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Near the final days of the second Tiberium War, the Brotherhood of Nod has secretly developed and deployed its newest generation of cybernetic warriors: Cyborg Reapers. They are few in numbers, but that does not mean they are dangerous—they are a prime threat to all.

Capable of causing incredible damage to their victims, they grant the Brotherhood many possibilities and advantages. But one day in a small Nod base, a Cyborg Reaper that is very unique than most cyborg soldiers, is taken into the fray.

Strange Tiberium events occur over this desolate land, but one adversary force shares this area: GDI. Engaged in combat, and competing against Global Defense Initiative's strongest weaponry; victory is a lost cause, but the strange events occur over the toxic crystals in the midst of battle. These troops that are trapped in the heat of battle vanish from sight.

Awakened on another world where it doesn't belong to, now the Cyborg Reaper faces a great challenge ahead of him. But it wonders if it's the only surving Nod member, yet a filly unicorn is the first to encounter this man-machine demon.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 53 )

Liked and faved, this could be good.
I hate Cyborg Reapers, they are the wankiest unit in the history of C&C.

It is my world now! Muahahahahahaha

Cabal's laughter is so epic!

This was a treat to read, but it does have a few grammar errors in places. Not many, but enough to snap me out of the fic. A quick double check for errors generally does the trick. Another thing you may want to work on is your vocabulary. For example, around the start you said "land" about a dozen times, you don't have to be overly verbose, but try words such "earth", "terrain" and "ground" just for variety's sake.

A small gripe I have are the characterization of the Cyborgs, they just seemed a little bit too "human". As in their emotions do not seem suppressed, they have a moderate level of free will, etcetera. Then again, Ron doesn't seem to be your average Reaper.

Another bit that got at me was that an Mammoth Mk. II seemed a bit much to send to a small Nod outpost, but you can't always see the forest for the trees.

Again, these aren't serious issues and I'm not saying you should rewrite this story from scratch or anything over-the-top in addressing them (if you do choose to address them). These were just two minor things that seemed unusual in my opinion. Don't let them get to you. :twilightsmile:

Minor complaints aside, you and this fic have potential to be great, I hope you and it both come to realize it. :rainbowdetermined2:

I anticipate the next chapter, I do love a good C&C crossover.

2525242 Even wankier than Lieutenant Havoc?

2530017 Quoting Colonel Burton: He "Needs an attitude adjustment." That's really the only problem with Havoc, otherwise he's pretty cool. :ajsmug:
While the Cyborg Reapers kidnaps babies, women and homeless people for their own sick fetishes... :pinkiesick:
(They have some sort of cyborg fetish)

2530052 I thought you meant wankiest in that they are unkillable one man tank legions.

great. now I got to buy this game..... also, have a mustache!:moustache: I liked this! and hope for more!:twilightsmile:

ouch, I wonder who got hit by the SAM site

Just wait until Celestia hears about this... He will beg for her to kill him when she's done with him.

Suddenly, Mammoth Mk 2. Nod should be glad that the GDI haven't got an ion cannons in orbit over Equestria. Wait, do they even have those in the second s game? Man, I should really download it and give it a go to see if it does.

I wonder who wins? Kane or Celestia?

:moustache:i wont more now nuf said

keep the sam up, it'll be fun to listen to pegasi scream as they plummet... and that only has a few shots left in it, right?

I don't know, Maybe it does.

2569330 SAMs never seem to run out of ammo in the games, but in reality, a SAM like that would run out, after firing either eight or three shots (depending on what SAM site you're basing it off of) and would require reloading

2550945 they do have ion cannons in the second game, it's just, they're fired from the ground and bounced off a mirror in space, back onto the ground, hitting the intended target

2551675 Kane, as a direct quote from him:

you can't kill the messiah

I'm going to call for Colonel Burton, since Ron "needs an attitude adjustment."

"Exterminate!" *shoots nets over Burton*

2573981 Do you really think that the man who goes toe-to-toe with Overlord Tanks would have any problem with Robocop and Urgot's mutated baby? :duck:

Can he take on CABAL's Core Defender? :derpytongue2:

2575885 Well duh. The Core Defender needs an attitude adjustment.

Should I add the quote "Needs an attitude adjustment" somewhere in the story?

Welp... The Doctor and Ron is already trying to chew off the moustaches of each other I can see. :twilightoops:
If I remember correctly, The Doctor went to Tiberium-Earth and "salvaged" The Tacitus. (At least in my headcanon.)

"The Tacitus is necessary, the extermination of the Doctor was necessary..." I wonder if it went that way? :duck:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:NICE ONE RON!!!!!!! OH AH MY SIDE THEY"RE ACHEING!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::heart::pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile:

2584270 Maybe, now we need the SAM to get a "present" from the GDI Commando.

I'd like to see the Doctor try to throw a punch... that'll end well...:twilightoops:

The sight of pegasi grabs my 'interest' in a way I cannot explain."

This sounds wrong, so incredibly wrong. :rainbowlaugh:

Are you the wrong one? :duck: But I changed the sentence. :rainbowlaugh:

hahahah, trolling Nod Chameleon soldiers, I love it!

aww i was hoping for a mutealy assured destruction line

Like the two spies threatening the ponies if they don't believe in Kane?

SAM Site...

Also, I just realised that this isn't a true Tiberian Sun crossover. It's a crossover with the Tiberian Sun universe, but not the game itself.
You see, in the game units have health bars, unlimited ammo and aren't truly "bulletproof", some can just take a f:yay:ckton more bullet damage than others.

Hey thanks, I will make a few arrangements around the story.

good update is good


Welp, it seems like the Scorpion tank has been giving Ron some ideas.
This Scorpion Tank: gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-74789-1219345989.jpg
Not the ugly NOD version.

Yeah, I thought the 'new' Nod Scorpion tanks were alright, but I prefer Tick Tanks.

Needs some minor rewording and tweaking, but overall fine.:facehoof:

In the name of Kane, this fic is awesome! As for being a GDI lover, I like both sides (although I'm a CNC 3 knida guy).

One vision, one purpose. Peace through power!

The 2nd war cyborgs where mind wiped, so this would not fit into the lore of C&C

2569369, It's true, he survived a 1000 megaton(minimum) explotion, TWICE!!

Awe shit! Shit's gettin' real now!

New favorite chapter confirmed. Nice work bud!:twilightsmile:

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