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the weakest thing there is and the smallest crawling thing, and the worm upon the earth and in the earth


"A stalker's life was full of adrenaline and wonders, of loneliness and misery, of death and horror, mixed together in the maelstrom of madness that is the Zone."

A S.T.A.L.K.E.R crossover. Hiker, an experienced wanderer, stalker and trailblazer find's his way into the center of the Red Forest, unreachable ever since the Clear Sky faction was annihilated at the nuclear power plant and Strelok was sent back into the Zone. In it's dark reaches, he is contacted by the Forester, and through a twist of fate, ends up in the antithesis of the Zone, a land of magic and happiness. Yet not everyone wants a sedate, safe, contented life in Equestria...

For all those who have never played/understood the STALKER series: http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
All the locations, anomalies etc in capitals will be on there.

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Umm, does this story involve ponies? :/ Anyone with me?

Considering the fact he goes to Equestria, and meets ponies, I would say do.

I haven't read the story yet but I bet my arse that if he/she meets rarity. She would have a heart attack at the sight of the exoskeleton.

You know what? The lik between your name, the cover picture, the sotry nam and the header is just briliant!

Your name is rostok, which happens to be a location in stalker. The cover art is, if i am right, from rostok. You can also acces the red forest from rostok (at least if i remember correctly).
Can't wait to see how this turns out :twilightsmile:

Yeah, my name is based the abandoned city in-game, just to clarify though, Hiker has a SEVA suit, though I plan on most of the story taking place in the Zone, so the naive, friendly ponies meet the human and animal scum of Earth.

Clue for a major character later on is "You can't go there"...

For the purpose of determining wether you stick to the lore or not; when did this story take place (in the stalker lore)?

Oh yes. This is brilliant. I am loving this so far and I look forward to more chapters from you. :pinkiehappy:

Great work with pics and everything:pinkiehappy:

In lore terms, this is around October/November 2012, about 2/3 months after COP, and the Zone is getting more & more unstable, with mutants getting ever more ferocious, more Monolithians waking up as stalkers (like with Strider), more emmissions, etc.

I honestly can't wait for more!

ok... first no punishment for the janitor?
and second... a guy from a war torn area, in a constant battle to survive with bandits and mutants and Celestia immediately thinks naah tiss cool my ponies will be fine if they head into this shitstorm

then again i have no idea what this is based around i just like the story so carry on. :facehoof:


your in the Zone? good luck:pinkiecrazy:

They're not gonna live very long in the zone.

Trollestia works in mysterious ways... :trollestia:
On a serious point, immediate banishment is a fairly severe punishment, and stops him from violence in the future, a certain if he stays in Equestria..

No once a stalker always a stalker. Even thinking that a stalker could learn friendship and compassion is like saying there can be world peace.

Exactly, did anyone really think there will be a happily-ever-after with Pinkie Pie parties and balloons?

Also 3.2k words into next chapter, though it'll take a few more days due to trying to play STALKER with the objective of screenshotting cool places is rather difficult.

I absolutely love Shadow of Chernobyl, but I never could get into the other two games. Well, guess it's time to play them then!

I would recomend using a mod called "stalker complete" then. It fixes all sort of bugs, and generally improves the game :pinkiehappy:
Eitherway, you are in for a treat!

EDIT: hi again, Rostok. Your story have sure changed a lot since i got to see it the first time.
I daresay this thing is getting pretty darn good.
Just watch out for one thing. Missplacing of mutants. You forgot to mention the LARGE quantities of zombies in pripyat.

Anyway... so he plans to take them to the laundromat in pripyat, then to yanov station, then further to the skadovsk before possibly heading to the bar, and back to the relative safety of the cordon? Sounds like a plan to me. Also sounds like someone have bothered to study the lore.
I'm watching this, and you better not dissapoint me (i can be a real prick when it comes to the lore, but i recall you allready knowing this).

give me a heads up if you want me to be a paparazi in the zone (jut needs to know how you removed the HUD) :twilightsmile:

EDIT2: you might want to remove zekhora and celestia from the tags. they onyl play a secondary tole in the intro. also, all non pony creatures is supposed to be left with no tag (but i stil use other myself)

At the moment I'm running Oblivion Lost on Shadow of Chernobyl, which really improves some of the areas where it gets a little sub-par, like graphics and A-Life. Trying to speedrun OL on master to get some of the screenshots was a little hairy though. (I particularly remember facing off against a controller, a horde of zombies, a chimera and two pseudogiants simultaneously. Thank god for underslung grenade launchers.)

they... ditched Twi?:applejackconfused:

Quite the opposite, Twi rage-quit and teleported home.


errr as in home home? or tower?

Home as in back to Equestria. She's the only one that can take Applejack back with her teleportation, and she left her behind in a moment of madness.:ajbemused:


ah! typical madness result)

let's see what consequences are in next chapters:ajsmug:

I think the summaries are a good idea. Nice chapter, keep up the good work.:moustache:

Asuming the creature is actually present in the canon s.t.a.l.k.e.r lore; I'd take my pick on it being a variation of a poltergeist.
There's only 2 creatures capable of tuurning invinsible, and that's bloodsuckers and poltergeist. Bloodsuckers are far to common, and they would have recognized it. A poltergeist on the other hand... notihng sure is known about them.

I feel unoriginal now :applejackunsure: Still, very nice story so far! Keep it up!

...faved and thumbed up. :pinkiehappy:

It's kind of in the lore, a friend mistook something for one of them when he played it. Don't worry, it's all within the possibilities of the Zone...

Praise from the writer of the other good STALKER fic, I'm honoured!

1903718 hm. If we ignore the whole "invincibility thing" i would guess it's a new breed of pseudogiant that decided to drop by :rainbowlaugh:

That chimera must have been a damn big one. I hunt those things at night! ( In Stalker of course hehe)

wow that's what they get for helping ponies and saving all their lives, taken prisoner.

You know, I understand where you're coming from. They tell you you can be anything, so you chose to be an industrial plant. I ended up being a rap album.

As for the story so far: Great work, really enjoy reading the story and I hope for an update soon!
And now im going to play the mod Stalkersoup because whenever I read a stalker/mlp fanfic I am left with an urge to play stalker...

You present a thoroughly unprepared arrogant, with the exception of Zecora (and maybe Luna), group of ponies who the Zone will chew up and spit out. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, make awful things happen to them. Doubly so, because this is the Zone we're talking about. Also, this plan is even worse than the first plan. So, have it that information is scarce and unreliable in the end. That's part of the nature of the Zone. I'm reading this because it's not a happy story, please keep it that way author. You've done a great job so far, and I hope that you do not fall off the path.

Love it!

Let the Zone break them :pinkiecrazy:

In the start of chapter "out of the blue" you said they found a groza/storm that sported 5.54mm. YOu do know that such ammo deosn't excist? I assmued you meant 5.45, but i still wnated to let you know

This. This is the initial launching of the defecation towards the fan. Bad, bad things are going to happen.

Thanks for that, I suck at remembering the various calibers of ammo. Also, Monolith has a motherload of high-quality kit they got from Clear Sky and later the Military's assaults on the NPP. That's why they get all SVD's and F2000s that every other stalker drools over.

Not to mention the invading Mercenary and Duty forces (depending on COP ending).
(lots of broing lore bullshit that nobody bothers to read in a comments section will be sent per pm)

This story was great until you made the Humans all masochists I mean if I was abducted and attacked by a bunch of ponies who wanted to reverse engineer my things and thought themselves higher than me I certainly wouldn't be happy

Same here. That did bother me, but I let it slip.

...how did ponies even reverse engineer firearms without blowing their heads off? :rainbowhuh:

Ponies that want to steal your tech and make friends seem a whole lot better than a dreary world of rabid monsters and unnatural phenomena that want to kill you at every turn, where the very air you breathe is literally giving you cancer and there are all sorts of nasty things being emitted that are designed to control your brain.

Just my take on it, and anyway, things have yet to kick off.:trixieshiftright:

Shit's getting serious

1965483 They didn't. Why do you think celestia made her castle that big :rainbowlaugh:

HA-HA. If I had to choose between ponyland and the Zone? The Zone, no hesitation.
So yes, I would be VERY angry.

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