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He saw how the world and mankind came to an end. He...They saw how they try to survive.
He saw how war never change but They saw how men did. The trail that those left for those who were willing to follow. They saw him as a God. Now...now he is alone but that about to change.
He might find redemption or damnation.
Depending on how He/They see(s) the world now.
Because for Him...They
Life. Life Never Changes

I might change the status while I am writing the other chapters
Really hard when you don't read and just go with it.

A very special thanks goes to KeatsLocksley that is helping me with the grammar and made the official cover for this FF
Another thanks goes to Rainbow Dash for givving me the guts to write my FF and not to puss... back away. Here the blog for more info

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Comment posted by Showmare Trixie deleted Jun 14th, 2013

Perhaps a cover art my dear sir? If not that's cool too. Anyways, cool story bro!

Make sure to credit the artist if you do use it! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by xErickKingx deleted Jun 17th, 2013

2721284 Na don't worry about it. Just a thought :raritywink:


haha i'm not going to kill anyone. XD
too messy. :pinkiecrazy:

the picture will be done this weekend. :scootangel:

Haha, the tree part almost killed me...in a non-messy way.
I'll be tracking, I really want to see where this' going.

Comment posted by xErickKingx deleted Jun 17th, 2013

This is a pretty good start for a first fanfic. S&G is good. But the part where Fluttershy is trapped by the wolfs though, when she starts to think about all her friends, the mood gets killed when there are these relatively lengthy descriptions about each of them. A "and then she thought about her friends and animals in ponyvile" would be sufficent enough.

I just did the Oasis quest today, and I saw the title and was gonna post about Harold
but then this happened
oh man, I am loving it so far

“Sometimes, you just believe in something so hard that it blinds you when you find out that is real or exist”


Do you need an editor at all? The grammar isn't terrifyingly bad but it still needs work

Good story though

I lol'd so fucking hard at that picture.:rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiehappy: I like this story can't wait for the next chapter

2739726 Something like how little kids can't see their parents as real people. They're flawless paragons of infallible stability in the eyes of a three year old...

change the "I'ah" to "ah", or more simply " I "... what you've got right now would be closer to an Asian accent than a southern one.

Also, you change tense a lot during this story, I'd suggest you do a quick run through of it specifically looking for those tense changes.

Do NOT use the world "plot" for pony butts. It's just a meme originated from this picture.

I saw the title and was like 'this seems out of place, I don't remember a talking tree in a fallout game', then I saw the cover art, ' oh right that talking tree...':facehoof: silly me

Oh man I hope Harold an bob meet the rest of the mane six! Much laughter shall ensue I assume.

Well...there are going to be 3 ending with prologue and maybe a alternative ending
and yes and no on the happiness
that why i put the tragedy tag

i can't wait for an update, to tell the story of all the ones who redeem our humility the the 4 the 1st one the the ones who help us in time of need

The Vault Dweller
The Chosen One
The Lone Wanderer
The Courier

thos 4 have done more good in the would done anyone elsa ever by doing whats right.

How the fuck did you know that wasa next
ps.I need a prrofreader if you want ...you know..PM ME:raritywink:

3299888 as mech i like to am not your guy to go to just read my fic and you know why

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