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I am not actually a brony, but I find the stories and music rather marvelous.


This story is a sequel to I Am Human, And That's All I Want To Be

A/N this is a sequel to my story I Am Human. It is not required reading for the sequel, but you may want to read it regardless. Also, I work as a PMC, so I don't get alot of free time. As a result, updates will likely be sporadic. Thanks.

A/N woo-hoo! Featured! Thanks for reading and the support!

Its been just over six years since your injury. You're not sure what happened but apparently while flying over the city you lost control and plummeted to the ground. Thanks to the Princess you were still alive but with no memory of your life before the incident. But lately, you have been plagued with dreams that seem so familiar.

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Great start, man. Can't wait for chapter 2.

Should be up next week. As I said, there isn't much to do where I'm staying. And I can't even go to a bar to grab a beer :fluttercry:. So I'll definitely be working on it lol. Thanks for reading!

Was not expecting this to get a spin off but I’m excited!

Well this is going to be interesting. I can't wait for the moment of realization.

So they whiped his memories and changed his race without his permission. Oh wow they are not only racist but also psyhopaths

Why couldn't the fall have just killed me?

he doesnt even reconise his old self in a slight way. Also curious if luna likes the mindwiped and transformd pony or who he once was? either way its kinda making me uncomfortable to think about what this could lead to


I don't wanna spoil anything but it's not gonna be a cut and clear good vs bad. To give you a sense of what I mean I think this quote sums it up rather well.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." - Henry G. Bohn

i look forward to the eventual confruntation and learning why this has happend.

But I don't feel this way at all... 2nd person is the WORST way to write this type of story. I cannot identify with this alien persona in the least.

It's not necessarily supposed to be you though. I wrote it in a way that you could possibly sit back and try to view through their eyes. I mean, I kinda relate it to like Doom I guess. Obviously I'm not a demon slaying super soldier. But I'd like to experience that I am one. With a character who's persona is just vague enough I can insert myself into it.

Oh Lord.

I was secretly waiting for a sequel of sorts. Didn't expect to find an official one!

But I will wait until a few more chapters are online. The suspense would kill me if I have to wait for each chapter. Oh man, I just want to read about that fateful moment and future confrontation. I look forward to it :twilightsmile:

What Celestial did reminds me of a phrase from an anime I liked years ago

"There is goodness that is born of evil, but there is also evil that is born of goodness"

Why does this give me "Sign of Evil" vibes?

The profle picture of this story is the demon version of Dean from SuPerNatural(SPN) which is an amazing show.

How come you used it?

Bro this is so goddam good, I can't wait for an update

Interesting events have occured lets see what may happen

Personally I think it fits. It's a picture of a smudged person. Someone incomplete. A idea of a person but only vaguely.

LordOctavian couldn't have picked a better pic.

In my opinion.

“She was very good at assuming the worst, he always did that but she made him look like an amateur at it." -Arelak


I cannot identify with this alien persona in the least.

Not everyone can. There are plenty of stories here that I stopped reading, not because of the way it was written, but because I just couldn't empathize with the character. Far too different from myself, or made decisions I couldn't consider reasonable.

It doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the story because there are hundreds of readers who love them. It just means that those stories weren't for me.

I look at it this way, the Author has their plan and like a artist with a painting, they should paint. It's not bad if I don't like modern art, or I don't like surrealism, or impressionism. It's just not a style I like. The artist shouldn't have to paint a different style because I don't like what they chose.

"I could kiss this guy right now, but I should probably not, I doubt these guys are Italian." -Dadecious

11269702 2nd person presents a particular problem since YOU are injected into the story. The story DEMANDS that you accept that you are this character. And that just doesn't work when the reader has nothing in common with said character. 2nd person tended to work best in typical adventure stories, where the emotional involvement was with everything going on around the character. Readers tend to gravitate towards placing themselves in adventurous scenarios, so it's a much more natural fit.

That's the primary reason the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories were so popular for so long. And the same with video games.


'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories were so popular for so long.

Oh my god, that brings back memories.

I think I had half a shelf of those great books. Those and the role play versions that had character sheets and played like a D&D campaign.

I wonder if they would have been worth anything? Sadly, I got rid of all my books when I lost my sight. Now they have cameras that can read paperbacks but back then that was a sci fi pipe dream.



It’s nice to see a continuation, I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

The only thing I can think of is that he shouldn't have a Cutie Mark at all. If they murdered him mentally, he probably should only be able to become one by regaining what he lost. Or rather, he shouldn't have a REAL Cutie Mark or any sort of Talent or trait that matches it.

Also if their reaction to a human was that bad, I honestly think the EoH should have rejected the Mane 6 outright. That and the later seasons would be butterflied away entirely.

Well, imo, this situation is messed up. Hopefully the MC is able to lay down a few friendship lessons of his own for why you don't mindwipe, brainwash, and transform someone you call a friend, against their will (lol). I think it would be interesting to see this story go a more Grimdark/Anti-hero route (rather than simply tragic), with the MC once he discovers his origins, kinda' like "if this world is to change me, so to shall the world be changed".

Like it so far.
When’s the next chapter coming out

Comment posted by LordOctavianStark deleted Jul 13th, 2022

Flat out the only way them turning him into a pony and him being reverted into a blank slate could be considered benevolent is if they were totally honest with him from the start. That, or author fiat.

I for one, would be extremely upset.

I'm betting that the fall nearly killed him and after he landed they changed him because he said that this was the last choice he wanted to make. Because of those words, technically he had already given permission in the last story but it was hoping to die before that permission was followed through with

there isn't much to do in the Middle East

Meanwhile, me, in my house


A man can only eat so much lamb :pinkiesick:

I know that Luna is friends with our protagonist, but I wonder if she's noticed how they were both changed in the name of the greater good. Our protagonist has his human side suppressed. Luna has her Nightmare Moon side suppressed.

we might get another chapter in about seven years given the body of work from the author as evidence....maybe.

Cool I remember this story glad it’s continuing

Oh hey I forgot about this. Glad you're doing well

Thank you for the kind words good sir.

Closer to revenge join the minotaur and kill Celestia for making that spell and tell the truth to the other species of the spell

We will have our revenge 😈

Please tell me that the inner human is going to pull an Omori at some point and try to take back his mind

Wonder if Luna is happy about star's new form?

Obviously she didn't want anything to do with changing him, but she seems pretty content with him.

I don't comment very often but the fact that my favourite one shot got a sequel and its written really well puts a smile on my face, I'm very interested where you'll take this.

Thanks for the support. I'd like to believe that, in my years since highschool, my writing has improved overall. Glad you're enjoying it thus far :twilightsmile:


I know that Luna is friends with our protagonist, but I wonder if she's noticed how they were both changed in the name of the greater good. Our protagonist has his human side suppressed. Luna has her Nightmare Moon side suppressed.

Oh snap! You know, in one story (I can't recall which.) an Author brings up this same point. Is Luna Luna? Was N.M.Moon really a demon or did the elements of harmony literally reprogram Luna to fit in quietly. AND just what would that mean? Does she really have free will if she was programmed to basically "Sit down and shut up and stop making waves." While the MLP verse is a nice place to live, there are some dam dark implications to some of it.

Remember the scene where Cadence reprograms the fighting couple into instant lovers? She was literally just walking by them in the capital city of Canterlot. They might not have even been dating in the first place. They could have been co workers, or business rivals, or married to other people. She just walks by and says; "You are in love now." Really, thats some fucked up shit. Of course, Twilight, being a child wouldn't have thought of that. She was caught in hero worship. It was never even implied that Cadence even knew them.


Hey, while I have you here. Can I expect an update to Cursed Lightning anytime soon?

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