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The Deepest cuts can make the best wounds so you don't make the same mistakes but, what cuts are worth getting.

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far away from the land of equestria where ponies rarely venture there is a small valley with a small village not far from that village is a cave, a cave where rumor of a mighty dragon sleeps. but many do not know of its other occupant, one that could bring untolled death to all yet this other doesn't even know how dangerous they are. come join the adventure of self discovery, sorrow and magic.

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wubsy finely gets to live a normal life she wants to live with vinyl and octavia but finds out the good times only last for so long.
Sequel to fun with changlings
editor SolidFire
art by Dotterall

Chapters (1)

the doctor has been traveling with derpy for a while now and somehow gets pulled to a different timeline one he did not think was possible.

co-writer and edited by Leapingriver and art by butterkeet

Chapters (3)
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