• Published 8th Jun 2022
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What Am I? - LordOctavianStark

You never seem to feel like you belong in this world. Now you begin to find out why.

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Bad Dreams

Author's Note:

Alright. So, first thing I would like to do is apologize. This story should've been written and published YEARS ago. But with my job and school it just quickly fell by the wayside. BUT, I have graduated and got a great new job as a PMC Operator. The hours are long and there isn't much to do in the Middle East other than workout and read, so.... I've decided to get back into writing. I hope you all enjoy.

You're not sure where you are. The air is dense and fog as dark as night surrounds you. It seemed to create a glossy blanket, preventing you from gazing more than a few feet. Shouting for help has proved fruitless as nopony has responded to your attempts for over an hour. Still, you continue to wander the onyx landscape, determined to find your way home.

You then come upon a town, a whimsical city that lay in ruins. With buildings made of steel and glass stretching far beyond even the tallest towers of Canterlot. Large streets made of what appears to be solid stone instead of brick and cobble. Though you're sure you have never been to this place your hooves turn without command as if they walked the path before.

Soon you approach the only place that looks anything like what is in Canterlot. A zoo. You thought to yourself as you're drawn through its portal. Much like the rest of the refuse that was once a city, there is little not in a state of decay. Thick glass that lined the enclosures were either broken or severely cracked. You see something that makes you shiver, the lion enclosure was empty, it's… it's probably nothing. The city has obviously been abandoned for years. It can't still be around here… Can it?

That's when you hear it. A bone shivering roar that pierced the fog like a needle through cloth. Instincts took over as you ran to the nearest shelter. Bolting through the doors of an old brick building you took cover behind one of the many oversized counters. As you hid you began to hear the sound of faint whispering. Following the sound you reach a stone stairwell that seemed to reach into the bowels of Equis. The whispering still at the same level of volume as before.

Looking for a source of light, you found nothing. Just an engraving, Abandon all hope ye who enter here? Maybe I should turn back? Before you could contemplate further a call for help rang from the bowels of the subterranean level. Taken aback you steel your resolve and plunge into the darkness eager to help whatever lost soul is trapped below.

Reaching the last step you see a light in the far corner of the underground room along with what appeared to be the steel bars of a dungeon. With the source of the whispering within sight you cross the distance. In the cell stood a single dark figure still whispering its incoherent musings.

Keeping a safe distance from the bars you clear your thoughts and speak. "H-hello? Are you okay?" You ask to receive no response. Stepping closer you ask again. "Excuse me, are you okay?"

This time the figure responds, "please help me." Stepping closer to the bars yet again you ask the creature what is wrong. This was your mistake, once within distance the creature flings against the cell bars and latches onto you with long thin appendages, it's stubby claws digging into your flesh. "YOU HAVE TO LET ME OUT! YOU HAVE TO SAVE ME!"


Bolting from your slumber you struggle to dislodge the nonexistent creature from you only to realise you are home within your bed. “For Celestia’s sake! Again with the nightmares!” Getting up you look toward the ornate clock in your room, 5:17 A.M.? It's too early for this, roll call isn't even for another three hours.

Unfurling your long black wings you stretch, sighing. "I doubt I will be getting anymore sleep, might as well get ready," you concede. Making your way to the bathroom you take notice of yourself if the mirror. Your grey mane disheveled, eyes bloodshot, and your onyx coat is matted in various places. "Heh, I look like shit. Best do something about it."

Walking away from the mirror you make your way to the shower of the surprisingly spacious accommodations given to you as an Officer of the Canterlot Police Department. Yes, you were a "pig", as the criminals of the city so eloquently phrased it. Though it wasn't your first career choice.

Heh, the Princess reaaaaaally was adamant I go with Law Enforcement. Memories flooded back to you of when you first told Luna you wanted to become a guard….

"I mean, it makes sense right? My cutie mark is a battle axe and round shield. So obviously my special talent has something to do with it." I reasoned my position. Princess Luna "hmm'd" in contemplation, staring at some distant point located in the rather Spartan room provided to me in the castle infirmary.

"Perhaps, it has something more to do with defense rather than offense." She countered. Tearing her vision away from the seemingly uninteresting wall. She then turned to you. "I know you really want to travel, and the Guard and Legion will most definitely give you that opportunity. But you could also get a job in Canterlot, in say, Policing. Then you can travel in your free time. And maybe come with us-with I on diplomatic missions. If thou d-dost want to of course." She added quickly, and though you can't be certain, you think her midnight blue cheeks had a hint of crimson to them.

Your silence dejects her, and the princess looks away feeling slightly embarrassed for even asking as it was clear your mind was made up. "Princess" you call for her attention, though it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. "Luna, look at me." At the sound of her name she glances back. "You're slipping again, with the words that is, and I'll tell you what. Give me a day to think about it. Because I won't lie, I'd definitely miss our talks if I'm not here." You gave her a soft smile that seemed to do just the trick.

Luna returned the joyous expression and gave you a hug which you happily returned. "We wou- I would miss our conversations as well. But I don't want you to feel pressured. Mayhaps I'm being greedy and simply do not wish to loose my friend." She broke the hug and stood to her full height. "Unfortunately, I have duties to attend to." As she made her way only exit in the plain room she stopped, looking back, "while I will miss you dearly, I still want you to do what YOU believe is best."

The hot water of the shower breaks you from your thoughts as you try to dislodge the memories from the forefront of your mind. Luna always treated me like such an old friend. As if I had known her for years long before we ever actually met. A smile touches your face. Just like it usually does when thinking of your closest friend.

You resume your bathing. Not in any rush as you had the misfortune of departing the sleeping world far too early. Hanging your head in exhaustion, you're already looking forward to getting off work so you can resume your slumber. But something catches your eye. The spent water flowing to the drain has a pink hue to it.

Glancing around yourself and the shower you can see nothing that would make the water change colors. That is until you glance at your left foreleg. Refusing to believe your eyes you bring the appendage closer to your face. Only to see five crescent wounds hidden beneath your coat. Curious as to what caused the injury, you began to rack your brain for an answer. Much to your dismay nothing can explain it until memories of a pale beast latching onto you break you out of your stupor.

"I think I need to talk to Luna." You say to nopony and finish your shower. Making sure to be gentle on the partially scabbed wounds on your foreleg.