• Published 12th Aug 2013
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Its Finally Over - serebii

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chapter 1

It was a very sunny afternoon, the sky was filled with clouds and the sun was starting to go down. Derpy and the Doctor had just come back from one of their many adventures.

"Wow, I can't believe we're back! We've been gone for so long, I wonder what's changed since we've been gone." Derpy said, happy to be back home.

"Well I would say we've been gone for about two hours." The Doctor said with a smile as he leaned against the Tardis.

"Really, only two hours? It seems like I've been gone for years..." Derpy exhaled. "I have to get some things from home and I'll be ready, be right back." She said as she flew away.

The Doctor walked back into the Tardis. It was quiet as he looked at the screen. Suddenly without warning the Tardis started moving on its own. "What's going on? Why can't I stop this!? Sexy what are you doing, no no no no no!" He shouted; holding onto the rail as the Tardis moved back and forth. After a while it stopped; he had landed. He slowly got up and walked over to the door, he looked outside to see that everything was the same, but something felt off. He decided to check on Derpy. When he arrived at her house he knocked on the door.

"Hey honey, you back already?" Derpy asked as she kissed him on the lips. As soon as their lips touched he pulled away as fast as he could. "What are you doing, Derpy?!" He exclaimed as he backed up to keep a distance between them.

"I’m kissing you silly” she said with a playful smile, "By the way, where are the groceries?"

"What groceries, what are you- Look I like you, but I’m not looking for a relationship. Sorry.”

"What are you talking about? We've been married for years now, we have two kids: Dinky and Sparkler, remember?" She asked, surprised by his obliviousness, "Wait, this isn't some kind of timelord joke is it, because it's not funny.” She said irritatedly crossing her hooves together, a frown now plastered on her face.

"What, married? kids? But that's not possible!" The Doctor said, shaking his head. None of this was making sense, Derpy was his companion, not his wife. Who were these ponies known as Sparkler and Dinky that Derpy claimed where their kids?

Suddenly a small filly came trotting to the door, "Daddy welcome home, I’m ready when you are!" she chirped, hoping up in down with a wide smile across her face. Dinky had been waiting all day for his return.

“Give your dad a moment to get ready sweetie, he just got home. You'll have all day to learn how to drive." Derpy said to Dinky, trying to calm the young filly down.

“Ready for what? What am I teaching her?” he asked, now even more confused than when Derpy had kissed him.

"Don’t tell me you forgot, dad. You promised you’d show me how to fly the Tardis!" Dinky whined.

"I said what! Look I'm sorry but you must have the wrong Doctor. That's it, the wrong Doctor of course, I'm soo stupid. I must be in a different universe! But where are the cracks... can I come in Derpy?"

"You know you live here right." Derpy said still unsure of what was going on. The Doctor walked in and began looking around trying to find a crack somewhere in the house.

"What's dad looking for?” Sparkler asked as she sat down on the couch eating an apple.

"I’m looking for a crack in time because I’m not in my universe, but why can't I find a crack." He asked, searching the house but unable to find anything.

"That's because this is your universe," Sparkler said as she finished her apple. She got up and slowly walked to get a closer look at him, "Yup you're definitely not our dad, but this is the same universe; just a different timeline. How the tardis let this happen is a mystery."

"How do you know that?" he asked with a bewildered expression.

"I’m part Timelord remember, and my dad- well you- did this before when he was teaching me how to fly the Tardis. The question is, where is our dad?"

Sometime Earlier That Day

"I'm going out to to the market to get some things I need." The Doctor said as he walked to the door.

"Ok but don't forget what you promised Dinky today." Derpy yelled from inside the kitchen.

"I won't forget; she been asking me all week. I still don't think she's ready for this though. I think we should give her one more year at least, just to be sure." The Doctor said with a worried tone.

"But this is around the same time you started teaching Sparkler and she did fine." Derpy said, trying to reassure him.

"I guess you're right," he conceded as he walked out the door, "Well I'll be back soon."

Walking into town he was deep in thought. So many things could go wrong while teaching Dinky how to drive the Tardis, she was not the same as Sparkler. She felt much more powerful than Sparkler; he didn't know how the Tardis would react to Dinky driving her. When he reached the market he started buying everything he needed and decided to just wait and see how the driving lesson went. After all what was the worst that could happen; he and Sparkler only ended up in Maresico instead of Mustangia, not something he couldn't easily fix.

On his way home he started to notice something he did not notice before, "But what..." he asked himself. Maybe I should scan the area just in case, he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and began scanning, "There's a trace of something new in town not native to it."

His readings led him to a lavender Pegasus mare with a giant bow in her mint colored hair. “Well that can't be right," he said smacking the sonic screwdriver a few times before walking up to the Pegasus.

"Hello there, I'm the Doctor." He said while putting away the sonic screwdriver.

"Hello I'm Flitter, nice to meet you." She said shaking his hoof.

"So Flitter have you seen anything weird lately, anything at all?" he asked.

"N-no wh-whats makes you say that?" She stuttered, avoiding his gaze.

"Well I just have a feeling something’s wrong, are you sure that you haven't see anything off lately?" he asked. As he took a closer look he could tell something was clearly off about this mare.

"Nope nothing at all! Um, I think I hear my sister calling, got to go it was nice meeting you Doctor" she said, about to take off when he stopped her.

"Ok maybe you didn't understand me, I was trying to be nice and let you tell me but now I’m going to have to force you. I don't know who or what you are but you are not Flitter, are you?” he stared at her, trying to get her to talk.

"I- um look we can't talk here, too many ponies. Follow me and I'll tell you everything.” The Doctor smiled to himself as the lavender pony caved in. He was finally going to get some answers.

"Lead the way."

The purple Pegasus led him into the Everfree forest, where they could talk without anypony around to hear them. It did not take long before there were at the entrance of the Everfree Forest. The doctor made sure to remember how to get back to the entrance just in case he had to run from whatever she was. 'Flitter' led him deep into the heart of the forest before she finally stopped in a small clearing. She scanned the surrounding area; making sure that nopony had followed them.

She turned and faced him, "Ok this should be good, everypony in town is too scared to come to this far into the Everfree forest. You're right, I'm not a pony," she confessed, "but I can't let anyone in ponyville know." Suddenly a black flame flew around her body. The Doctor watched in shock as the pony known as Flitter changed before his eyes. As the flames died down something that looked like a black unicorn with paper thin green wings and holes dotting it's entire body appeared before him.

"I'm a changeling." It declared.

"Wow a changeling I've read all about your kind. My my my, you are beautiful" he murmured as he looked over the changeling.

"You think I'm beautiful?" the changeling asked, surprised and confused at his reaction. Most ponies would attempt to run away, but he was just standing there gawking at her.

"Of course I do, you are a marvelous specimen. Now if I'm not mistaken Changelings feed off the love one has for another individual, can change into any form, and they can take the memory of whoever they've changed into; it's simply marvelous how you're able to do all that!" The Doctor said excitedly, "There is just one problem though,"

"And what is that?" the Changeling asked, now more worried than confused. How did this individual know so much about them, he had to be taken care of.

"My book says that Changelings travel in numbers, swarms, but here you are; on your own. My books also said you need to keep your host alive: to keep their memories. You know Flitter has a sister, and you are feeding off the love she has for her!" The Doctor glared at the changeling, and with a stern voice he made it clear that it was not welcome, "This is your only warning: leave Flitter and her sister alone, and I will forget all of this. You can still walk away, but if you decide to keep leaching of the two sisters love for each other I can't, and will not, guarantee your safety."

"You are in no position to tell me what to do" she said angrily as she shot a green beam of light out of her horn, an evil smile on her face.

"What was that?! What you just did with your horn!?" the Doctor shouted.

The changeling giggled, "Well Doctor I'm not sure what you can do, but when I take your memories I'll find out!"

She tipped her head back and let out a shrill cry. A few moments later the few rays of sunlight that managed to break through the thick foliage were dotted out as scores of changelings emerged from the forest. The Doctor was soon surrounded, there was no where he could run. As the swarm closed in on him he remembered he still had his Sonic Screwdriver. Quickly pulling it out he sent out a signal before a changeling knocked him out cold.
The changeling that brought the Doctor into the forest smiled cruelly as she changed back into Flitter. As she smoothed out her mane one of the changelings approached her,

"What should we do with him?" it asked, pointing towards the unconscious Doctor.

"Bring him back to the cave so we can take his memories. He knew I wasn't a pony, so he must have some use. I can't have the town suspecting anything yet, we need more time to execute our plan. Keep him alive, for now." She said coldly.


Author's Note:

special thanks to my co righter Leapingriver without you this would be crap