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Dragonball MLP: Buu's Calamity! - ultrapoknee

An evil wizard named Babidi unleashes a terrifying monster bent on universal destruction!

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episode 27: The Stage is Set!!!"

Author's Note:

Sorry, the chapter is late. I struggled a bit with some writer's block.


High over the horizon, a long, serpentine-like dragon, Shenron, soars through the skies. Upon his head were the likes of Gohan, Goten, and Trunks enjoying the ride. Moments later, a portal opens. Flying past the dragon, Vegeta, and Piccolo enters the portal first as the trio looks on in awe. Shenron lets out a roar as he follows the two through it. The scenery quickly changes from Earth to Equis.

Celestia enjoyed a teacup on her balcony with her sister Luna as Shenron exits the background portal. Fluttershy was busy tending to the animals in her sanctuary as Angel bunny frantically points to the dragon above. The yellow pegasus looks up and gasps at the sight. Over in Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack hauling in her product before a large gust of wind from Shenron's passing blows her hat off. The farm mare puts down her produce and gives chase. In Ponyville, Pinkie gasps as she hovers in the air while Shenron passes. A moment later, the party mare disappears, leaving behind an outline of smoke. Rarity struggles on a new line at the carousel boutique, featuring the combat Gi's Spike and Scootaloo wore before Shenron passes by her window. A look of inspiration hit the fashion mare as she quickly stretches something out before running outside. Rainbow Dash was resting on a cloud when she spotted Shenron in the skies. Looking at their destination, Rainbow shot off her perch with her signature sonic rain-boom. The trios of Saiyans leap off the great dragon while landing in front of the castle. There, Twilight is standing at the entrance, waving them over. The rest of the elements of harmony, Piccolo and Vegeta, were there to greet them.

Elsewhere, Dragonlord Ember was walking through a hellish landscape. The silhouette of a massive dragon was reaching toward her. She closes her eyes, only to open them again as Spike looks at her with concern. In a coliseum filled with cheering spectators, Scootaloo walks in with the EAT belt around her waist. Her opponent was a man in a brown and white Gi that sported an afro. She shoots her opponent a confident grin as the two charge one another. A second later, Scootaloo sends her rival out of bounds as two announcers - one blond human and Earth pony of similar features - declare her the winner. High above the castle of friendship, the Great Saiyaman floats above the structure as the sun rises. He smirks as he flies off into the rising sun.

The sunsets as the moon rising over a statue of Goku. Spike and Scootaloo stood there wearing somber expressions at the loss of their beloved mentor. However, the transparent image of Goku puts a reassuring hand on Scootaloo's and Spike's shoulders. They turn around in shock at his appearance. He smiles at his pupils before he fades away, with the two of them chasing after him. They don't get far as several figures cloaked in shadows appear before them. Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten land beside them as they all take combat stances. There was a staredown between the two factions before they collide in an explosion of light. Finally, the ponies and dragons stand next to the Z fighters in front of the School of Friendship. Goku lands between his wife while draping his arm over Gohan's shoulder. They both share wide grins for their friends and family.

[EAT Colosseum - Third Person POV.]

"What the heck is going on down there!?" Krillin asked.

"Nothing good, I can tell you that much," Yamcha said with a frown. "Vegeta is totally off his rocker!!!"

"...I know that look!" 18 said with narrowed eyes.

"Whatever's going on, we need to hurry with the evacuation. Otherwise, more people are going to die!" Krillin stated.

"Shouldn't we head down there?" Yamcha asked. "N-not that I'm volunteering or anything like that. But, Crystal and the other world leaders are down there in the thick of it,"

Krillin shoots his friend a deadpan look. "And you say you're not still into her. In any case, we'll get in the way. Besides, Goku can handle this, and he's not alone,"

Back in the arena, the Supreme kai walks in between Goku and Vegeta. "...So be it..." He spreads his arms out and narrows his eyes at Goku. "If you believe that this is the best course of action, then you must go through me!"

Goku's features hadn't wavered since his declaration as he stares back at the kai. "Don't do this, Supreme kai,"

"Goku, I am afraid I have no choice!"

Goku let his arms fall to his side as he slowly brings up one hand. "...Neither do I..." Everyone, including Vegeta, was surprised to see Goku gather his Ki into his palm with the intent to harm.

"Dad?! You can't!!!" Gohan said in horror.

"Wait!" Scootaloo said, jumping to her master's side. "Goku, please, think about this!"

"..." Goku said nothing. "...Scootaloo, stand back!"

"Threatening creatures--"


The sharpness of Goku's tone was enough to make Scootaloo recoil. Her ears splayed across her head as she complied. "Nice work, 'master," Spi-Roh mocked. "Who knew you had such a mean streak?"

"Spike, be quiet!" Goku said.

Spi-Roh chuckles as he wags his fingers. "I already told, we're past that stage. And--"

Spi-Roh took one look at Goku's features and knew to remain silent. From his memories as Spike, he knew his usual fun-loving mentor was gone, and in his place was a warrior he couldn't hope to match. He knew this, as did everyone present, even the Supreme Kai. He lowers his arms in defeat and steps aside. "...Alright, you win..."

"...I'm sorry, Supreme Kai," Goku offers.

"As am I,"

The plane shifts again as the Z warriors, and Babidi's minions vanished as quickly as they came. Cadence didn't know to process anything. Her aunts had seemingly become nightmare versions of themselves, yet Luna was supposedly good, and Celestia evil. The world leaders were left in a stupor. And the colosseum lays in ruin with an unknown number of casualties from the wake of Vegeta's sudden attack. Cadence felt a hand on her shoulder as Shining Armor comforts her. Cadence stood firm as she faced the other rulers and spoke with authority.

"Shining. Go and coordinate the guards. Help escort the audience to safety,"

"We will also need a tally of the actual casualties we suffered..." Shining Armor says solemnly. As he left, the queen of prance steps up to Cadence.

"As well a good explanation of what just transpired!" Queen Cream Puff stated harshly.

"As Scootaloo said, the one behind the recent disappearance has made their move. We've discussed this beforehand. The tournament this year was a front to lure them out,"

"And one of the ambassadors' friends is in league with them, along with the return of several enemies of equestrian," King Iron Hoof noted.

"We don't know all the details--"

"What else is there to know?" King Razor Claw asked. "Are we going to ignore what we saw, what that man had done!?"

"The visage of two nightmares appeared here today. Something has happened that did not go the royal sister's way," Chief Zomboiyay said.

Cadence lets an irritated sigh. "I know how this looks, but the fact remains we are In the dark. The situation is beyond what we expected. It's bad enough that several villains - two of which were gone due to banishment and death - have returned. And the apparent return of Nightmare Moon and the corruption of Princess Celestia is startling..." Cadence hesitated for a moment. "But, are we in a position to do anything about if even half of what we saw is true?" The other leaders fell silent. "Twilight and the others have been turned to stone, and no de-petrification spell is working. The elements have been destroyed. And the one responsible for all of this s currently out of our reach. We can only hope Goku and Scootaloo can resolve this. Right now, our subjects need their rulers!"

[Dragonlands - Volcanic Planes.]

Our heroes reappear on rocky terrain—thick smoke billows from open lava pits as smog and soot-filled their lungs. A geyser of molten rock shot up high into the air while splashing embers against the ground in the background. "We're in the Dragonlands now," Ember noted.

Spi-Roh spreads his arms out wide as he inhaled. "I love the smell of burning sulfur. But, I think it's missing something," Spi-Roh flexed his claws as he turns to our heroes. "Oh, yeah, burning flesh adds a more pleasant aroma,"

"So what do you think, Kakarot? Is this place a better location for your grave?" Vegeta asks.

"The smell of sulfur, lava pits, rough terrain. Yeah, this spot is perfect," Goku replied.

"The stage is set!" Vegeta hunches over as he smiles at Goku with glee. "Now, let us begin,"

"Yes, let's begin..." Supreme Kai mutters. He looks back at Goku with a smile that surprised everyone else. "Since I can't prevent you from fighting, our only recourse is to reach the inner sanctum of the ship and confront Babidi. After all the time I spent tracking Majin Buu, I will finally advert him with my own hands!"

Supreme Kai motions to destroy the floor panel, but Babidi's voice chimed in again. "Getting ahead of yourself, aren't you, kai? Now, minions, destroy the kai!" Babidi commanded. The Majin symbol glowed on each of the enslaved foreheads as Spi-Ro and Daybreaker moved to intercept, save for Vegeta. Babdidi was quick to notice and increased the power of his command. The Saiyan prince clutches his head in agony as Babidi's voice boomed in his head. "You mustn't let the Kai live any longer! Kill him, Vegeta, KILL HIM!!!"

Vegeta fell to the ground as the stamp on his forehead flickered with intensity. However, to everyone's shock, Vegeta defied his master. "I refuse! Your business with the Kai means nothing to me! Kakarot is my only objective!"

"That's very amusing, Vegeta, but I am serious! By every fiber of your being, I command you to kill the Kai now!!!"

Vegeta clutches his head some more while everyone watches. "What's happening now?" Chrysalis asked.

"Babidi's entered his mind again!" Supreme Kai responded.

"AH! Get out of my head!"

"My, my, defying the master already? You are a stubborn one," Daybreaker tittered.

"Which is pointless. How can the puppet fight the strings attached?" Spi-Roh asked.

"Shut up! I won't be distracted from this anymore. You may lord over these weaklings. You may have invaded my mind and m body. But there's one a Saiyan always keeps; HIS PRIDEEEE!!!!!!" Vegeta's Ki flares intensely as wisps of energy shot out from his body. Hs discharged forced everyone to shield themselves as the ground shook.

Vegeta was left panting from his exertion as the Supreme Kai spoke. "What kind of strength allows someone to fight back and defy their possessed body?!"

"Say what you want, but Vegeta is hardcore!" Scootaloo praised.

"Tsk. Just a dog that doesn't know how to obey," Spi-Roh scoffs.

"You know what?" Scootaloo suddenly said, taking an aggressive stance. "I'm getting real sick of that maw of yours! I'll give you the fight you want so bad!"

"You? Seriously? You know that I've always been the strongest between the two of us. You're only the champion because I allowed it. I think it's time I remind you of that," Just then, Gohan and Ember moved to Scootaloo's side. Spi-Roh lets out an annoyed sigh. "Seriously?"

"No, Gohan, you step back," Goku suddenly said.

"Huh, why?" Gohan asked.

"You need to go with the Supreme Kai and stop Babidi,"

Gohan nods his head but then looks down in reluctance. "Are you sure I can do this? Dabura is going to be there, and I barely put a scratch on him..."

Goku walks up to his son and places a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You can't think that way. And you put up a decent fight," Gohan seemed to get more dejected as Goku sighs. "Listen, you can't doubt yourself. You already have all the power you need, like the time you faced Cell. All you have to do is remember what's at stake, and you'll do fine,"

Gohan felt a gentle velvet touch against his back. He looks back to see an orange wing caressing him. "You got this, Gohan. We'll be right behind you once I'm done beating some sense into Spike!"

"You won't be alone in this endeavor," Sombra said, walking to the Supreme Kai's side.

"Are you sure about this? You've seen Dabura in action," Supreme Kai said.

"True, but my skill set might be better suited against the wizard than right here,"

"Are you sure you don't want to stay, Sombra?" Daybreaker asks. "We haven't had time to catch up. And I want to rectify the mistake of letting you live!"

Daybreaker lunges forward as she summons her weapon. However, an emerald shield blocks her path as she jumps back. Turning to the caster, Daybreaker smirks as Chrysalis stands in her way. "I must say, 'Daybreaker,' this look suits you far better than that boring old facade of Princess Celestia. Had you taken this form when we battled at Canterlot during the wedding, then you might've been a decent challenge. Then again, seeing your fall is exactly why ponies are inferior in the first place,"

"This coming from the disgraced queen that lost to those very same inferior ponies time and again. You even had to leave the planet with your tail between your legs - only to be beaten again - so whose the real inferior one here?"

Luna lands beside Chrysalis with an outstretched arm, barring her from attacking. "If you wish to settle old debts with my sister, then you will assist me in stopping her,"

"Really? Nightmare Moon is asking for help? How utterly pathetic of you, sister,"

"You are hardly in a position to pass such judgment, sister!" Luna spat. "Never in my wildest nightmares would I believe you could fall to this extent!"

"Fall? This is my rise! Do you have any idea the elation I feel now that the master freed me from that boring image I had to maintain? Oh, wait, you can't. You spent that time on that fat hunk of rock. I see now that banishment is far too light punishment for those that threaten my rule. This time, your punishment shall be far steeper..."

The floor panel opens up again as Supreme Kai looks back. "...Another invitation from Babidi, it seems,"

"Could it be a trap?" Gohan asks.

"Oh, it's a trap," Spi-Roh stated from across the field.

"It's the last level so that it will be the most guarded. We should expect more opposition this time," Sombra said, all three of them promptly ignoring Spi-Roh's attempts to goad them.

"Alright, Dad, I guess we're off," Gohan said.

"Take care, Gohan. I don't have to tell you a lot is riding on this," Goku said with a smile. Goku starts to fish inside his sash and gives Gohan a Senzu bean. "Good luck, son,"

"Thanks, we'll do what we can,"

"Don't worry, son. Just remember to fight with your feelings. That's always been your greatest weapon,"

"Yeah, remember everyone we're fighting for, and show the power of friendship!" Scootaloo added.

"Urgh! I regret ever implying those ridiculous sentiments!" Daybreaker groaned.

"You'll come to regret a lot in the next few seconds," Chrysalis stated.

"I missed hearing from you, dad. It's a shame this one day you're back got so screwed up, but I'm glad that you're here," Gohan said gratefully. Goku sends a bright smile in response. The trio nods to each other and enters through the hole.

"Now that the peanut gallery is out of the way..." Vegeta trailed off as Goku grits his teeth.

"Yeah, I'm ready now!" Goku growls loudly as he threw his arms up above his head and to his sides as lightning danced around his form. His spiky hair became sharper and more defined, with only a single bang remaining in front of his face.

"Erk! What!?" Daybreaker exclaims as she and everyone else shield themselves from Goku's intense aura.

"Sir Goku! How?!" Luna said in awe.

"Tsk!" Spi-Roh said through gritter teeth.

Unlike his partners, Vegeta smirks at this development. "I see that being dead for so long hasn't made your body fragile. At least now you're stronger than your son was against Cell-- HAAAA-RAAAAH!!!!" Vegeta quickly mimics Goku as electricity dances around his form as well.

"Whoa, Vegeta too!!!" Sootaloo exclaimed.

"Why not? They're both freaks of nature!" Chrysalis commented.

Even Goku found himself shocked at Vegeta's progress. "Wow, Vegeta, this might take longer than I thought!"

"You see!!! This is our fate, our battle!!!"

Vegeta lunges forward and begins throwing several punches aimed at Goku's head. The Saiyan from earth was startled at first but easily manages to dodge them. Vegeta's barrage continued until he slams his knee into Goku's stomach and drove his elbow into Goku's back. Goku fell to the ground near Scootaloo as she rushes to his aid. However, Spi-Roh charges forward with his claws primed as he swipes at the pegasus head. Scootaloo saw the glint from his claws and grabs him by the wrist. But, the dragons' momentum still pushes them over a riverine. Scootaloo means back and kicks Spi-Roh off of her. However, the drake recovers and infuses his claws with ki energy before sending several waves at her. Scootaloo jumps over the first one while weaving between two more. For the last one, Scootaloo chops the attack in two. Sadly, Spi-Roh vanished during the distraction. The drake in question reappears behind her and lands an overhead strike, sending Scootaloo careening into the lava below. Thankfully for the EAT champ, Ember erects a barrier around her, saving her from the molten rock. Ember stares back at her mate with the Bloodstone specter glowing intensely.

"You're intent of going against me, huh?" Spi-Roh asked. "Does the soulbond mean nothing now?"

"...My bond is with Spike. You are nothing but a puppet of that Babidi!" Ember said as she drops her shield around Scootaloo.

Spi-Roh wags his finger at her. "You see this?"

Spi-Roh gestures to the rune circle on his chest. "It's a sealing spell that's bound by an archaic rune. When I came to Equestria to gain a foothold against dear old dad, I ran into the pony sisters. Could you believe Torch tipped them off? Coward," Ember growled at this, but it went ignored. "Naturally, I was ready to raze Equestria to the ground, but that didn't happen. The ponies stood against me with their armies, princesses, and pillars - using those stupid trinkets on me - thus regressing my age till I was an egg again. But that indignity wasn't enough, no, no, no. They went the extra mile and put this rune on my egg, suppressing my consciousness to their whims! I was aware of everything behind this seal. I almost wished they smash me because what they did next was a fate worse than death! Celestia - in all her infinite wisdom - put my egg up as some prize for any foal to crack open as one of her tests! I could still see Twilight jumping around in joy when she passed!"

"So, you're the egg Twilight hatch! That means..." Scootaloo trailed off, the implication donning on her.

"My egg was the one Twilight hatch, not spike's. In fact, you could say Spike never existed,"

"That's a lie!!!" Ember snarls vehemently. "I would've sensed you when we formed our bond!"

"I think you did, and you were just lying to yourself,"

As the three measure each other, Vegeta came flying past them as his body hits the ground below while forming a trench from the impact. Goku appears behind Spi-Roh as he glares down at Vegeta. The possessed Saiya prince smirks up at his rival as he flares his Ki causing debris to fly everywhere. Vegeta shot off the ground as Goku met his charge. The two exchange blows to the face. The two Saiyan warriors begin their clash anew before Vegeta gains the upper hand, pelting Goku's stomach with a combination of punches. Finishing his assault with a knee strike, Vegeta slammed his elbow to the back of Goku's head. Goku, in turn, threw a left hook into Vegeta's side. Moving behind the Siyan prince, Goku sends Vegeta flying again with a roundhouse kick to his back. Finally, seeing a lull in the two Saiyan's fight, Spi-Roh spews fire at his mentor. However, Ember appears in its path and spews her flames as well. The two attacks met as both dragons struggled to win. Spi-Roh's flame began to push Ember's back, but Scootaloo rejoins the fight with two orbs in her hands. She mashes one into her fellow student's head as it explodes on impact and ceases his attack. The second orb drilled into his stomach as it expanded and blew Spi-Roh into the lava. Ember and Scootaloo stood side by side as they try and locate him.

Elsewhere on the field, Luna and Chrysalis crossed weapons with Daybreaker. The solar alicorn pushed her sister and changeling queen away. Daybreaker wielded two gladius swords made from magical constructs. Luna wielded a spear, while Chrysalis had a whip. Luna fires a beam spell that Daybreaker jumps away from; however, Chrysalis crack the whip at Daybreaker. It wraps around the solar alicorn whips as Daybreaker looks at her in disgust. Dispelling one of her constructs, Daybreaker grabs the whip and pulls it toward her. Chrysalis jerks upwards, but she fires a beam of magic. Daybreaker counters by erecting a shield that sent the beam back to its sender. Chrysalis's eyes widen, but Luna intercepts the attack with a beam of her own. Luna looks back at her sister only to find her manic visage inches away from her as she brought down her weapons. Luna barely manages to block them as she struggled to hold her sister at bay. Chrysalis chose that moment to crack her whip again. However, Daybreaker's horn glows brief, and a good light flashed against her wings. Flaring them outward, a shower of light rained down on the former changeling. Chrysalis barely brings up her guard as the attack covers her form. Luna lets out a grunt as she pushes her sister away. She looks down at Chrysalis to see smoke covering the area.

"Such a pest, isn't she?" Daybreaker asks coyly.


"I am curious about something, baby sister. Why have you become Nightmare Moon if the master's magic hasn't affected you?

"...Does it matter?"

"I believe it does. That would mean your little tantrum a thousand years ago was nothing but that; a pretty little tantrum and cry for attention. I bet you came up with the whole goth and split personality routine to shift the blame. Too bad it ended with you being put in extended time out. I could finally have some peace of mind,"

"And what of your transformation, sister? If the wizard's words are to be taken truthfully, then your fall came at performing your duties. Was it hard having your subjects come to you for every little thing?"

"Please. The world would've fallen apart a thousand times over if not for me. They whine and complain about petty matters, 'save us, princess. We can't farm these lands because the buffalo are loud.' Or they try to use for their agenda; 'look, princess, we are the wealthiest of the land. Let us kiss your flanks more.' You can never trust any of them. You give them land. They want more of it. You give them kindness and patience only to be tested. You give them wisdom, and they try to tell you what they believe works. Well, I will suffer them no more. From now on, I will rule as I wish for all species on this planet,"

Luna shakes her head in response. "Yet, you are being used, sister. The wizard means to rule everything. He will not settle for anything less than full control. Nor will he share his ill-gotten gains. I am sorry my actions led to this outcome. I never thought they would shake you to this extent,"

"Of course, you didn't. You were out looking out for yourself. But, I must confess that this feeling is liberating! All those pesky concerns, doubts, insecurities washed away. I never felt so free!!!"

At that moment, Chrysalis' whip shot out and wraps around Daybreaker's neck. The whip went taut as the changeling queen pulls the corrupted alicorn down to the ground. Daybreaker land harshly on her wings as she gasps out in pain before Chrysalis pulls on her whip again. "How are you feeling now?" Chrysalis asked as Daybreaker flies towards her. She drives her heel into Daybreaker's stomach before stomping down hard. Standing above her foe, Chrysalis leers down at the angered alicorn. Daybreaker's horn flared to life, but Chrysalis spat her changeling mucus over her horn, cutting off the mana. Raising her hand, Chrysalis gathers magic for an offensive spell. Having seen what the changeling was about to do, Luna teleports to her and grabs her hand.

"What are you doing, cur!?" Luna seethed, her hor glowing in a threatening manner.

Chrysalis scoffs at the night princess's reaction. "What's it look like? I'm eliminating a threat. You are pulling your punches, and we cannot afford mercy while playing into the imp's hands!"

"She is sick. We must break the hold on her mind, not destroy her!"

"Yes, foals, keep bickering," Daybreaker chimed in with a devious smile. "Oh, and you both might want to move,"



Several explosions went off as Chrysalis and Luna were forced to separate from Daybreaker. The distraction gave Daybreaker time to free her horn as Goku came flying past them with multiple ki blasts following him. Vegeta was seen overhead, raining down blast after blast upon the area. Goku realizes he was approaching his allies and returns fire. Rapid-fire Ki blasts collided with each other, creating an awe-inspiring yet deadly light show. Chrysalis and Luna went on the defense as they blocked the stray attacks away. However, seeing a golden opportunity, Daybreaker appears above the trio. A miniature sun floats above her hand as she cackles wildly while hurling it downward. Luna responds first and fires a dark blue beam spell at the attack. Chrysalis quickly follows suit and aids the lunar princess with her beam spell. Vegeta sucks his teeth at the interference and fires a stronger continuous blast at Goku. The Saiyan from Earth responds in kind, and the two beams clash. Flying upwards, Goku tries to push Vegeta back. But, the Saiyan prince would not be denied and started pushing his end back to Goku. By now, the two beams flatten against each other as both Saiyan added more power. Eventually, something had to give as the two beams collapsed on each other and discharged. The explosion ruptured the attacks of Luna, Chrysalis, and Daybreaker alike while feeding into the detonation. Bodies were laid everywhere in the aftermath.

The landscape split open, forming a faint chasm with lava flowing like a river below. Luna was on her side with scorch marks and smoke trails adorning her. Chrysalis was face down with her arms draping over a crevice leading to a molten runoff. Daybreaker was leaning against a rock base with blood trailing down her forehead. There were small electric feedback from the residual magic and Ki energy on her form. Thus, resulting in her wincing now and then. Goku's shirt was half torn from his torse as several cuts bled from all over his body. He was hanging from a cliff over a lava pit as he grunted in pain. Vegeta showed signs of battle as well. Two small tears in his uniform rested near his knees while he bled from his arms, torso, and face. Despite his condition, Vegeta smile at the results as he was the least affected. He shifted his attention to Daybreaker as she teleports to his side, momentarily causing his smile to fall. She smiled down at the scene and turned to say something. However, all she was met with was a shift punch to her stomach. Blood flew from her mouth as she crumbles over his arm. Grabbing the back of her neck, Vegeta spoke in a threatening voice.

"Do not interfere with my battle again, or we'll test the limits of your supposed immortality!" Daybreaker could do nothing but grunt in pain as Vegeta tosses her aside.

He looks down bac to Goku while flickering to his position. "Don't know why I'm surprised. He has been training for the past seven years straight," Goku said. He felt something grab his wrist and lift him. "...Vegeta...!"

"Hehe..." Vegeta smirks he throws Goku to the wall of the chasm. As Goku bounces off the wall, Vegeta shot five rings f energy that attached themselves to Goku's arms, legs, and neck. Vegeta slowly floats to Goku as a geyser of lava shot into the air. "What's the matter, not winning as easily as you thought?"

"...I never said it would be easy...!" Goku grunted.

"You won't be winning at all," Vegeta emphasized his point by smacking Goku on each cheek. Goku growls at this, which Vegeta returns. "What, clown, are you feeling angry, humiliated? Is that it!? Fool! You. Don't. Know. What. Humiliation is!!!" A punch followed each word to Goku's face. Vegeta was relentless in pelting his opponent with several punches to the face and torso before ending his barrage with a knee to the stomach. Goku coughs up blood as Vegeta drifts away from him.

"Don't worry, I will teach you its bitter taste, just as you have taught me! ME!!! A warrior elite! At my fingertips, I have the power to destroy entire worlds. I am a Saiyan of royal blood. The last of my kind, and on my shoulders rest the glory of an extinct warrior race. Entire civilizations once trembled at the sound of my name - Vegeta! - But you didn't, did you, Kakarot! And at your hands - your common hands - my honor and my pride, the foundations of which I always stood, began to crumble beneath my feet. It was at your hands that I suffered my first great humiliation, topple by a piece of low-level trash!!! Imagine my added shame when it was you, and not me, that finally avenged our people by defeating Frieza.

You, who was the first to achieve our race's pinnacle, the first in a thousand years to take place among the Super Saiyans of legend. A place I was raised to believe was my royal birthright. And then, imagine the disgrace I stuffed when a mere child surpassed the strength I have worked my whole life to acquire. Your mixed-race son succeeded where I, the prince of all Saiyans, have failed!" Vegeta was trembling with fury at this point. "It is time to take back what is mine! I will not live my life as your second! That time is over. Every breath you take is an assault on my honor. But no more, Kakarot. By my hands, you will be cut down inch by inch the way you have cut down my pride!!!" Vegeta makes a chopping motion with his left arm, poised to strike until a new voice called out.

"Get over yourself!!!" Scootaloo shouted. She cupped her hands and thrust her attack forward. "HAAA!!!"

"Uh, what?!" Seeing the attack coming, Vegeta swats it away. The attack sails past him as he glares back at the meddling pegasus. "You dare!?"

However, the distraction paid in dividends as Goku his flare and break free of his bindings. He manages to break all the rings save for the two o his wrist, leave two large stones as a pair of boxing gloves. Roaring while cocking his left arm, Goku slams the first rock against Vegeta's face. He immediately did the same with his arm. Charging forward, Goku repays the favor by launching a barrage of fit into his abdomen. Slamming his nee against the Saiyan prince's jaw sent him flying into the wall opposite of them. However, Vegeta's momentum caused him to borrow deeply within the mineral. Scootaloo flies to her mentors' side while keeping an eye on Vegeta's position.

"You ok?" Scootaloo asks.

"Where's Spike?" Goku asks.

"We lost him in the sea of lava down there,"

"He's close by now," Ember said, holding Chrysalis and Luna in her arms.

"Stay out of my fight from here on out," Goku said.

"How about you control your fight better!!!" Chrysalis spat.

Luna eyes the area for a time as she laments. "It's a rare scene to see a landscape changed to such a degree. Even with the aftermath of my banishment, Equis has never seen such destruction,"

"Goku, we have to work together--"

"No!" Goku says sharply, cutting his students off. "Facing Vegeta is something you're not ready for, Scootaloo. The same goes for you two," He gestures to Luna and Chrysalis. "You'll all have your battles, this one's mine!"

Just then, the lava began to boil over before a bright purple beam piece through the molten slag. Our heroes scattered about as the beam whips around wildly. A moment later, the beam cuts off as Spi-Roh erupts from the molten sea. "RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" He roars as his aura took on a dark hue with wisps of emerald fire flowing out.

To make matters worse, a blazing light caught our heroes' attention as Daybreaker returns. Her mane and tail formed a sphere around her the shone like the sun itself. Her body was pure white that emanated such intense heat that it distorted the air. Simultaneously, her eyes became black as a dying star with a yellow mist seeping from the edges. Luna knew what this meant. She instantly spied Celestia's petrol in her hands before it melted away from the heat she produced. "She's gone, Supernova!!!"

"Wonderful...!" Chrysalis bitterly spat as bad memories began to resurface.

Suddenly, the ground began to quake as everyone hears the sound of muffled screaming. "Hoooa-AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Vegeta burst out of the ground as he produced harsh winds from his Ki surging wildly.

"I think he's mad," Scootaloo said. "Oh, well, Kaio-Ken!!!" Scootaloo turns to Ember, who hasn't taken her eyes off of Spi-Roh. "Ready?"

Ember spares a glance at the now crimson Pegasus and reluctantly nods. With a roar, an azure blue aura enveloped her form. She gripped the Bloodstone Specter tight as she spoke softly. "...Dragon Soul Mode..."

"It would appear the time for leniency has ended..." Flying up to her sister, Luna clasps her hands together as the magic forms a circle around them. The temperature seems to drop as she separates them while the magic morphs into a staff followed by a curved blade. Luna twirls her staff overhead, generating a gale of frostbitten air, and stares down at her corrupt sister. "It's time to face Repentance!"

"Hm, hm, hm, look at that. I never thought I would agree with an alicorn..." Chrysalis paused as a ring appears at the base of her horn. Her chitin became sleeker while giving off a vibrant mossy glow.

As the two groups power-up, the sky became thick with the collective energies mixing. Thunderstorms soon followed with bolts of lightning, highlighting everyone's features. Those of Gou and Vegeta were hardened stoicism, neither of the Saiyans blinking. Daybreaker had a manic visage despite her body being obscured by magic. At the same time, Luna's face was calm while wearing hints of melancholy. Chrysalis wore a face of frustration, her encounter with Celestia's supernova stated replaying over and over. Scootaloo was brimming with determination. Failure was simply not an option. Ember had the most conflicted of expressions. She didn't want to believe Spike was the product of some rune. What they had was real, yet their bond right now was the weakest she's ever felt. Several doubts plague her mind, including a question she was dreading an answer; Is Spike gone for good? Shaking those thoughts away, she watches as Spi-Roh licks his chops at the prospect of blood. The sound of a lightning bolt in the distance paled compared to the clash of eight powerful beings.

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