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Major Alexander Degtyarev's mission was a full success. The STALKER faction and what is left of the Military in Pripyat have joined forces months later after the Major's breakthrough in anomaly research and now control the entire region all the way to Yanov station. A mission to conquer the Zaton swamps ended in failure, it was said that a bandit leader going by the name 'Noah' ambushed the STALKER forces with a sizable army.

The events through which the Major has survived have transpired many secrets, and a new faction has taken interest in them.

The Zone is a harsh teacher, will it take pity upon the new faction, or the two new-comers that have graced its grounds? Not a chance, the Zone kills everything and everyone inside its perimeters, and those not strong enough wither away and die under a forceful boot.

The land is capable of snapping a man's psychology in half like a twig, what chance do two Princesses have?


Luna and Celestia vectors by http://rariedash.deviantart.com

Chapters (2)
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Oooh. Me likey.

In Word? Wow, that's surprising, this was pretty well written.
Also, Stalker, never played it, is it all it's said to be? I've seen various commenters say it's terrible, and others say it's amazing.
(Too lazy to see on the Steam forums) :pinkiesmile:

3464500 should i even be surprised to see you here ?
Not bad first chapter btw


Riddled with bugs, courtesy of slav programming but once you're into it, you can't let go. Plus, the modding community does a great job of keeping the games alive, either by fixing bugs or adding new content, even if the franchise is technically dead in the water.

Once a Stalker, always a Stalker.

3464538 3464624
Yep. As of right now I'm playing with the Misery 2.0.2 mod. It's really cool.

Ehhh, I'm not a fan of Misery. I'm playing Zone of Alienation right now and duuude. That mod will make you batshit crazy. You think Misery is difficult? HAH!

That said, it's got even more bugs than vanilla SoC. Gotta make dem hard saves regularly.

I like it. Hey RoadRunner!!! THANKS MAN :D

Hmmm. While this story isn't too bad so far, it'd be nice if you'd kinda rewrite Luna as less of a scared and clueless little sister figure. Yes, she is the little sister of Celestia, but she has also been around pretty much just as long as Celestia, despite spending quite a bit on the moon. In short, she's acting rather OOC. Celestia is also acting a bit odd, but not enough to be OOC.

3465248 Yeah, I think there's room for improvement too.

No probs dude. Enjoy wasting more of you time on the internet! :rainbowlaugh:

au nuuu cheeki breeki iv damke!

wow that sucks for them to not pick up that powerful weapon lol

ANYONE knows what happened to Corn? Kinda want to read the story further...

I am enjoying this, but I do agree with Gordon_Freemane, Luna's personality is not at all similar to how she acts in the show.

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