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How Things Are · 1:04am Jul 6th, 2015

Hey everyone its been a really long time since the last blog I did. Anyway this is just for anyone who wanted to know why i've been on and off on my stories.

(The fun never ends) this story will be cancelled for good. The reason is a bit complicated and would take a while for me to explain. I may do that in a different blog if anyone really wanted to know.

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1948593 omg i can't wait. My lips are sealed.

Hey thanks for the follow! :yay: Also, I think you might want to know that I'm working on a sequel for Twilight Hears the Narrator. :twilightoops: But you didn't hear that from me! *smoke bomb*

1875979 lol that. Is it weird that i got this pic before i knew how that was.

1875557 Your image of course, it's Twilight as Harry Potter

1873605 no problem just keep being awesome. Also i have no idea what your talking about :scootangel:

  • Viewing 74 - 78 of 78
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