.

"Videl found out about my secret identity. Now, she's forcing me to train her how to fly so we can fight in the tournament!"

"Oh, golly! Are you going to erase her mind?" I asked. I knew about Gohan being a superhero. I even told Master Babadi about him. But Gohan was far too weak - plus, he was too close to the princesses - making him disappear would ruin everything.

"No, Cozy. That's not ethical. But, the demand seems reasonable. I noticed Videl wasn't keen on working with your alter ego," Twilight said.

Gohan shot out of the chair with a panicked look on his face. "Reasonable?! If I don't agree, Videl is going to blow the whistle on me!"

"True, but she had ample opportunities to do so, yet she didn't. She might be bullheaded, but she cares about others. This dilemma of yours might be a blessing,"

"How is that?"

"You can use the training to grow closer as friends!" Twilight got that twinkle in her as she stood up. She pushes Gohan further back on his chair by the shoulders while wearing this creepy smile. "You can develop a deeper connection with her. Instead of hostile or antagonistic, she'll be passive and supportive. It's amazing! You have a friendship problem before it even appeared on the cutie map!"

As Twilight went on Twilightening, I got an idea. "Say, Princess Twilight, I think Gohan here solved all our problems," I said, flying over to him. "Wouldn't having a big strong superhero watching us make the trip to the Everfree easier?"

I rested on Gohan's head with my best smile. Twilight thought about my idea. "I suppose there's no harm if Goan was there as a well-renowned hero protecting us. Are you fine with this, Gohan?"

I flew around and sat in Gohan's lap, sending him the same smile. "It would help out so many friendship issues with the students, Gohan. Please!!!"

Gohan sighs as he pats my head and chuckles. "I'm ok with it. It'll be some nice downtime before everything gets crazy again. Although, I should see if the others might want to participate in the tournament. It's been a long time since they fought in one. Yeah, I'm sure of it!!!"

"Count me in too!" A new voice called out.

I looked around in confusion, trying to find who said that, but no pony is here beside us. I had a guess who this was and shook my head. "Good one, Discord. The school is always fun with a little chaos here and there. Haha,"

"Discord? Sorry to disappoint, it's just me,"

After the voice said that, I felt a little scared. I looked back at Twilight and Gohan. They both look like they saw a ghost-- or heard one. "D-Dad, is that you?"

"Hehe, you bet,"

"How is that possible? Goku, you're dead!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Last time I check, I still am, hehe," Goku said.

"How are you speaking to us!?" Twilight was getting crazier and crazier by the second.

"Well, King Kai would usually help. But, your planet is outside his region, so South Kai is helping out instead,"

"The only doing this as a favor to the grand Kai!"

"He seems nice...?"

"Dad, not that I'm ungrateful, but why are you talking with us?" Gohan said.

"Well, being an apprentice to King Kai comes with some more perks. I get to come back to the world of the living for one full day!" Goku said. "What better way to spend it than competing in another tournament!"

Gohan shot up from his chair, nearly making me fall out of the air. "Really!? That's awesome! Mom is going to flip - not to mention Goten - I can't wait!"

"When will you be visiting us, Goku?" Twilight asked.

"The same day as the tournament," Goku said.

"Dad, not that I'm ungrateful, but why are you talking with us?" Gohan said.

"Well, being an apprentice to King Kai comes with some more perks. I get to come back to the world of the living for one full day!" Goku said. "What better way to spend it than competing in another tournament!"

Gohan shot up from his chair, nearly making me fall out of the air. "Really!? That's awesome! Mom is going to flip - not to mention Goten - I can't wait!"

"When will you be visiting us, Goku?" Twilight asked.

"The same day as the tournament," Goku said.

"Great. I'll write a letter to the girls. I'm sure they'll be eager to see you against as well,"

"I'm already on it, Twight!"

"Professor/Pinkie!" All of us said. Pinkie pressed herself against the glass of the window. Pinkie always smiled. I never saw her not smiling at something. This time was different for some reason.

"What do you mean by you being on it?" Gohan asked. Twilight groaned as she gave Gohan a flat look.

Pinkie climbs into the room while wearing a big smile. "Oh, I was walking down the halls of the school when my tail spun in a circle. It got faster and faster until I was zooming through the halls. I finally stopped outside the school. That's when I knew that my Pinkie sense was telling me. My tail only spins like that if that friend is someone special-- and whose more special than Sonny - No offense, Gohan,"

"...Un, no problem...?" Gohan said with confusion. I forgot that Pinkie makes every creature's brain hurt after a while.

"Hey, Pinkie, I guess you overheard, huh?" Goku said with no shock at all.


Goku broke out laughing as Pinkie joined him. I laughed too, even though both of them were stupid. "I see you all on the day of the tournament. I got some amazing stories and a few surprises to share,"

"I got to plan the Quadruple Welcome Rumble Party!!!"

"Why a quadruple welcome, Pinkie?" Gohan asks. Twilight groans even louder.

"Duh, silly, because Goku died twice on Earth while he's been on Equis two times. But, then again, he did get lost in space, so he's returned to Earth three times. His next visit will be three times for Equis. But, then again, it would be four times when he first came to the Earth. We're not counting G.T. Or was it in G.T., hmm?" I already know what was going to happen as Pinkie dug into her mane. She pulls out a book and starts reading it. I couldn't see the picture, but the letters read 'D.B. Heroes.' "Wait, it's not this trash. Oh, you get the idea,"

Pinkie waved goodbye as she swans dive out of the window. We all heard a splash while water shoots up. "Isn't the mote on the other side of the school?" Gohan asked.

"Gohan, please, for my sake-- don't ask!!!" Twilight said in a strained tone.

"Anyway," I said, gaining the attention again. "Gohan, have you decided to help us?"

Gohan looks unsure as he stares at Twilight. She looks like she didn't want to deal with anything with her head on the desk. Twilight waves her hand at him, and I felt my smile return in full force. "Alright, Twilight's ok with it. I guess I can chaperone as the Great Saiyaman!"

I didn't care for that goofy pose. But, things were finally moving forward. "Yay, field trip. Thank you. This trip will certainly help us out in the long run,"

[Later that night _ Tree of Harmony.]

"Whoa, that's the tree of Harmony?"

"Big deal. It's a glass tree. Let's smash it and get out of here. I hate this stupid forest..."

"This 'glass tree' is the most powerful magical artifact in Equestria. Hay, maybe the whole world. If we destroy this tree, then we won't have to worry about the elements," I told them.

The good news is my plan worked. The field trip went like I thought it would. We got to the tree without incident. The creatures gushed over Gohan like preschoolers. I couldn't help but be proud as the students left with a better grasp of Friendship. I informed Master Babadi of my success. He was so happy that he made me in charge of these two. Plus, they were Equestrian. It was perfect! Emphasis on the 'was' part. As it turns out, they're a little dim and annoying. Why couldn't Lord Dabura come with me instead of these idiots? For some reason, they decided to wear robes - said they didn't want to be recognized by anypony - as a surprise.

"Alright, get to work!" I told them.

"Why are we taking orders from the shrimp!?"

"She reminds me of another spoiled rich brat we know," Both of the stallions stayed quiet for a moment before the one on my left talked. "I realized something: we're in the Everfree,"

"So?" The stallion to my right said. "Nothing can touch us now,"

"True, but it's still dangerous for other ponies..." The left one look down at me as I saw him do that evil grin thing. "Especially for little fillies. A vicious manticore or timber wolf pack can spring out at us at any time,"

The right one nods in understanding. "These monsters love to get the drop on their prey..."

The two stallions started approaching as I rolled my eyes. "Oh, golly, you're right. The Everfree is a scary place filled with scary monsters..." I put my finger to my lips and spun my left hoof in a circle on the dirt. "Some monsters are scarier than others. Professor Fluttershy told me that the ones that are most dangerous leave marks on their territory. Just like this one," I blew my locks upwards to show the letter on my forward. I knew it was glowing because I saw their glow at the same time. That meant Master Babadi was watching and listening - and he was not happy - if their uncomfortable shuffling meant anything at all. "It'd be a shame if we 'accidentally' made that monster angry,"

"...That would be bad..." The left one grumbled.

"...So we just have to blow up this tree than we could leave, right?" The right one asks.

"That's right!" I smiled.

They both nodded and raised their hands. Two dark pink orbs form as the combined into a bigger one. I was rubbing my hands together with a big smile on my muzzle. The look of total shock and helplessness from the element will be delicious. I was about to order them to fire before a yellow attack came. It broke apart the attack in a blink of the eye. I kept my smile, even though my eye was twitching, turning my head slowly. There was a human mare at the entrance of the cavern. She had a smile on her face that looked innocent, but I knew better. She was rotten to the core. I flew a few feet to her while trying to be polite.

"What are you doing here?!"

The human mare arches a brow at me from my outburst. "Did you know your face turns manic when you get upset? I'd be mindful of that before you blow your cover,"

I cleared my throat to calm down as I tried again. "Sorry, but you startled me. This forest is teeming with---"

"--Scary monsters?"

My smile fell flat as I turn back to my friends. "Take her out..." I flew back to the tree as my two friends ran past me.

I expected to hear some screaming by now. However, human mare appears before me and grabs my throat. We turned around to my friends as she pulls me to her chest. I felt a warm heat near my right cheek as I froze up. The human got us. "You should learn some restraint, Cozy Glow. And here I was about to offer my services to you and your Master,"

I looked at her with confusion. "W-what?"

"I've been watching people that interest me for some time. I was apart of the Red Ribbon Army over on Earth. Although I know they were insignificant bandits to you, I am not," She stares at me with that same stupid smile. She gives the Tree of Harmony. "I never thought a tree would be crucial to a nation's security. Your plan won't work, however,"


"Well, I should say it will work too well. Destroying this tree will merely put the princesses more on guard. You should wait for the opportune moment," I felt her grip loosen as she lets me go. "I can help with you with your plans if you take me to Master Babadi," All of us looked at her like she was crazy.

I pressed my teeth hard against each other as we listened. This human had a lot of nerve taking me hostage and making demands. "There's no way I'm--" I felt Master's symbol glow as I heard his voice in my head,"

'Don't be so hasty, Cozy Glow. This specimen in front of you may have some use to us. I'm intrigued by her proposal. We'll put the tree's destruction on hold for now. I'm bringing you to the ship,'

"Have you finished talking?" The human mare asked. I just snarled at her, and her stupid coy smile. Master brought that ring at the center of every floor on his ship. The satisfaction of seeing this human's crumble before the Master brings a smile to my face. Everything shifts before our eyes as the lady looks around in shock. "Wha--"

"It's always fun seeing that reaction. Although, you're taking your sudden displacement better than most. So I understand you wish to converse with me?"

Master Babadi was standing at the door with Lord Dabura. All three of us bowed to him while the human kept staring. "Yes, I think you would like my insight. Of course, I would like something in return,"

Lord Dabura smiles at that. "I like the gull on this one,"

However, Master Babadi frowns. "Unfortunately, I don't. I think you sought me out with a lot of presumption in mind. I don't align with anyone. You serve under me whether you want to or not!"

I raised my head a little to see Master Babadi force this human to our side. However, my mouth fell open as I saw the human bow down like us. "I assure you, Master Babadi. I only want to serve with a true mastermind-- to learn under your visage,"

Now Master Babadi looked shocked. He raises both of his hands as he spoke. "What is your name, human?"


"Well then, Gera. Welcome to the fold. Ha-Pa-Pa-Pa-PAAAH!!!"

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