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Inspired by the story image, RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse and Trinary's "Rainbooms and Royalty", I give you my take on the alternate universe concept. Namely, a universe where Spike is the pony and Twilight is his dragon assistant.

The thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is approaching. With it will come the return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia has no student to call upon to save Equestria, and is doing all she can to make the last day of peace meaningful for her people.

Meanwhile, Spike "Purple Prose" Flail is a reporter for the Canterlot Sun. He finds himself being shipped down to the boonies with his longtime friend and assistant, Twilight, to cover the biggest festival Equestria has seen in a millennium!

But even with a visit from the princess, there's no way someplace as boring as Ponyville could ever be newsworthy. Right?

A/N: Credit for cover image goes to dzetaWMDunion on Deviantart art.

Story would also include character tags for Thunderlane and Cheerilee if not for the character tag limit.

Now has a TVTropes page!

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Interesting idea here and all. I'll see where this goes.

Good stuff. The only thing that took me out of the moment was "hoofs," since I'm more used to "hooves," but my dictionary says either's correct, so there's no real reason to complain. Anyway, keep going.

Hmmm... Please, continue.:moustache:

I like it. Not a simple flipping of roles spike got a job that suits him.
Keep up the good work

An interesting twist to a slightly overused premise. And a well written first chapter to boot.

I'll be keeping my eye on you. :rainbowdetermined2:

I like it. Fav'd and upvoted, cause this is a great story.

Gonna read this simply because that pic of twilight as a dragon is adorable

My hand is now migrating to the track button then to the like button and then finally stopping at the add to favorites button

Me gusta. Good concept, one that the writer respects; the prose itself is good. :moustache:

Oh wow, so many positive reviews so fast! Thanks everypony!


Thanks for catching that typo. Guess that proves that, even with a pre-reader, some mistakes slip through the cracks.


I know, right?

i may have came for the adorable dragon, but im staying for one awesome story. The pacing is perfect, the mystery has me hooked, and the characters have me addicted to what they will do next. You have me eating out of your palm author and im loving every minute of it. Favorited, and added to my mental list of stories i do a happy dance for when they update, so dont keep my waiting too long. :D

1246124 wait wait wait... there is a track button?

>> Niklashg well not really its just my way of saying the read later button

Chapter 2 is up!

Planning to keep the chapters shorter on this story, probably 3000 words at most, probably going up once the action picks up.

Enjoy, everypony!

Can't wait to see mroe! Already it has my ever impatient attention :3

Yay, another great chapter. Love how the story deviates from the canon episode yet keeps the same type of charm. Cant wait to see where it goes.

noticed one mistake (though there may be some others) the first paragraph invovling spike on the train, need to capitalize the "H" in he or make the previous period a comma.

he could feel the train slowing as it pulled into the station.

I can hardly wait to see who else Purple Prose meets. Poor Celestia. She knows whats coming, yet, has no way to prevent it or stop it once it occurs.

This AU is perfection

It's an interesting concept, but boring in execution. I wish you luck on this venture!


So Spike is the pony and Twilight Sparkle is the dragon? I'm interested...

Poor Spike. His day seems to be getting better and better. At least, he got to meet Rarity.:raritywink: I can't wait to see who else he meets and how those meetings go. I am especially curious as to who the Elements of Harmony will be.

Ah it's nice to see that in this universe, Spike still loves Rarity. :moustache::heart::raritywink:

Hehe, if Twilight thinks Applebloom's bad... just wait till she meets Fluttershy.

Great chapter, if a bit short for my liking (a.k.a. 'MOAR!')

I love the concept were Spike (Prose) and Twilight have switched places. I do question how Prose is gonna get a job staying in Ponyville permanently? Maybe something to do with the Elements? Also if Twilight isn't the new librarian, then who is? I enjoy the fact that anything can happen or be changed in this story.

Apple Boom has got me thinking, what are Twilight and Spike origins in this story? How did they meet and all that?


Ooooh, I am glad you asked that!


I have every intention of bringing that up once the action has picked up a little, so bear with me!

I guess there was no Apple Family Reunion. How is Celestia going to stop Cadence from showing up in Ponyville? Poor Twilight. When Fluttershy sees her... Anyway, I look forward to see what else changes from the canon.

Really glad I put this in my Read Later list. This is a great spin on the story so far, completely believable, though how Twilight and Spike got to be a team should be interesting. Maybe the investigative reporter in him was able to figure out how to hatch a dragon egg without needing a magic overload.

Great chapter. I have to admit that I'm curious as to who's on this universe's roster of Element-Bearers, although Time Turner and Derpy Hooves seem like top candidates at the moment, given the level of characterization you've given them so far. I currently have my fingers crossed for Big Mac joining the squad.

I'll confess this chapter wound up being a little more like filler than I wanted to, but I'm hoping it's entertaining all the same.

Though that's also probably why it's a bit shorter than the others.

I should be able to pick things up back in the next chapter though!

its 'bout time a book like this came along grazti ongetting a like from me.:twilightsmile:

I would like to ask, given the twisted concept of this story, whether or not this story has any "Spike and Rarity" moments to look out for ? :unsuresweetie:

Hey since Spike and Twilight have switched places does that mean Shining Armor is Spike's brother now? Something tell's me Twilight is still going to be one of the elements just not magic.

Ooooh... IDEA! :pinkiegasp::raritystarry::trollestia: You should write a story about a universe where the Moon [Represents or IS] the sun and the Sun [Represents or IS again] the moon. :rainbowkiss: If that even makes sense... :twilightoops::facehoof::unsuresweetie:

WOW talk about your flipsided stories, this maybe making things a bit interesting.:moustache:

Makes me wonder if you'll do a Trixie in this storyline of yours ?:trixieshiftright:

Ha, looks like somethings don't change even if the character does....:raritywink:

Nice idea to show how Spike and Rarity met in this universe of yours. :duck:

It's was fun also seeing Twilight as the sidekick for once.:twilightsheepish:

I cannot wait to read more of this fun story.

unless Fluttershy can turn into a tree I really like that line. I wonder how Spike is going to deal with Rainbow Dash. Or is he going to meet a different weather pony? And just what is Celestia going to have Shining Armor do?

Ha, I loved the Fluttershy being a tree reference. :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for the next chapter.

I am going to use my PSYCHIC POWERS OF PREMONITION to determine the next events of this fanfic...........

Celestia orders Shining armor to lead Cadance on a wild goose chase to prevent her from going to ponyville. However, this leads to the two of them falling in love, and going to ponyville anyway once Nightmare Moon shows up.

Buts thats just a guess.:twilightblush:

Sorry I'm a little late everypony!


Hope you enjoy the new chapter!

1441698 I enjoyed it as much as I could while imitating your avatar :pinkiehappy: 3 am, uggh.

1441698 I most definitely did. Spike is Shining Armor's brother? I didn't expect that. I guess the cousin the Cadence babysit was Blueblood? I'm anxiously waiting for the action to start.:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

This looks interesting. Will track and read when I can.

This story caught me off guard. I am really enjoying it so far!

If Spike is Shining's brother... then where did Twilight come from? I hope we get the origin story of this dynamic duo in the story! :yay:

Great so you did make Spike Shining's brother glad to see that. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Twilights origins are in this story now. I'm kind of hoping her parent's will be old enemies of the princesses like Discord. That's kind of what i hope what Spike origins will be in the show if they ever get to it. You have to admit that would make for some great episodes if they did that.

Oh wow, I love this story :heart:

I also love how Spike chose to interview Thunderland over Rainbow Dash due to 'giving credit where its due'. It says a lot about who he is as a person, and I like subtle things like that.

Keep up the good stuff!

I'm kinda curious as to how the elements of harmony are going to work. Spike doesn't seem like much of an element of magic, but something could change that.

1442205 1442430

Glad you're both so interested in Twilight's origins here. Like I said earlier: I do plan to cover that in this fic. Just bear with me and the story for now.


Thanks for the praise!


Hey, no argument here! The story is good and I am enjoying it. :pinkiehappy:

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