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Calm Before the Storm: Plans · 9:38pm Jan 9th, 2013

So my newest story: Calm Before the Storm, inspired by JWoodony's song: Calm Before the Storm, has gotten some pretty good reviews as well as good comments.
Now, I am aware that there is no backstory and that this was entirely built from scratch. Building it from nothing and just gave it an ending, but still not giving it a beginning. Honestly, I wasn't planning on doing one for two reasons: I had no plan for it, and I didn't have an exact reason for the said war.

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Could never overdo precautions! :twilightsmile:

223120 Why would I? I am part of the Illogic, not the Insanity.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh my. Don't hurt me, please? :twilightoops:

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