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Isaac Clarke awakens on Titan Station in the middle of a new outbreak. Will his faltering mind allow him to overcome his guilt and pain, or will he forever remain captive to the machinations of the Marker?

Rated Teen for strong language and violence. Disclaimer: I do not own Dead Space 2 or MLP:FiM. Also, some dialogue is taken from the game.

Contact Setokaiva for spin-off collabs.

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The characters you made up sound a lot like the mane six... BUT it doesn't matter. This is orgasmic, and so is your writing.

Join the herd Isaac. Make us whole. Nice way to redo the opening. Looking forward to reading future chapters!


Okay. Somehow, I'm slightly okay with this. And then the other three quarters of my being are like, 'OMGWTFBBQ'.



Thanks for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated. Great things are in store for Isaac ...

1075439 Reminded me of a reverse of what the Meet the Pyro vid from Valve was about...

This is one of the most interesting fan fictions I have read in a long time, and believe me, I have read ALOT.

Nice job, liked and faved. Keep up the good work.

you managed to do the impossible
you wrote a TCB fanfic that i didnt even struggle and writhe in pain&frustration while reading

I am ROFLMAOING! I love this, and now, time to beat the fear and play DS2! :rainbowkiss:


I'll have to check that out. Have you seen the Two Best Sisters one? Hilarious.


Thanks! I think human/pony interactions can work out OK in fics, especially when the story turns on the contrast. After playing, and often dying, as Isaac in Dead Space, I felt the guy deserved a break from my lack of skills and his "real world" of killer zombie mutants. Really, if anyone needs a pony hug, its him.


I'm glad it works for you - I do like a challenge. I needed to step back from a fairly depressing grimdark I've been plodding through for the past few months, so I went for something quick and fun. Fair warning, it's going to get weird(er).


Right on. Just a heads up - there's a Dead Space Crossover group, if you haven't seen it already. It's small, but there are some pretty good fics in there.




Thanks! This one's at the top of my internal story queue, so hopefully there will be another chapter sooner rather than later.



1087984 At least you have the decency to blush...

Oh... My.... This is even worst than a Necromorph outbreak!

Good luck Isaac. And remember: Dismember them.

Edit: Late post is late.

There we are, chapter 2. Kind of a bridging section. Not to fear - chapter 3 will be fast-paced, action-packed and ponyful.


Sorry for the late reply. Glad you like it! BTW if you can play DS2 for any significant length of time, you have a strong stomach indeed.


Yeah, in my mind pony friendship is more virulent than the necromorph infection. Let's see how it plays out ...

Isaac, listen carefully. I need you to totaly improvise a Plasma Cutter, and go on slaughtering them technicolored fucks.


hehe, I love the way you convert it from a deadly necromorph attack into an even more dangerous pony attack!

If he get's his hands on a Plasma Cutter, ponies gona be in deep shit




Ponies are so much harder to defend against. Before you know it, you're smiling - then they've got you.

DOBERMAN'S, Get him a weapon to slay these hellspawn ponie's with. YOU GOT DUDE'S WITH CRAYON'S HERE

Okay, that's unusual... You've got my undivided attention. I first though, seeing the characters, that you were going with a Celestia PoE, not unlike I did once, but it's totally different. Brilliant. Please proceed.


Oh you crack me up. This is absolutely brilliant and very keeping in track of the actual game.

Indestructible ponies? Oh that's just CHEATING!

Oh god this is too funny :)

Dis shit is fucked up and I love it.

Also, eye sack HA!


Oh the Hand Cannon ...


Thanks! It was originally meant to be fairly short, but it's turning into a marathon. Let's see if Isaac achieves transcendence. :trixieshiftright:


It's all a matter of ... interpreting the delusions :pinkiecrazy:


Mission accomplished! :rainbowwild:

I played Dead Space 2. Twice. And this is way more scary than the actual game.

You know, I think I would play this game. Yes I would.

sweet celestia what in the world is a ponified tormentor or tripod going to be?!

Lovin this
Ponies are idiots
What else to expect though?

Awwww crap. He is in need of the Hand Cannon!
That or a Jelly hose.

I have no idea whats going on anymore, so how come this story just seems more and more awesome all the time?

Dis pony Fin' gonna ge't a Fist in hr' face


I like this story but if you could put them out a little sooner that would make people happy


I agree, hi, and if I had my 'druthers, I'd be able to devote more time to pony writing, and writing in general. It's one of the few things I care about. As it is, my excuses good reasons for not finishing chapters in a timely fashion are: (a) performing long hours of drudgery for the Man, (b) waiting for inspiration (c), duties at home, and (d) being a slow writer. Apologies for the waiting periods. :ajsleepy:


Such violence, Onyx! What would our peaceful Unitologist brethren think? Faust be praised. :applejackunsure:


WTF moments are so precious. Happy to hear it's keeping your interest.


Hmmmm ... yes, we are getting to that part, aren't we ...

1873796 1873839

I think it would be a pretty effective horror game. Keep the environment and the atmosphere, switch all the necromorphs with ponies. I'd be every bit as startled if a random pony came shooting out of the ductwork, attached itself to me, and started depleting my health by nuzzling as I would if a slasher landed on me. Seriously.


Some ponies apparently love jelly ...

1922949 Worry not about Failure, my friend. You have proven yourself with words

And you can't kill them. That's the worst part. Can only stun them at best, if you could land a hit. Earth ponies would take multiple shots, a Line Gun mine if you placed it right. Pegasi can fly and unicorns could deflect shots. Confrontations would either be running or doing some sort of speech thing. No killing equals no ammo or creds popping out of bodies. Which means you can only have so many supplies. Much better survival horror than the original Dead Space 2.


:facehoof: Sigh. Thank you, noble Sangheili. Please accept this video as a token of truth and reconciliation ...

1922991 That's the scary part. They won't stay down

Come here, Issac. Make us whole. :trollestia:

1923053 "Your iron shepard. against my iron will."


This is fucking weird. How are the ponies so damn hard to kill? Where are the Necromorphs? Where's The Body-Horror?

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