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This group is dedicated to the pairing of Sugarbelle, one of the new ponies of the ex-Equilibruim members, and our beloved muffin mare, Derpy!

"We have... muffins..."


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395384 kind of a variant of a Miniature Pie ..
we need to have all the ingredients just right, spices and seasonings and all these jumminesses ..

395269 That IS great. This is what brings the most out of the stuff you intend to make a meal out of.

Not sure if your Cook would agree, but a Muffin could be compared with a Pie. At least in this case. Just different ingredients in making them.
Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

395200 Then he knows how to treat the meat for your muffins, if you even feel like a few more?

395189 Bacon Muffins?
Too bad you never had a Pinkie Pie or sugar Belle doin the baking ..

395187 Why not?
Bacon Muffins could be delicious, couldn't it?

395185 We could bake Muffins for Carnivores as well.
Just swap the oats, blue berries or lemmon to Bakin or any such as alternatives?

395178 You don't? Why is that? Unless it is a problem with overweight, which would be quite understandable.
There are scores of fillings to choose from.
On the other hoof, I guess Pinkie Pie isn't living close enough to where you live?
Leaving the Anglic Pun/Joke aside *tease tease*
Personally, I could stand to have a few more Muffins in my diet, though.

395144 To the best of my knowledge, every Pony loves Muffins.
for as long as we are Ponies, this applies to us as well.

Just a matter of your favourit Mufin. If you enjoy the one mentioned earlier, go ahead and have at least one.

395138 To the Question, no Pony, that is who. *giggles*
if you are not feeling stuffed, there should be room for a Muffin, right?

395106 With all the delicious Muffins on the table, who wouldn't?
Just find your variety andget a bite, would you?

395083 if you preFUR these mentioned Big Corn Muffins, then have one as a treat when you feel the urge, or just feel hungry?

395078 I guess they count as Muffins too.
Besides, every Pony has her/his own taste in this spcial delicasy.
Personally, I think I preFUR BlueBerry.
I was told Derpy favour the Lemon surprise, this this true?

395072 As a matter of fact, even I could enjoy a Muffin from time to time.
Feels as if we all could?

395068 Yeah, but he can enjoy a Muffin as well as the next Pony, right?

395036 And now we have Two Eager and quite Competent Mares tempting her with the secial delight of her beloved Muffins.

395031 The poor mare can only eat so many Muffins in one day, even when you count her family.

394545 Poor Deerps, now she has Two Muffin tables to choose from.
I hope it isn't too hard a chocie for her now.
That would so totally suck.

394691 Taking it from the top, it does stay true to MLP canon anisyle with these coloured outlines.
yet, the duck isn't exactly very well drawn; Even if I guess may be the point?
Could probably point out more details to the effect. Not that this is relevant, is it?

There should be a way to sort out the stories after how much effort is put into them.
Trollfics/Shitfics, Regular and Great to epic fics.
If you argue that none would actually read the lower standard fics, but I doubt they will be left alone, just this easy.
The advantage is that we cn know which stories are actually good or put effort into.

The real difference is that you know you hit gold when you see the story.

394680 This one looks like a Multiple Rippof, right there.

I want to read the good original stories, like Past Sins, I think it was.
The same goes for images and songs. Why bother with the ripofs.

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