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Yet another spinoff of zeusdemigod131's A New World, A New Way.
As a semi-experienced pokemon researcher and specialist, Dante Amaranth has befriended and captured one of almost every ghost-type pokemon; the only missing species is the elusive yamask. Dante and his ghostly crew are planning a trip to find themselves a new comrade. The night before they're supposed to leave, however, a certain recently released legendary enacts a little 'change of scenery'...

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I remember when, several months ago, I started planning for my own NewWorld fic, and there wer still no Gengars around. Not a single one. Good times. Now they seem to pop up like mushrooms...
Okay, sorry, that was a little personal rant. Back to serious commentary.

Honestly, as a first chapter it could have been better... I mean, you just presented a lot of characters one after the other without almost giving the reader way to... how can I say? Appreciate them. It felt a bit rushed.

Let's see where is this going, onward to reading!


I think you are going a reasonable rate, but I do think that the chapters could be a bit longer.
Other than that, I love the story so far!:pinkiehappy:

Please get this garbage off out site. It has little to do in the mlp universe. And it's way to fast if I were you I would unsubmit this story.
Get this through you skull dude this is mlp fim not some 1990s outdated card game or tv show that only 9 year olds enjoy. The same goes to frickin Dragon ball z or " u geeey O " this is tarnishing our good site and community.
Good by.

And by understanding your not even 18


Yes, it does feel like you are rushing it.

You're baiting for responses on an OC crossover fanfic by trolling.


If it's such garbage why not give him advice on how to fix it? (I personally don't think it's garbage)
Also it's spelled "Goodbye" not "Good by"

4933202 I think it's tarnishing our fandom. True fans of mlp react to this like how Budd dyer shot himself on live television.


Why have I not seen those pictures until now, I could have used them so many times before.

Also Professor Frogenshtein, I enjoyed the story and would like to see where this goes.

You should make the chapters longer.

Also you admit to being from Alabama so the edgy teenager "America sucks" garbage is hypocritical.

"tarnishing our good site and community."

4933510 geez you lookin at my comments to!

Oh no le epik trole XD

H-how will I live with myself knowing I've been rused hardcore?

Comment posted by MegaManeEXE deleted Sep 1st, 2014

4934149 Don't worry you'll get over it.....eventually.:fluttershysad:

4933036 So your complaining about the story? Or crossovers in general?

I'd say this story isn't bad. It's about on the level of burning an old way; decent enough but not worth my time to follow.

Mhm... I see potential in this story, but you really should stop rushing things up. I would also suggest you to review your phasing, the first chapters were okay, but the later two were too messy to fully understand.

Jack and the queen felt taken out of no where.

Think on how to properly introduce each character.


Probably my favorite thing about Golurk is that it can fly, not much else to say other than nice chapter.

"Jawohl, mein kapitän!"

:pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss: this... is... AWESOME! Tesla is best Rotom! german accent wiiiiin!

also, Golurk is best flying pokemon, it's kinda too bad that Metagross can't learn fly like it. :raritydespair: mine has been one of my constant companions in the games :pinkiehappy: beside my Giratina and my Heatran (i mean, seriously, my first proper pokemon game since Red/Blue was Platinum, and those three were all caught there and have been in all my second HoF's, in HG, W, B2, Y and soon, AS)


Certain members of the team just have a tendency to affect certain speaking mannerisms for different situations, often in a jovial fashion.

However, your comment has inspired me to include a greater range of teammates who do have accents, so thanks!

4968564 you are welcome :twilightsmile: cultural diversity HO! :pinkiecrazy:

Corporal thought to himself that ghost hunting was a lot easier back on earth

ghost hunting? :rainbowhuh:

That bedtime bit was amazing. Keep it up!

"Dan, buddy! We're aliens!"


Careful, Stein. I wouldn't piss off the narrator. Those guys are important and shit.

"I have done nothing but teleporting bread for three days"


Yay fighting!:pinkiehappy:
also Double Update!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Thanos more felt than heard the resounding clang as Durendal hit his head with the back of his shield.

Face-Shield! :pinkiehappy::facehoof:

"Stop right there, undead scum!"

Or not, Thanos reflected, as an angry-looking Stoutland charged towards them.

odd behavior for a Stoutland :applejackunsure:

none of their entries state anything about hating ghost types... could possibly be some ghost type hating human though

also, glad you followed through with what you said about accents, a Bronx accent definitely fits the Drifblim species well :rainbowlaugh:

You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention. (Pardon the overused phrase, please.)

Who (or what) is this mysterious hollow creature attached to Acacia's head?

are you seriously asking this? after calling it chitinous earlier? you sir are much too obvious


Look, I have to at least pretend that there's some kind of mystery. Think of the children, man!

oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.

and..... that seems to be able to say it all.

i spotted a rather glaring error...

Cassius is the discarded endoskeleton of a pokémon, left behind during evolution.

An endoskeleton (From Greek ἔνδον, éndon = "within", "inner" + σκελετός, skeletos = "skeleton") is an internal support structure of an animal, composed of mineralized tissue.

-extract from Wikipedia

what u actually should have used was the term exoskeleton,

An exoskeleton (from Greek ἔξω, éxō "outer" and σκελετός, skeletos "skeleton"[1]) is the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body

-extract from Wikipedia


Haha, I recognized the song at the beginning!
Good chapter!

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