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Having learned much in the ways of friendship, the Young Six begin to feel sorry for Cozy Glow. After seeking the Tree of Harmony's advice, they come up with the perfect plan to save their former classmate from ridicule.

Entry for the Barcast's Halloween in April Horror Contest.

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That tree gave them the idea to do it.

Just searched what prophylaxis means. Damn that tree is evil. I hope it gets chopped down.

I'm afraid I don't really understand the ending (is Cozy dead, or did she fuse with Harmony or something? Or is it both?), but other than that, I really enjoyed this.

Have a thumbs up!

Seriously, though, please explain. I'm clueless.

EDIT: I think I get it now. See one of my later comments for details.

jmj #3 · April 5th · · ·

Great story. The horror is subdued beautifully so that your mind does the heavy lifting. It sticks with you better that way. I also love how their idea backfires on them.


Thanks bossman, and thanks for encouraging me to write it!

jmj #5 · April 5th · · ·

There's Horror Contest, Dobes has to be in it. Thems the rules. Good luck with the contest, sir. It's always a pleasure to read your stories.

Please make a sequel. I strongly dislike stories that end with a cliffhanger but have no sequel.


A sequel, eh? Hmm. It wasn't meant to be a cliffhanger. Not sure where else I'd go with it. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me!

Maybe you could have Cozy have her own test similar to the ones that the young six had in “What lies beneath”

morion87 #10 · April 5th · · 12 ·

Eh. It's not like that bitch of a pony didn't deserve it in the end. More so what they did here. Not sure what the ending means, and I know I'm not the only one.

Best guess? Harmony is fucking with the Knockoff 6, because that's all it's good for.

I thought it over for a bit, and the best conclusion I came to is that the Tree thinks Cozy is unsavable—in other words, she's "the one of three (the three being the villain trio) that could become a Queen and ruin the 'game'" the Tree is playing—and thus tricks/persuades the Student Six into killing her.

Hey, thanks for this entry. I look forward to reading it!


Texhnically, it did XD


Hope you enjoy it when you do! And great idea for a contest. MLP horror FTW!

“I feel like it’s kind of our fault,” she continued, “and we should do something about it. That could have been any one of us, if things had gone just a little differently.”

I have to disagree here. Cozy made her own choices. And considering the Young Six always had each other, it's unlikely any one of them could have gone down the same path.

I love meaningful, educational titles. This was utterly horrific in all the best ways. However, a few things stood out as iffy: why did Silverstream use the word cub? None of them are animals that could remotely be described as 'cubs' so it doesn't feel like it's effective cultural jargon (like if Gallus had called Cozy a hatchling or something). What on earth made Twilight think Tirek and Chrysalis are savable? That comes across as naive/misplaced forgiveness.


Thanks Ice Star. Regarding "cub", at least one version of hippogriffs has them as part lion. She might as easily use "fry" or "minnow" given her undersea form I suppose. As to your other point, I'll PM you.

Oh, in that light it does make more sense. The show's hippogriffs aren't very traditional to what fits under the definition of a hippogriff, and they certainly have a hen or the egg dilemma; were they sea ponies or hippogriffs first? If they're actual hippogriffs, where is their half-pony heritage? It's all rather frustrating.

I hope there's a sequel that if Twilight, her friends, and the Princesses learn WHAT happened to Cozy Glow from the Young 6, BUT ordered by the Tree itself! Twilight and the Main 5 knew that the Young 6 WOULDN'T have done this "Murder" on their consciousness. When they found out the TRUTH!!!! BOTH the Main 6, Young 6, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, AND the Pillars are gonna have a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG TALK and a BIG Explanation for the TREE ITSELF!!!!!! :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: :ajbemused:

I still don't like Cozy Glow for being a Psychotic Villain of all things. But, Executing her by the Order of a "GOOD, REDEMPTION, and ALL HARMONY" Tree is very Disturbing.

Well that's a bit insulting on the Young six, I know there are not like the original Six. But, what's wrong Loving both of them!!! :ajbemused:

That is WEIRD for Twilight, but I guess she is starting to take her Title to the extreme, and who knows. Their are some redemption stories for Chrysalis and sometimes Tirek.

Because I had far more time to fall in love with the Mane 6 than I did with those rejects, and the girls felt natural, while the knockoffs felt forced for no other reason than "Fuck reasons" by Hasbro.

Heck, the Legion of Doom ranks higher in best groups from the show, and I hated them.

Chrysalis and Tirek are much more culpable and justifiably irredeemable was kind of the point; I'm not saying that those stories don't exist, I'm asking what would be the in-story motive or reasoning behind the course of action.

Very true in the Canon sense, I agree. But first they have to DEAL with the Trees QUESTIONABLE Executions. I know Cozy is really terrible. But I don't think mostly the Main 6, the Royal Princesses, And even the Pillars have the Mentally or the stomach for Death Sentences on their enemies.

Perhaps, but that's so many different characters' possible views to generalize.

I agree that Hasbro should have done better. But, I like the Young six as much of the Main six. Let's just Agree to Disagree alright. 🤷

Besides, there are NOT as WORSE like that VERY Racist Chancellor, a kid as a Villain, or the Grogar "Reveal" Plot Twist. Seriously !!!!!!! That's a SECOND time, Discord caused other Villains to conquer Equiestia, WITH NO type of PUNISHMENT or something!!!!! 🤦🤦 :facehoof: :facehoof:.

🤔🤔 Please give a Example, on what YOU think will happened in the Confrontation with the Tree?

The author hasn't given much of an indicator of what would happen. I'm just saying that giving so many different characters (the groups you listed) the same view on a complex matter feels like an ineffective generalization, especially when all those characters have pretty diverse perspectives and come from different cultures and eras. Giving them all the same mindset without reason just feels presumptuous.


Interesting thought, having the ponies in authority have a chat with the Tree. Good idea for a story. I've got some things I'm working on at the moment, but you're more than welcome to write about it!

Okay, we just see when the author make a official sequel on this. It's just most Fanfic's I read, have the Ponies and sometimes other Equis creatures are against killings and all that. Mostly from the Displaced or the Crossover Villains, sometimes Heroes, and Anti heroes don't mind Killing their enemies.

Well, that also depends on what they see as killing. That usually implies the situation was murder when it becomes described as killing.

I'm a bit confused on that. You mean situations on who's the victims or why and where. Like innocent civilians or people, to killing murders, robbers, rapists, monsters, or Supervillains. Is that WHAT you mean? :rainbowhuh:

Killing generally suggests a murder; the unlawful killing of an innocent party. An execution is a form of punishment organized by a government against different kinds of crimes. I'm saying that it's unlikely all the Pillars, Mane Six, and Royals have the same exact opinion on the concept of execution since it isn't the same as murder. As for the Young Six, they're all minors so death in any form is likely still very shocking to them.

I know of the definition of the killings, murder, and executions. I was just a bit confused on how you word it. Plus, I think that the MLP Heroes and Royals, STILL don't like how the Tree give the Young six that very BIG and MORAL decision on "Technically" ending Cozy's life. But she come back as a Ghost for some reason. And she didn't exactly hate the Young six, but on congratulate on them for the deed??

She knew what would happen, the tree is a stone cold b

The "ghost" is the tree's projection of her(the tree uses the ghostly forms of others to communicate) and it's happy they killed Cozy for it.

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