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Dragonball MLP: Buu's Calamity! - ultrapoknee

An evil wizard named Babidi unleashes a terrifying monster bent on universal destruction!

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episode 37: Rest and Recovery!

(New Intro!)

Amidst a torn and broken landscape, Goku proceeds to walk forward with a fierce look of determination on his features. Image of his latest battles flashes above before he transforms into a Super Saiyan. Spike lands beside his master. The top portion of his Gi is gone to allow two new sets of wings to expand from his back. He is noticeably taller and more muscular than before. Images of the remaining dragons and Ember roll by in Spike's mind while his aura flares. It is now green with a shimmering gold outline. On Goku's left, an alicorn sharing some aspect of Scootaloo's features lands. She is as tall as Princess Celestia with a vibrant wingspan as long as Spike's. Flashes of the elements having a slumber party with the crusaders appear. Her aura flared out along with her magic as the trio came to a stop. The trio glare into a haze as Majin Buu emerges with Cozy sitting on his shoulder and several shadow figures behind them.

On The Supreme Kai planet, Gohan vigorously trains with the Z sword under the watchful eyes of Kibito and Supreme Kai. However, the sword begins to emit a bright light before the appearance of an Elder Supreme kai shocks the group. He holds his hand towards the boy as Gohan releases a bellow while his aura towers into the sky. Back on Equis, Chrysalis scoffs at the new Changeling kingdom as she starts to turn away. However, Ocellus grabs her hand and pleads with the former queen. The minor nymph points to the ominous aura in the distance. Chrysalis features soften for a moment before she sighs and flies off. Elsewhere, Sombra holds a box containing stone fragments while he stares at them somberly. A hand grips his shoulder as he turns to his wife and daughter. He hugs them before his loving smile turns stoic at the glow over the horizon. He breaks the hug and flies over to it.

Sombra and Chrysalis land next to Goku's group as they power up. The shadows behind Buu begin to morph into a slender shape as it smiles sinisterly at our assembled heroes with red eyes. It crosses its arms as its clothes flowing in the wind with the prominent Majin insignia upon its belt shines. However, several shadows from behind our heroes as well. The first is of a boy sporting a cocky smile before a golden aura forms around him. Next to him were various other creatures native to Equis. Finally, another figure with spiky hair floats to meet the other shadow. The sparkle of its earrings catches the light as the opposing forces face each other. Buu made silly gestures with his tongue while Cozy flashed a cute smile before it turned manic. Goku narrows his eyes but sports a confident smile as he becomes a Super Saiyan 3 and leads the charge.

[Smokey Mountains - Third Person POV.]

"So, why are we out here?" Gera asks.

"Buu tried and want to rest. But, Buu need a house,"

"Oh, and this pot is perfect for getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. Although, Headmare Twilight once told me about the ponies living here. She said they used to fight all the time and didn't like strangers very much. But, everything is super friendly now,"

The trio landed at the base of the two mountains. A festival was currently underway. The once-feathering ponies were happily singing and dancing while sharing drinks. That was until one of the ponies finally noticed Buu's group. "What the hay is that?"

"It looks a cow's sick that sprouted legs!"

"More like a pile of pink cow pie!"

"Hey, didn't we invite a rodeo clown? These misfits must be the posse,"

"I guess you're right. I mean, look at the dancing monkey the carnies got there,"

As the hillbilly ponies continued, Gera and Buu adopted smiles while Cozy merely giggles. "These ponies are quite mean, Majin Buu; I believe you are free to eat them," Gera said with an edge to her tone.

"Hey, I am the one in charge of screening new friends. And it's obvious that they are not used to us yet--"

Cozy started, but then, a piece of mud struck her shirt. Cozy's eyes began to twitch as she looked at the crowd of hillbilly ponies. "That filly there is far too clean. You get sick like that, real easy. You need to add a layer of mud to Ya. It helps build character and such,"

Turning to Majin Buu, who was looking at her expectantly, Cozy spoke in a sweet tone. "Ok, enjoy your meal, Mister Buu,"

Buu smiles as his antenna flips forward and his Ki bathes the mountains. A moment later, the entire festival inhabitants had turned into gumballs. Buu rears his head back and begins sucking all the candy into his mouth like a vacuum cleaner. Buu made an audible gulp while patting his belly in satisfaction. However, he curiously rubs his stomach. "Hmm, Buu's full,"

"Remarkable. I was beginning to believe such a thing was impossible for you, Buu," Gera comments.

"So, which house are we going to move into?" Cozy asks.

"I hardly call any of these shacks suitable living arrangements," Gera notes. She picks up a pebble and tosses it at a rickety roof. Several pieces of dry wood broke off, as a result, leaving a sizable hole.

Majun Buu merely shakes his head. "Buu will make his own house," Buu brings his antenna forward again and shoots his beam at the various shacks and huts. The materials float in the air before they morph into a gray putty-like substance.
Gera and Cozy watched as Buu worked the substance like pottery, stretching and molding it into various shapes and sizes. Buu wiped his brow and displayed his work. The structure appeared to resemble a dog laying on its stomach with features. The head had a large hole where you could fly inside. The main body looked like a caterpillar with another spot on its side. "Ahaha. New cozy home for Buu and friends,"

"Well, it's better than shacks," Cozy offers tentatively.

"You even added a run-off for waste disposal. A well-crafted, unique little hovel, Buu. Shall we all check the interior?" Gera asks as Buu picks her and Cozy up and flies inside.

[The Other World]

Goku, Chrysalis, and Bobba appeared before King Yemma as the Saiyan from Earth salutes him. "Hey, there, King Yemma. We're back,"

"Purgatory, hell..." King Yemma mutters as he flips through his paperwork.

"Uh, King Yemma,"

"Elysium, purgatory, Summerlands, Tartarus, hell,"

"Well, he's busy. Best to leave him to his work," Chrysalis tries to say, but Bobba floats in front of her.

"EYES UP FRONT YOU DAFT OLD ONI!!!" Bobba shriek, startle King Yemma.

"Waah! Oh, Bobba. You're back. Sorry about that - Wait, what did you say!?" King Yemma said with a glare

"Nothing. I am merely returning these two and taking my leave," Bobba said as she vanished.

King Yemma grumbles as Goku steps up. "Is everything alright, King Yemma?"

"I wish I could say that there were, but that's not the case. This mess with Majin Buu has caused serve backlog. Just step outside. We have a line almost as long as snake way! The boundary between worlds will surely collapse if this influx of souls doesn't slow down!" King Yemma said in a frustrated tone.

"I didn't think it would get this bad. It's only been a short time since Buu's revival..." Goku mused. "Say, King Yemma, did you happen to meet with my son?"

"Hmm? Do you mean Gohan? No, I haven't seen him. He is still very much alive. But, he isn't anywhere on Earth or Equis,"

"Whoa, no kidding? Let's see..." Goku placed two fingers on his forehead as he began to concentrate. It was gradual at first, but Goku eventually felt Gohan's presence in a far-off world. A beaming smile adorned Goku's face. "Haha. Alright, Gohan's alive. I guess Videl was right,"

"Wonderful, snd here I was looking forward to seeing that little welp dead," Chrysalis said. "Whatever, just put me back in my eternal suffering,"

"Not so fast, Chrysalis. Your rehabilitation is still in progress. With the situation in the living world so dire, we may call upon you again. And Goku here was made your partner, so wherever he goes, you go," Yemma ordered.

"Rah!!! Will I never be free from these Saiyans!? Is this a new form of torture, ogre? I'd rather face oblivion!!!"

"Oh, come on, don't be like that," Goku said, wrapping his arm around Chrysalis' shoulder. "You're not as bad as you make yourself believe. That little changeling seems to think so too,"

Chrysalis stiffens up and glares at Goku, who smiles in return. "...Just take us to your whelp..." Goku smiles broadly as the two vanish. A moment later, the two appeared on a luscious and vibrant planet. However, Goku didn't have time to take in the scenery as a glint flashed across his face. Immediately, he tilts his head just in time to avoid a slash from a sword that claimed parts of his hair. "Aaaah!!!"

"Dad?!" Gohan exclaims.

Chrysalis saw the whole thing and could only mumble. "So close..."

"Oh? We seem to have visitors and a pretty one at that. Welcome, Goku and Chrysalis, to the land of the Kai's," Supreme Kai said.

"You both should count your fortune to visit such a sacred plane. Ordinarily, all mortal are not allowed to set foot here," Kibito said with a hint of disapproval.

"Yes, but these are desperate times, so we must bend the rules," Supreme Kai stated.

"I'll try to contain my excitement," Chrysalis comments dryly.

"And you've been trying here this whole time. Wow. So, what's with the sword?" Goku asks. He walks over with his hand out. Gohan hands his father the sword and feels the weight instantly. "Whoa, man, this thing ways a ton!"

"That is the Z blade. Once Gohan fully masters it, he will be able to put an end to Majin Buu's threat," Supreme Kai explains.

Chrysalis scoffs at this. "We threw everything we had at the blob, and nothing worked. So, how will the brat fair any better? You might as well send a welp with a stick,"

"You would do well to watch your tongue! That blade had existed in the Supreme Kaioshin legend long before your life ended! Its power is unmatched, wielded by only the noblest of warriors!"

"What do you say we put that baby to the test and see how sharp it is," Goku stated.

"What do you have in mind, dad?" Gohan asks, taking the Z sword back. Goku walks over to a nearby rock and pulls it from the ground. "Oh, I get you. alright, dad, let's swing for the fences!"

"Hehe, batter up!" Goku hurls the rock at his son as Gohan readied himself. Chrysalis, with a sly smirk, wrapped the stone in her aura to increase the speed. Gohan's eye's widened briefly before hardening. With a fierce shout, Gohan swung the Z blade forward and cleaved the rock in two. The two halves left an imprint on the ground as they landed. "Huh, that didn't seem that heavy when I threw it,"

"I figured the boy could use a challenge, so I added a little weight to it," Chrysalis said nonchalantly.

"Thanks for your help," Gohan said flatly.

"Impressive, Gohan, but I believe we can do better. Something with more density and mass," Supreme Kai stated, raising his hand. A black cube spawned into existence. "Catch, Goku,"

Goku stumbles as he catches the cube. "What is this?"

"That is the hardest metal in the universe. It's called Kachin,"

"Aw, Kachin,"

"Yes, this will be a much better test,"

"Try and get crushed this time," Chrysalis said.

"As if. My trusty sword and I are going to split that cube right down the middle!"

Goku nods and rears back before tossing the cube. Gohan rears back as well and swings. The Z sword touched the side of the cube and met with some resistance for a total of five seconds until the tip of the blade snapped off. Goku, Gohan, Kibito, and the Supreme Kai gasp out in shock and horror. Expect for Chrysalis; she fell to the ground laughing and wheezing the moment the sword snapped.

"Uh oh, now it's the Z dagger...!" Gohan said in a trembling voice.

"Nooo! Please tell me this isn't true, Kibito!!!!" Supreme Kai exclaimed in shock.

"It's true! The sword snapped in two!!!" Kibito confirms with an equal amount of panic.

"Kachin. It should be named soul shatter," Chrysalis said in her merriment.

"I guess it's the strongest metal in the universe for a reason, huh?" Goku said.

"B-but, he who masters the sword is supposed to have the greatest power in the universe!" Supreme Kai said shakily.

"Wield the sword, and no one can rival you! Its legend!!!" Kibito added.

"Huh, I guess they must've exaggerated a little bit," Gohan said, dropping the Z sword.

"But, what does this mean for the universe now that we lost its greatest weapon?" Supreme Kai pressed.

"Hey, there is a bright side to all this. I've gotten stronger training with the sword," Gohan said, throwing a few punches. "Maybe the legend is whoever masters the handling of the Z sword attains the greatest power in the universe!"

"That's it, Gohan! You have gotten a great deal stronger. Perhaps you are ready to face Buu now,"

Chrysalis scoff at the notion before her magic flares. Gohan doubles over as Chrysalis suddenly teleports to him and slams her fist in his stomach. She follows up with an elbow to his back as he groans. Gohan found himself wrapped in an aura before slamming to the ground. Chrysalis twirls her hand and flips Gohan over. Grunting in pain, Gohan glares up at Chrysalis as he turns Super Saiyan. However, he was surprised to find that her hold over him didn't break so easily. "Hey, what's your deal--"

"Is this meager showing supposed to be the results of your training?" Gohan's eyes narrow at that. However, his eyes widened when Chrysalis backed off. "You were much stronger as a child! But, if you are eager to run to your death, then be my guest,"

Gohan looks troubled as he powers. Meanwhile, everyone tried to come up with a solution until a new voice spoke. "My, my, such serious faces," Everyone turned to the source to find an older male wearing the same clothes as Supreme Kai. "Ah, this is nice. It's good to be free again,"

"Ugh! What is that disgusting creature!" Chrysalis recoils.

"Oh? Can't you from my attire? How about the earlobes? I am the Supreme Kai," The elder Kai introduced. He looks over at the current supreme Kai. "Fifteen generations removed, it would seem,"

"Fifteen generations ago!?" Supreme Kai gasps.

"But, how is that possible? Only one Supreme Kai can exist at one time!" Kibito asserted.

The elder Kai waves his hand dismissively. "Yes, yes, I know the rule. But, I inadvertently found a loophole getting sealed within that sword,"

"So breaking the Z sword turned out to be a good thing," Goku stated.

"And how does having an even more useless Kai?" Chrysalis asks.

"Very easily, my dear, I can help the boy in his training. You see, I possess the ability to unlock a person hidden potential,"

"Really? That's amazing. So, what do we need to do?" Gohan asked.

"You must give me a kiss~,"

The others blinked a few times before what the old Kai said began to click. "WHAT!?!?"

[Canterlot - Infirmary.]






"OW!!! Mom, I said I was sorry...!" Goten whined.

"I'll have none of it, Goten. You still have ten more spankings to go," Chi-Chi promised with another spank to his rump.

"Same for you, Trunks," Bulma supported. She had the boy in a similar position as Goten, bent off her knee with sore red cheeks.

The juniors had returned to some well-deserved punishment for haphazardly facing Majin Buu. Trunks and Goten, being the ringleaders, both got spankings from their mothers. For the Equis natives, Scootaloo had the juniors performing backflips with the caveat that if they missed on set, they'd do push up if they failed that, laps around the castle grounds. Twilight had left with the princesses to continue their seal spell research, leaving the remaining elements in the training hall.

"It's not fair. Why only me and Goten got spanked!?" Trunks said, rubbing his sore bottom.

"Yeah? Try doing fifty backflips in a row," Gallus grunted.

"Because those kids aren't mine,"

"But, that doesn't mean you five are off the hook!" Scootaloo stated firmly. "You all put everything we're doing in danger with that stunt! What if one of you died out!? It's a miracle Ocena was able to turn back!" The junior stopped their punishment to take their tongue lashing. Scootaloo holds her glare a little longer before it softens a bit. "This is a team effort. We don't make any moves unless we all agree. And you all need more training,"

"Perhaps I can help?" A new voice stated.

Everyone turned toward the door to see Sombra and his family making their way inside. While the juniors were confused, the Equestrians quickly became apprehensive. "What the hay are you doing here?" Applejack snarled.

"Offering any aid I can," Radiant Hope stated.

"Yeah?" Rainbow stated, flying up to Sombra's face. "And what makes you think we want your help!"

"Especially when banished from the lands," Rarity reminded. "What reason do we believe you are genuine?"

Suddenly, Obsidian challenged the posh mare. "Father has been fighting the pink monster the same as all of you! He did more than any of you who hid here!"

"Ah, are you insinuating we are not doing our part?!"

Sombra raised his hand as he stared at the five elements as he sighed. "...My banishment was well warranted. And I had planned to heed it once I finished my mission. However, this threat is bigger than all of us. I am not asking forgiveness. Allow me the chance to earn it,"

The girls were silent for a time before Fluttershy spoke. "We should give him a chance," The other girls were ready to protest before Fluttershy continued. "If we can give Discord a chance - who did arguably worse things - then Sombra deserves a chance too," The girls relented, and Sombra gave Fluttershy a grateful nod. A sudden pop went off as confetti and fanfare rained down in the infirmary. Sombra's pleading expression fell for one of annoyance as a paw and talon squeezed him into a hug. "Discord?"

"Hello, my dear Fluttershy. Have you met the newest member of my club?" Discord said in triumphant glee.

"Um, what club?" Applebloom asks.

Discord snaps his fingers as a yellow shirt with his and Sombra appears on them both. The pictures had both the draconequus and shadow man with cartoonish smiles under the caption of Newly reformed buddies. "Why, the reformed villains club. A club exclusively for big old bad now fighting for harmony instead of against it. I had a few shirts made in advance. But, Tirek and Chrysalis are dead. And Luna is still on the fence. Of course, I don't know why. I spent a lot of time on Nightmare Moon's picture, yet she goes and hurls spells at me,"

"Those shirts are nifty. Hey, how do I join this club?" Pinkie asks.

Discord pulls a clipboard and a quill. "Have you tried to take over Equestria?"

"No, I usually save it,"

"Have you ever spread misery?"

"I spread joy and happy smiles," Pinkie's smile faltered as Discord shook his head.

"Have you ever gone into politics?"

"Politicians are evil?"

"Yes!" Sombra and Discord said.

"Ok, maybe not evil per see, but I certainly don't trust them," Discord said. Pinkie starts to panic, but Discord cuts her off. "No, evil alternate Pinkies don't count. Let's try to keep this story contained to one universe; thank you,"

"Do you have an evil laugh?" Trunks ask.

"Oh, yeah! All villains have an evil laugh! Even Buu has one!" Goten said.

"It's is an essential trait," Sombra noted.

Pinkie nodded her head enthusiastically. "Yeah, Yeah! I have an evil laugh. I've been practicing whenever I get free time," Pinkie walks to the middle of the room as everyone huddles around her.

"I got to see this," Rainbow stated.

It began with a single giggle, a tiny utterance of the word ha. Then Pinkie let out another one, followed by two, then three. Next, Pinkie clutches the side of her head. The gathered party showed signs of concern as the party mare tremble, and the laughter grew in volume. Finally, Pinkie Pie turns around. But the look she gave everyone was disturbing. Her pupils shrank to pintucks and shifted erratically with a manic glare. The most shocking part was Pinkie's wide smile that somehow surpassed its normal standard. If you could consider anything Pinkie usual does as normal. But, this smile seemed to take up the majority of her face. The smile that everyone in Ponyville knows to bring joy and merriment was now cruel and sadistic. The world was a little less bright. The air was a little colder. And the only sound that echoed throughout Canterlot was Pinkie's demented, insane laughter. Then, as our heroes huddled together in fear, Pinkie's demeanor changes. The friendly and jubilant smile returns and the world is vibrant and color again. Our heroes' reactions were muted and confused, except Maron, who was crying after the display.

"How was that?" Pinkie asks cheerfully? For a long time, no one dared to say anything.

"...Give her the shirt..." Hope said numbly.

Everyone nodded in agreement, and Discord, with a hollow expression, snapped a shirt onto Pinkie. Pinkie made a sweet little squee sound as Discord wrote on his checklist. "...Causing severe mental anguish; check. Anywho, Celly and Lulu wanted me to bring you all to them. I hope you had a light lunch!"

With a loud pop, our heroes appeared before the four princesses. "Oh, good you here. Pinkie, where did you get that shirt?" Twilight asks.

"Don't ask!" Everyone stated.

"Right, sorry. Anyway, the princesses and I have devised a way to contain Majin Buu,"

"This monster is vastly powerful. And it shall be that power that will work against the fiend," Princess Luna stated.

"How does something like that work?" Yamcha asks. Princess Celestia steps forward and summons a rune.

"This symbol is a small scale of the restriction spell. We used this against unicorn criminals before inhabitor rings came around. The spell's purpose is using the target's strength to power their imprisonment," Celestia explained.

"So, why not just use one of those rings? It seems a lot more convenient than making a new spell," Krillin said.

"That's because those rings are tailored explicitly toward magic. This spell is fashion for Ki energy. But, it will require four magically powerful alicorns to perform," Cadence stated.

"However, Majin Buu must be sufficiently weakened before we apply the spell. Otherwise, it will just fail," Twilight added.

"Then, Mow will come in and take that delightful little chaos maker to Earth where you can fight each other till our heart's content," Discord finished.

"Then, all we got to do is beat that pink puffball to a pulp!" Smolder said, cracking her knuckles.

"No, you all still need more training!" Scootaloo said. "We can't risk everything on a fluke again,"

"But, we don't have the time!" Ocellus stated.

"Yeah, that monster could level all of Equis if we leave it alone," Gallus said.

"Relax, my follow hybrid buddies, for Uncle Discord has a solution," Discord said, snapping his hands as a portal appeared. "Welcome to the Chaos Dimension!"

"Are you insane!?" Twilight hollered. Discord just sends her an amused smile. "Right, you probably are, but there's no way I am sending my students into your realm!"

"Oh, my dear sweet Twilight. Haven't you learned by now that without your elements, this is the best option we have? Our opponent may have been born of magic, but Buu is a remarkable agent of chaos. So, using a chaotic environment might give the kiddies an edge,"

"Why not just use the time chamber Goku was talking about earlier?" Scootaloo asks.

"Moving between Earth and Equis wouldn't be advantageous, especially since there's only one portal available. We'd lose time going to capsule Corp, to Canterlot, and wherever Buu is now," Bulma stated.

"The chaos realm exists outside your concept of time. Anything that is perceived as the order is null and void there. So, the idea of time stops being a spoilsport. Therefore, we can train the youngsters there while keeping them close to Equis in case we have to act,"

"But, they are just foals! How can even think about sending them into such a horrible environment?" Rarity exclaimed.

"The same way we're asking them to fight a monster," Scootaloo reminded, shutting Rarity's dramatics down.

"I've been to the realm of chaos. As long as Discord stays with our students, then our students will be fine," Fluttershy supported.

"I will go as well," Sombra stated.

"Sombra," Hope said in protest.

"I have my training to complete, Hope. As I have said, we will need everything we have to prevail,"

"Ensure that you return safely," Princess Celestia said, surprising everyone.

"You show concern for me, Princess?"

"Do not misunderstand, Sombra. There will be much to discuss once this crisis is over," Princess Luna promised.

Sombra manages a chuckle. "Fair enough,"

"Then, let's get started," Scootaloo stated. "I'll hold down the fort here and let you know if Buu stirs up trouble,"

"Alrighty, please keep your various hooves, feet, and whatever appendages you have tucked in tight. That first drop is a doozy," Discord said, preparing to snap.

"What first drop?" Goten asks. The draconequus smiles as he snaps his paw, and portals appear beneath the students and Sombra. All of them fell in with a shout as chuckles.

"Ah, it never gets old. Toodles," Discord said as he swoons dives into a portal before it closes.

Chi-Chi let out a sad sigh while shaking her head. "Now, we're letting my baby go off into different realms. How did things get so hectic!?"

"Unfortunately, experience has taught us that things will get even crazier before we fix everything. All we can do is hope it will all work out," Master Roshi stated.

"We should head over to Kami's Lookout to get things set up," Krillin suggests.

"Yes, we should also check on Spike. I want to see if he's ok," Twilight stated.

"Actually. Scoots, can we talk to you?' Sweetie Belle asks, flanked by their herd.

"Kami's Lookout? Where's that?" Videl asks.

"Special observatory on the Earth. I suggest you brace yourself when we get there," Bulma said.

"Yeah, sure, You all go ahead. I'll meet you there," Scootaloo said as our heroes left. "What's up?"

"We were talking over, and Applebloom and I want to come with you," Sweetie Belle said, surprising Scootaloo.

"What? Why!? You know it's going to be dangerous,"

"And when has anger ever stopped you three before?" Diamond asks. "Remember when you tried to get your cutie marks in sap collecting?"

"Yeah, and you three came rolling into town inside a giant ball! I saw Mayor Mare so confused before," Silver Spoon laughs.

"Hey, I remember that. I still can't figure out where that music was coming from, though," Sweetie Belle said.

"The point is we faced all those crazy things together as crusaders no matter what. But, since we all grew up and started branching out. Doing our stuff is fun and all, but watching you fight all these big and getting hurt..."

Scootaloo had an idea about what her friends were alluding to and went to protest. "Girls, I know you were worried when Spoiled and Rotten got the jump on me. And when Buu one-shot me. That happened because I got careless. It won't--"

"That's the thing, Scoots. Those things happened, and we were sitting on the sidelines. We should've been by your side, watching your tail and feathers," Applebloom argued.

"Yeah, whenever trouble started, all three of us were there covering our backs and making up for our weaknesses," Sweetie Belle added.

"But, this isn't like our foal hood. Those monsters can do some real damage. And I don't want you girls to get hurt. Besides, you're not exactly fighters," Scootaloo stated.

Applebloom and Sweetie send their friend a deadpan look before the younger apple sibling walks up to her. She holds out her hand, motioning for a shake. Confused, Scootaloo obliges. Scootaloo felt her hand tighten in an instant. It was hard enough to put a strain on any normal ponies hand. But, Scootaloo's been through this song and dance with enough stallion to know it doesn't affect her like it would any other ponies. However, Applebloom wasn't any other pony. Scootaloo felt her hand start to hurt, so she applied pressure back. This action got a smirk from Applebloom as she squeezed tighter, prompting Scootaloo to arch a brow before she did as well. Then, an aura of Ki formed around their hands as Scootaloo's jaw fell agape. Satisfied, Applebloom lets go as her aura disappears.

"Come on, Scoots. You didn't think I would mess around with all this Ki business. I might not have all you fancy-schmancy moves. But, I'm no slouch,"

"The same with me," Sweetie said. Her horn came to life as her magic activated. She levitates several pieces of tile from the floor and ceiling. Sweetie spins the tiles around her friends and conjures several dagger constructs, and strikes the tile back to its original position. "I may not be as good as Starlight or Twilight, but Rarity's been teaching a lot about levitation, accuracy, and constructs. It's all about imagination and control,"

"So, you got Applebloom's brawn and Sweetie's noggin. I'd say that even things up," Diamond stated.

"But, they don't have enough training or fighting experience!" Scootaloo argued.

"Well, how did that fusion dance go again?" Silver Spoon suggested.

Scootaloo's eyes widen before she shakes her head with a smile. She steps in front of her two best friends and holds her hand. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle beamed as they put their hands on top of Scootaloo's. "Been a while since we did this," Applebloom comments.

"Old habits die hard," Sweetie shrugs.

"Then, let's make it a good one," Scootaloo said with a cocky grin.


[Smokey Mountains - Later that Day.]

"And you sure this is it?" Hercule said, looking through a pair of binoculars. He zoomed in on the odd structure resting between the two mountains while watching from a safe distance upon Prince blueblood's private airship.

"Of course, my sources are the best in all of Equestria. That puggy blood may be powerful, but it is little more than a foal mentally," Blueblood stated, sipping his glass of wine.

"Yeah, yeah. Equis and Equestria are so great. Yet, that monster over there is still causing a mess of things. Didn't this place used to be a village or something?"

The Prince scoffs at the champ's words. "Please, calling this location anything higher than a hamlet is an insult to even lowly commoners. But, my sources tell me that Majin Buu managed to do us a service and clear out the riffraff. It should be clear sailings for me to exterminate this plague,"

"Huh, I thought you princely noble types were above getting your hands dirty?" Hercule goaded.

"Ah, alas, it is regrettable that even the champion of the Earth can't share the same visionary mindset as me. I will explain it so even you can understand. This Buu creature and his cohorts have successfully chased away both of my aunts and the elements. The - Ahem - 'ambassador' has tried his hand against the creature and fled away in shame. Now, I stand to gain all the glory of defeating this brute. Thus, gaining favor and admiration worldwide!" Blueblood ended his speech with a dramatic flair while Hercule looked unimpressed.

"Hmph! You talk a big game, but how do you suppose you'll do all that? You look like you never fought a day in your life,"

"Why, with this?"

Hercule looks at the small blue case in bewilderment. "Uh, you going to propose to him?"

"No! I had my expert team of unicorns craft this little number," Blueblood opened the case to reveal a gumball. However, it was black as a void of darkness as it gave off an ominous glow.

"Eh!/ Why Is it glowing like that?"

"It's fantastic what purified poison joke, cockatrice venom, and several dozens of curses and dark magic hex can produce. This gumball will completely negate creatures' very magical essence. Nothing on Equis can survive without magic within it. Buu will perish, and I will reap the benefits,"

"And you're going to get close enough to feed it to him? Ahaha! Your plan is full of so many holes that it might as well be one of those pre-reformed changeling thingies," Hercule pulls up the bag he brought with him. "This bag here is what will spell Majin Buu's doom!"

The Prince stared at the bag in an unconvinced manner as he spoke. "Then, my honor and glory fell upon the one most deserving. By which I mean myself,"

"Just don't come whining to me when you fail. Now let's land this thing,"

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