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"Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?" - Kurt Vonnegut


[Wrote this before DS3, ending is probably not canon, but I had to modify the canon to integrate ponies into the storyline]
It is 2508. The USM Valor is armed and authorized to "rescue" USG Ishimura from the grasp of the Marker. Numerous cases of dementia start to appear in the crew members of the Valor along the journey to the Aegis system, especially in the Marine veterans onboard who have survived the horrors of the Resource Wars and colonial insurrections.

Meanwhile, across the universe, the Royal Sisters of Equestria funded a project to seek other sentient beings in the universe that have been directed along a path of havoc and destruction by Discord. Pinkie Pie, one of the "early-detection" staff, is accidentally transported onto the USM Valor around the time the destroyer's crew begins to experience its final moments, as they find something extremely foreign in one of Ishimura's escape pods....

One of the military personnel that had been deemed a Section 8 onboard the Valor soon narrowly escapes his demise, and, skating on the thin ice of his already broken sanity, meets the aformentioned pink pony in the blood-drenched decks of the crippled Valor.

To join is to survive, and in pieces we scatter.

BTW, it's a non-Isaac Clarke perspective

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Hey guys. This was kinda what I was working on instead of My Little Behemoth. One more chapter for this, and I'll be off writing more MLB stuff.

Sorry. But this seemed like something I really needed, and wanted, to do. :fluttershysad:

Will read later.

ch needs to be 1000 or more how it got pass i will never know


Lol, silly person. The first chapter is 2000 words long.

By the form of punctuation you use, you either didn't get sleep last night, or you're just a troll.

I'll accept the former :pinkiehappy: and ignore the latter.

Really awesome! :pinkiehappy:

There is one error I spotted.
1. The Aegis VII incident happened in 2508 not 2507.

Also the apparition Joon is seeing intrigues me because you usually only see dead loved ones, I wonder what connection Anne has with Joon?

YAY! A non-Issac POV! :pinkiehappy:

Only the first chapter has to be 1,000 minimum.


Really? DANG IT DEAD SPACE WIKI! YOU LIED!!!!:pinkiegasp:


I don't really see what's the problem. Only the first chapter needs to be 1000 words. And all three chapters were basically one BIG chapter, so the first chapter was technically over 6000 words long.

So yeah. If you got a problem, tell knighty. He was the one who approved it.

:pinkiegasp: I checked the wiki to notice that!

Haha, continuty errors on the wiki. I don't even know which is correct right now. :derpyderp2:
On here: Dead Space Wiki, it says Isaac went there in 2508.
I will go check it out on my copy of the game later.


K fixed it. Thank you for the help!


Crap. I wasn't suppose to emphasize her first name in the first few chapters, only until later. Sorry I had to edit that part out.

Just forget that whole thing ever happened please! :pinkiesmile:

MIGHT!? My good time lord WE HAVE A F*CKING DISASTER ON OUR HOOVES!:flutterrage:

Inappropriate theme music is a go!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

PS. I hope the 4th wall jokes are kept to a minimum. They tend to get old quick, like in that life of Dusk Shine story.

Oh god...is Pinkie going to try to giggle the necromorphs away? :pinkiesick:

He misunderstood the voice. It wasn't saying 'make us whole' it was saying 'make a show'. Him and Pinkie need to put on the best performance ever!:pinkiehappy:

Another Dead Space crossover.
I've only found two good ones so far.
Well, three good ones counting this one. :pinkiehappy:

IS BAD TIME FOR PINKIE PIE! But big Human man will protect her... Humans smash puny necromorphs! RAAAAAAAAAGH!

Now if only there was a good Star Wars fic that the author doesn't drop... and involves the Sith.

Uh oh.
The alert message said 'Hostile Alien'
So how do you think they would react to a pink horse-creature?
Be careful Pinkie!


Can't you just imagine Joon swimming through a pool of gore with such an upbeat toon?

And don't worry. I don't plan on doing anymore 4th wall jokes.


Thanks guys for the wonderful feedback!

Hope you guys get all the references I dropped in the story :twilightsmile:

There gonna subtly pop up every now and then!

And if you guys read up on some Dead Space canon references in the story that confuse you (like Cadigan and anything else) feel free to look them up on the wiki!



Come on. Doctor Who- I mean...Whooves, has gone through worse.

Transporting a pink pony across the universe onto a ship about to encounter zombie/aliens can't be that bad. It'll only result in some mental scarring and a REALLY tragic ending....:scootangel:



They could try....but I don't think the Marker will let them...

it's just jelly.


So...what did you think? :pinkiesmile:

Honestly, this fic is pretty good so far. I really want to see what you have planned next.


Thank you!

I'll try not to disappoint you guys! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, he's taking rather well, isn't he?

"Hey, Vargas! How much closer?" I was like "LOL, I don't know. Do I look like a GPS?" Because my last name's Vargas:pinkiehappy:

Not 5 secs later I'n dissapointed to find out Vargas is a women. Not because I'm sexist but since my last name Vargas I could be a smart-ass. But since Vargas is a girl I can't. :ajbemused:

Why Vargas die first?:raritydespair: Any way nice chapter. I'm pretty sure any other human would think they're losing their mind but Joon no, He's accepted the fact that he's insane and will continue to march forward like a champ.

I would prefer Issac Clarke has the main char but whatever


Sorry, but there are WAY too many dead space fan-fics that are about Isaac.

My hipster preferences must ignore ALL mainstream characters!


Holy crap! I totally didn't see that coming!

Oh well, sorry for making you a woman in the chapter...and making you die.. :unsuresweetie:


Oh don't worry. The mental breakdown comes later. :pinkiecrazy:



Ah, you made my day!

Sooo, where did Joon come from? Hmmm?:trixieshiftright: You can't explain that.


Wait. What?

As in the name? Or the character's origin?

1433761As in what were you taking/ is this a cleverly hidden self-insert? Some of the things you have put in are too specific to be from your head.


You have to understand that some of the story elements are DIRECTLY from the game universe itself.

So if it seems SUPER specific, that means its from the game.

Joon is not from the game universe however. He was of my own making.

But, I'm afraid that I can't understand the way your writing your sentence:

As in what were you taking/ is this a cleverly hidden self-insert? Some of the things you have put in are too specific to be from your head.

I have to know what specifically you're trying to ask, because I have no honest clue what your referring to.

I have a feeling that you're talking about Joon's name. Well Joon is a Korean name (it is actually a reference to MY korean name, and my friend's, who is currently suffering from leukemia right now). Kinda wanted a tribute to him and to put a little piece of myself in the story.

And I wanted some diversity in a human crossover. All the time, whenever I see a human crossing over in a story, it's always an North American/ European that meets the ponies. What about the rest of us in Asia or from Asian origin? Why can't we ever meet one of the Mane 6?

Did that answer your question? Come on dude, don't leave me hanging....

Hey guys! Sorry, if this seemed rushed or my Pinkie is a little hard to believe. (Pinkie hardly cries, so it's pretty out of character fro her to cry in the beginning)

But it gets better from here on out. I already got all that stuff over with. And i'll be adding musical accompaniement in the next chapter(s)!

What is Pinkie thinking during all this?:rainbowhuh:


Sorry, if I don't switch perspectives with Pinkie every so often. The reason being is that her thought process is extremely convuluted, and will distract from the storyline. So I prefer to write things in Joon's perspective.

Plus, I want to avoid the whole "Pony becoming emotionally numb" cliche as much as possible, something that I'm sure I'm going to run into if I write in Pinkie Pie's POV.

Any tips if you want me to write in her perspective?

She'll get her own little vignette at the end, though. Don't worry. :twilightsmile:

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