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Equestria has enjoyed a millennium of peace and prosperity, but let its power wane. Now the peace has been broken, and it lacks the power to regain it. The Elements of Harmony have proven useless, and the Royal Guard can barely stem the tide. As Equestria's enemies conspire against it and the ponies' situation grows desperate, they must return it in kind and get their hooves dirty. And a certain group of technocratic cultists displaced from their own world are just the ones to show the ponies that there can only be peace through power.

Command and Conquer, Tiberian crossover

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Peace through Power! The Brotherhood shall prevail!

A good start. Favourited and thumbed up.

Aaaaand you got me interesting.

Will follow.

Hey all. Thanks for the comments.

Did some proofreading (probably should have done that before posting, huh?) and made some revisions. The chapter should read a bit better now. Working on the second chapter now.

Also changed the story title and revised the description. I think the new title fits better with the subject matter, a bit more “focused.”


Set during the the second nod reunification war. Check
Features Nod. Check

I will be watching.

I'm somewhat surprised, from the description they have an MCV dating back to the 1st Tiberiam war. (from what I could gather)
During the second Nod Reunification war after the firestorm crisis most of the splinter factions had at the least a second generation or an early 3rd generation MCV.

First generation

Second generation

Third generation

Which one are they using?

You can cross out Tib. Dawn because

Since the end of the First Tiberium War

clearly states that this happened it happened after that.:trixieshiftright:

Never mind, but i'd say it's somewhere between the second and third Tib. war
and definitely not the fourth

1543499 The Abrams and the Hinds threw me off.

This particular MCV is a retrofitted one from the first Tib War. As you might tell from the Abrams, Hinds, and 2nd gen EVA (that would be the iteration used in the first Tib War, I think; correct me if I’m wrong (seriously)), the human/Nod tech portrayed here is a touch schizophrenic. I’m trying to bring home that this particular Nod faction is kind of hard up when it comes to the latest hardware, enough to start pulling Allied and Soviet surplus left over from GWWII. Tell me if it’s not working.

Expect to see stuff from Dawn, Sun, and Wars, mostly from Dawn and some from Sun, with the toys from War being a luxury.

It’s set at 2034, just at the onset of the Rio Insurrection, though I’m considering revising that and how long Alexander’s been in power in Kazakhstan, as my current timeline would’ve had him sit out the second Tib War AFTER getting tossed from the Black Hand as well as survive WAY too long that is feasible on the gear he’s got, though I have a fix in mind for the former later on.

Sorry if I’m making any CnC lorists out there bash their heads through a wall. Yeah, I’m kind of pushing it with my artistic license, though hopefully not too bad.

1546680 The only thing that's bashing my head is that all of Nod's tech for this story is very dated. They better have a war factory cause where they're going that air strip is gonna be useless. Also usually when a certain assassination target becomes implacable to standard assassins, usually the fate squad is sent in and iirc they usually get the job done.

Second one’s up. I forgot to do this before, special thanks to ISKV for the inspiration for this little proposition. Seriously, I want to marry the premise of RTS/CnC logic in Equestria and the ponies being very confused at it. What’s not to like?

Thanks for getting me into writing about tanks and ponies.

Up next, the humans and ponies have a meet and greet, mingle a bit, and prepare for the demonic onslaught. “75 millimeter high explosive round? What’s that?”


Well i'll just hope that this onslaught of yours would be against Nod.....
If it is, Bring out the mammoth:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I'm kinda going with the thought that the production capabilities are the same as CnC Renegade. So the premise of an unstoppable Nod force would be to get 3 arties and back them up with techies. Damn hard to kill when backed up with enough techies.

Fun Fact:From the General started out as a standard Military in Equestria fic, but then I started getting lazy. Then I realized that it's easier to apply realism to video games than vice-versa. And thus, C&C.

You have cute little pastel colored ponies...and seventy ton heavy metal monsters. What's not to like?

You're pulling this off really well. Hope to see more!

This is well written, good job. Moving on to second chapter.

I'm pretty sure that this is set in between the first and second war.

Silver out!

I like the talking snake. Keep the talking snake.

Also, great job keeping the characters in character and the writing itself is excellent! Well done!

Silver out!

Had to split this one. Ponyville's happening next chapter. Good god, I didn't expect one scene to take so long!

I hope the dialogue wasn't too dry. I don't have much experience with writing it.

Aw, y no luv for Nod? :fluttercry: But I will say a first gen Mammoth will come into play later on, though flying the wrong colors... Black and red is such a lovely color scheme, ain't it? :pinkiecrazy:

I can say with all certainty that Hiss is here to stay. Just don't let it bite you, it takes that as your dowry to it.

i'm confused are you following GDI or Nod:derpyderp2:
either way the plot is getting better:pinkiesmile:

And heeere's 4. I gotta say, writing in AJ's accent was difficult. I love the farmpony, but still... ow. You think the speech was a little corny or cheesy or something? It just seemed like something a Nod confessor would say to a bunch of techni-color ponies to me.


We be followin' Nod, friend. And no GDI to stop 'em... :pinkiecrazy:

That Lyra scene was great!

...And perverted snake!

Silver out!

This is what I love about Nod: The ability to turn cowering refugees into a psychotic batch of foaming lunatics. It's why they always come back. The ponies probably would've had a collective orgasm if it was Kane giving the speech.

I love the story, and can't wait for more. Good marks all around. The snake bit is a little weird though. Also, I'm wondering: As badass as Nod is, how are they gonna fight demons?

...And that's how they get their Fanatics.

Oh god we're not going to have suicide ponies are we?

Today is a glorious day for the brotherhood.

MCV - The empire starts here.

1598176 With the end of the second tiberium war and the firestorm crisis, And the Nod reunification war occurring at the same time. Fanatics didn't come along til after the Rio Insurrection and bringing Brother Marcion and the Black Hand back into the fold. And it was all wrapped up when LEGION destroyed GDI's Tiberium research facility in Australia, reuniting the splinter factions. Thus fanatics came to be then.

A very nice story. Looking forwards to seeing Celestia's and Luna's faces when Nod gets established and they learn about what is going on.

I was going to keep going, but then I saw the word count and thought ,"Meh, 4600+ is enough for now." Up next, MCV action and the Mane 6 finally get to harass the hyooman!

Something I want to ask you guys: Am I going to slow? I'm starting to feel like this story's going at a snail's pace. It's starting to feel like a marathon. Not that I particularly mind, I just don't want anyone pulling their hair out screaming, "JUST GET ON WITH IT YOU NIT!"

Also, I've been thinking of a title and description change to "Peace Through Power." And not just because I got it stuck in my head since writing chapter 4 (seriously, as fun as it was writing a scene of a crowd of foaming-at-the-mouth ponies chanting "PEACE THROUGH POWER"). I've never really liked what I originally came up with (what I get for doing it at 3 AM). I just think that the new title would be more indicative of what this fic's about; Nod, Equestria no longer at peace because they let their power wane, so to regain peace, they must gain power, and gaining power often involves flexible morals and... unconventional (and Geneva-violating) tactics. And who better to facilitate Equestria's downward moral spiral than Nod? Any thoughts?

Thanks! The demons are actually just a bludgeon for a yet-to-be revealed agenda (shifty eyes).

Ooh, now there's a thought... :pinkiecrazy:

Oh god! Don't give Pinkie a main battle tank! :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, this chapter in particular has left me pretty impressed with your writing.

You seem to have extensive knowledge of military related subjects and speech. You have kept all of the mane six in character (especially Pinkie. I love what you did with her!), and the writing itself has been done pretty well.

I have a feeling that those Nod troops are going to be very effective despite their lack of numbers.

The only major issue that they may have is running out of ammunition.

Silver out!

Mmmmm I can't wait til we get to the MCV deployment part. btw When the laptop was uplinking with the drone I think EVA should of been saying "Establishing battlefield control, stand by."

GET TO THE MCV! I want to be able to play this during base building!

... Oh, don't look at me like that. You all knew that scene with Hiss and Twilight was coming. Anyway! Here's 6! An extra-long chapter for your enjoyment (I hope)! I didn't even mean for it. Up next, our first battle.

Something I want to say to any who might be turned off at the premise of demons attacking Equestria; I promise you it's not just a contrived reason for human military intervention, and it's certainly not there to make Nod look good. They're not so much an ultimate evil for Nod to be all heroic against, but rather an extreme national-scale safety hazard stirred up by a hidden enemy that the ponies and Nod have to maneuver around. Nod will NOT be making a heel-face turn and become saintly freedom fighters (that's just their propaganda). There some things the Magic of Friendship just can't fix (like Nod's bastardry). So what I guess I'm saying is please bear with me! There actually is a plot here! It's just going at a snail's pace...

Hey, thanks! Pinkie, a tank :pinkiegasp: !? Of course not! That would be incredibly irresponsible! Remember that first-gen Mammoth I was talking about earlier :pinkiecrazy: ?

I'm actually not that much of a military buff. I've just read A LOT of MiE fics here. And I'm the kind of loony that likes to listen to military radio chatter, both RL and from video games. Any accuracies are purely coincidental, I assure you :twilightsmile:.

Ammunition!? Logistics!? In my fic :flutterrage:!? CnC logic to the rescue! Seriously, how else am I going to have soldiers and tanks essentially being conjured from the ether :ajsmug:?

I actually thought to do that, but then I decided to save that for when the operations center is up. I'm under the impression that EVA's hardware requirements are a bit beyond what you can load onto the back of a humvee. If what I just said flies in the face of how EVA actually works, let me know and I will duly punch myself in the mouth for speaking such blasphemy. I do have a plan for EVA. You know the Combine's Overwatch voice from Half-Life 2? Specifically the Episode 2 iteration? "CAUTERIZE AND EXPUNGE."

Also, thanks for the awesome track for the MCV deployment scene. I can only hope my description of it does it justice :fluttercry:.

Actually, given the new episode yesterday, just send in the clones :)

1640205 So in the long run when the demons are dealt with, Nod will most likely succumb to their chronic backstabbing syndrome?

As for the construction yard deploy. Not bad.

This is very well-written. Great work.

Silver out!

Nod:We're the good guys!

Now the question arises, will the Princesses ever discover the true story behind Nod. Two questions: Does Alexander have tiberium in his possession and will he try to spread it?

I watched that scene like 20 times over, actually, to help me get down how a Tib 1 MCV would deploy. And as for a future backstab... not likely, but some of the things our good confessor will get the ponies to do to save their country will leave them in want of a good prayer and a sickbag and toothbrush. Nod ARE terrorists, after all.

Thanks! I guess writing essays and technical papers is a transferable skill into story writing. Who'd thunk it :derpyderp2:?

Once we're out of Ponyville, Nod's true colors will start to show. Particularly their handling of POWs.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

My first (-half) battle scene ever. It'll be wrapped up next chapter. So, how was it? I hope I didn't fall prey to too many pitfalls with this kind of thing and give cause for many a facehoof among you :fluttershysad:. I tried to portray the pony and human/Nod action evenhandedly. Here's to hoping I succeeded... or didn't do too bad that the literary battle scene gods see fit to strike me down where I stand...

And I'm starting to understand that there's kind of a preexisting expectation of Nod automatically trying to infest Equestria with tiberium the moment they arrive (I think?). Is that and what I'm actually doing causing confusion? I'm hoping to deviate from that kind of thing. Or am I just talking out of my flank?

It's good. As in really good. Large-scale battles are the hardest thing to write, but you seem to be doing well. Good atmosphere too.

Would Nod infect a world with Tiberium? That seems like something the Scrin would do instead. Nod is considered the "bad guy," and spreading Tiberium is considered "bad." I guess they get lumped together a lot.

While there is a more sinister side to their motives, spreading Tiberium seems to be the last thing on their mind in your story. I wouldn't worry too much.

1666995 Nod is all for spreading tiberium. Tiberium seed support power, spreading tiberium in the blue zones. If Alexander can't find an alternative income then a tiberium field may "appear" somewhere.

Unless we have a throwback to red alert and find ore fields. (gems)

As the foot soldiers and armored fighting vehicles continued a sustained fire upon the Husk Hooves, the laser and shredder turrets lined their mounted weapons at the advancing hordes and opened fire, capacitors discharging, raking them with bright red beams of intense light and heat, slicing through their armor setting their rotted flesh alight with fire while grapeshot canisters exploded among them, blasts of shrapnel shredding flesh and breaking apart bones.

I enjoyed this paragraph a lot. You are very well-versed in describing battle scenes, and I'm surprised that you actually knew what grapeshot canisters were! :rainbowlaugh:

The combat is written well uh...

You spelled 'Roger' as 'Rodger'.

Now I'm American and I know that certain English words are spelled differently in other countries, Britain, Australia, etc.

If that's the case then you're fine but I just wanted to be sure.

That is all.

Silver out!

I guess to them Tiberium is more of a tool to them than anything. They probably have samples stored away somewhere, but yeah, only if they can't find alternatives.

Equestria is filled with gems... Makes sense.

... I spelt it "rodger :derpyderp2:?" *looks* ... I did :facehoof:...

(a fellow American, BTW; greetings from Vegas!)

Fixed. I blame the "Yahtzee Effect." Been watching way too much Zero Puncuation and his Let's Plays. You know, I said "windscreen" and "torch" and some other British parlance while talking with some friends without realizing it and they looked all WTF :rainbowhuh: at me and said, "What? You British now?" That was both odd and funny.

Aww, I kind of wished you guys didn't mention gems :rainbowlaugh:. It certainly is the starting point for an upcoming... "fundraiser."

It looks like Nod's weaponry is from Tiberium Wars.

I would like to say that the author has entertained me more than my phone has in for the past 3 months.(coming from my phone addiction that is a huge compliment) props for you may this story flourish for many an Eon.

Chapter 8! With 20% more action (hopefully)! Up next, our protagonists have a budgetary meeting. War's expensive, don't ya' know?

A mustache to whoever can guess where I got the iron beast from.

Something I want to say... Tiberium is going to be taking a backseat in this fic. This is intentional. I know the potential issues with this, what with it kind of being Nod's central tenet belief and all. It's just that I want the focus on Equestria engaging in irregular warfare in order to save itself, finding that sometimes, bastardry really is the only solution. So basically, this fic's about ponies being terrorist bastards :pinkiesmile:.

The tech's spread throughout Dawn, Sun, and Wars, with sprinkles from Red Alert. A real CnC smorgasbord. Here's to hoping I can keep it reasonably balanced.

Hey, thanks! Glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:!

This calls for some Nod victory music!

Another opponent falls to the unstoppable might of Nod!

It's too bad Alex isn't using Cyborgs. That would be cool to see.

Love the story, started reading about 1 hour ago, Favorited after the first chapter.


Don't forget Pinkie joining the "PEACE THROUGH POWER!" chant! :pinkiecrazy:

Say, do you think Kane sent this guy here on purpose to secure this planet for him and the rest of the Brotherhood later on so the can colonize it via the Scrin Tower in CNC 4? :trollestia:


Yes, I'd say if anyone could turn the Princesses, it would be Kane. :duck:


Doesn't Rarity usually get the Abrams instead? :raritywink:


How will they build w/o Tiberium? :( I hope they brought a loaded harvester w/ them they could bust open or something. :(


We're not ebil, we stand up for the oppressed! Remeber Rio? :pinkiesad2:


I know where the beats come from, they are the Beasts of the Books of Isaiah and Revelation. The Beast that speaks Blasphemies and The Bear with three ribs in it's mouth. Godzilla's Hebrew Cousin was the closer for me.

And yes, the bill. I do hope there's some liquid Tiberium in storage somewhere. Maybe one of those mouth thingies from Tiberium Sun that makes the vines for the missle silos. :duck:

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