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2119876 I feel our views on that people probably read and not commented on it I think it's worth continuing it even if you're not fully into it you might get it back please don't let one mistake make you stop writing fimfiction this is a good story and it's worth continuing it if new people read it then you're doing something right if they like it I think it's worth continuing it you should continue besides those people you say moved on they only moved on because you never updated they believe you stop writing so what was the point in looking at it the point is I think it's worth starting it you need to start it and besides if you do start it will get better at writing and maybe you won't have as much writers block and you do have that


I do not really know. Back when I was actively writing that story the direction I was going to take it turned out to be really silly in hindsight, and with the events of season four and five passing by I don't quite know where to take it if I did go back to it. Truthfully I have floated the idea of taking what would have been the original plot and tweaking it for continuity adherence as a separate BattleTech/MLP crossover but my drive to write fanfiction has been shot for the longest time over one long forgotten by now mistake.

If nothing else, it is pleasant to see new people read and enjoy my old work even after it's long discontinuance. It shows that just because the old audience may have moved on it does not mean I cannot get a new one. But I am not going to make any promises to you or anyone that I will continue it soon only to not deliver - I have regrettably done that more than once. I would prefer to let tangible results do the talking. My apologies. :unsuresweetie:

You ever think you're going to finish CWiE: Clan Wolf in Equestria can you finish it please:scootangel:

Thanks for faving "Why Me?" :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

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