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Dear Princess Celestia,

First, allow me to offer my deepest apologies.  I have no doubt the news I'm writing to you about has, somehow, already reached you.

Still I know it is my responsibility duty to bring this matter to your attention myself.  Especially given that it involves a national hero.

On my authority as your personal student, I have placed the human known as Gary Stu under citizen's arrest.

Please believe that nopony is more shocked than I am about this.

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Please continue. I'd love to see where this goes!

A very interesting take on this idea. I'd love to see more!

That was...surprisingly coherent considering the format. Good job.

I want to see what happens next. :pinkiecrazy:
Take your upvote and fave you earned it. :ajsmug:

To know the future is to change it Twilight, not a reason to arrest someone.

- Celestia - "Oh Twilight you are so adorable. Why do you think I sent you and your friends to deal with the dragon and not the guard, why do you think I sent you to find friends and not myself during the Nightmare incident ?. Twilight, you and Gary are the same"

Except he knew and still let things go their way only with himself poised to be the hero and get the glory.

He may not have been using it to be a hero, just to do the right thing. We haven't heard his side of the story yet, it's still possible he had a less sinister reason for not telling them, maybe he just didn't want to tell them that they are just made up characters from a tv show from where he comes from. Let's wait and see.

I like tos ee more, reminds me of the fic Where a Gary Stu was found out by Discord, and where he learned the full truth.

8349484 Um.. Less sinister reasons? Like what?

Because he's lied to everyone. made himself popular by being the hero, even though he didn't need to intervene, and you tell me he had the best of intentions?

This story reminds me of the story Not The Hero (by alarajrogers), except a lot milder.

Did you even read my comment? I clearly pointed out that we haven't heard his side of the story yet, I'm just saying let's not condemn him 100 percent until we've at least heard his side of the story. I'm not saying he did or didn't lie, only that we don't know for sure. Twilight might be jumping to conclusions here just like you.

make this a one chapter story and do not post any more. What ever you do in the next chapter with either explaining Gary's reason or making him suffer, you will get attacked from either side:P. Like for the story and I hope you make more chapters despite my warning:)

So he knows a good portion of the future? That's still important.

NO! finish it! let the salt flow! the tears are my nourishment! BEGIN THE SHITPOSTING!

I like this approach to the "Mary Sue/Marty Stu" trope.

I'm most interested in what will happen with the DVD episodes of future seasons: Can Twilight resist the temptation to watch them or not? I suspect Princess Celestia will weigh in on this.

And...? As far as I know nothing Gary did was a crime. He was your friend, he helped you with your problems, and yes, he lied to you about knowing about most of the events that would happen in the story, but isn't Princess Celestia pretty much the same way? She's been lying and manipulating ponies since the beginning of season one, and yes, it was always to their own benefit, but that doesn't change what she did, it only explains it. Heck, it was revealed that she can even see the future a bit, and has been using that to steer Twilight and her friends on the right track! How is what Gary did any different? Does she even know his motivations?

Furthermore, would it even have been right for him to tell Twilight about everything that might happen? Would she have even believed him? This story... I hate to say it, but I'm not too sure how well this premise actually works.

Celestia doesn't have recorded knowledge of major events within the girls' lives, proceed to withhold knowledge of those events for the sole sake of inserting herself into those events to solve them herself, even when knowing they would have solved them completely fine on their own, all for the benefit of making herself more popular and get close to people.

While most likely not a crime (how would one even create a law against something like that or rather why?), it is so underhanded and manipulative to the point of disgusting and breaks incredible levels of trust.

He could claim, in his defense, that he had no idea what his presence would do to the timeline of this universe, so he attempted to make absolutely certain that everything turned out as closely as possible to Equestria Prime, that it would be (mostly) indistinguishable, with obvious exceptions (and even then, those differences are negligible). It's not like he even committed a crime; there's no law against what he's done.

Hmm, so what exactly has Gary done here that's illegal? It's fair to say he's done something wrong, withholding information and being a huge glory hog to the detriment of others, but unless Equestria has some sort of "people with future knowledge are required to give it to the relevant authorities" law then he's done nothing that would justify placing him under arrest.

In that situation it might or might not be right to tell them the future. But if a person withheld the information with the reasoning "things turn out OK and I don't want to upset that" that person would also make an effort to avoid the major events for that same reason.

Alternately he could tell all his knowledge on the grounds that he's probably changed things already and having the right people informed will allow the people who are most involved to at least make educated decisions about how to handle things.

To both withhold information and insert himself into events combines the worst of both those options and isn't the behavior of someone who is genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of others.

Something doesn't have to be illegal to be immoral.

Unless it's destroyed or forever harmed someone, there's really no crime here. I doubt the ponies care one way or the other as long as their lives are intact and that their country is safe. It would be shocking for his friends but honestly nothing of harm has been done really. This isn't much different than Celestia having a bit of foresight into the future, yet she puts many things in motion for her country's benefit. No crime, just the shock that their close friend isn't who they think he is.

While that's true, doing something immoral is no reason for arrest. Further, it's not even that "immoral": He may have had an unfair advantage over others that'd want to help, but since that's what the Elements of Harmony are too, that's no reason to condem him.

Also, it's not like Celestia can't see the future too, so he sure as all hell can't be tried for that.

Where does Celestia see into the future that isn't prophecy?
There's knowing a very vague set of events that may happen, and then there's knowing exactly what will happen.

Uhm... Honestly, if I know someone will get hit by a car, I highly doubt knowing the color matters when it comes to telling/not telling. For "it's too vague to matter", her future-sight seems to matter a fair bit so far. I'd care if it had backfired at one point... But so far it hasn't.

EDIT: Also, MLP deals with "destiny", so a "may" very well might not be exactly part of the game.

In defense of Gary Stu (blagh!):

Maybe he did it for selfish reasons (that's not in dispute) but in the end it all that was done was ponies' lives were saved and the country. You are going to have a VERY hard time to convict him of any real crime here, and ponies are going to have a hard time finding a real demon here. Sure maybe a bit insecurity issues on the human's part but after seeing what Twilight went through at the end of season 5 with Starlight Glimmer, one would think ANY help at all to avoid the possibilities she's seen of Equestria's downfall.

I think the crux here is that fact that Gary Stu made himself out to be someone he isn't, thus Twilight (who has dedicated herself to Friendship) is the most offended by it. She's probably hurt he wasn't very much in the Spirit of Honesty, which means his Laughter probably wasn't genuine, nor was his Kindness, his Loyalty, his Generosity, nor was the Magic of the Friendship they mistook him for.

That's the real issue here, and to have him arrested for it is too much in my opinion.


Maybe he did it for selfish reasons (that's not in dispute)

I still kinda think it is to be honest.

But a crime worthy of arrest? Nope.

Edit: Yeah, we don't know his side of the story. Major assumption, for all we know. Imagine if it was discovered he knew but didn't do anything? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

What I meant was I'm not so sure he did it for selfish reasons. I mean (maybe I missed something) I don't remember reading anything that outright states he definitely did it for selfish reasons, and we still haven't heard Gary's side of the story. The only thing that seems to suggest he was guilty was the fact that he tried to run, which might not be admission of guilt just simple panic at the fact that Twilight found out what he knew and he made a poor response.

Edit: Didn't notice your edit until now.

Too be honest I'm kinda rooting for this to be a misunderstanding and Gary to have good intentions. That's because I usually like rooting for human characters, but we'll have to wait and see.

8350250 Me too, because the ponies have nothing much to talk about after season 5 and if a mare (Starlight Glimmer) is given leniency for actually WAPRING all the possibilites of Equestria's fate and given a pass? No! Major foul.

From Twilight's point of view, your supposed hero has injected themselves into situations to take credit for their successful resolution. While this may be legal, it shows that your hero has a very large moral and ethical black hole.

Do you think Twilight plotted out how to deceive Applejack into being her friend? Gary Stu sure did.

Heck, being immoral and unethical might be illegal in pony society. It's a society based on friendship, who knows what their laws are.

A friendship based on fraud and deception is NOT a friendship.

The thing to remember though is like you said so far it's all from Twilight's point of view.

8350274 I know but is it a crime worthy of being arrested? Also, you forget Starlight Glimmer intentionally warped time and realities numerous times after Twilight and her friends ruined her attempt to control a town by taking their cutie marks! This is a backlash against her hurt feelings, not a crime.

That's a false equivalence. Starlight is not comparable to Gary Stu.

Twilight forgave Starlight under her own volition. She was not deceived to. Starlight learned that what she did was wrong.

Stu wormed his way into Twilight's life, and has manipulated Twilight and her friends.
He had knowledge of events in the future, and instead of taking actions to mitigate these events, decided to position himself to take credit for solving the events. Using this fame, he created an image of himself as an Equestrian hero.

The only conclusions any of us are jumping to so far are completely reasonable ones. Yes, it certainly would be shocking to find out that someone you considered a close friend had this kind of knowledge, but shocking or not, certainly you wouldn't mind it so much so long as one thing is true: That this friend used that knowledge to bring about a more expeditious solution to the issues faced.

From the tone of Twilight's letter, it does not appear that Gary used his knowledge do to that, but rather to insert himself as a Deus ex Machina when the time was most beneficial for himself. Now, maybe we can in fact excuse this and the time it was most beneficial for himself was simply the best time period.

We learn from Spike, however, that he's also the most popular guy in town and appears to be well-liked by everyone, because he keeps solving their problems. No one in Ponyville is well-liked by everyone else; we've seen plenty of evidence of that. No one except for Gary, of course, as was hinted and even stated by 8350274, because he keeps solving everyone's problems.

Now, I'm not saying the conclusions we're reaching are necessarily correct; just that they are completely reasonable.

And also very likely correct, but even if they aren't, this is still a sociopathically huge breach of trust.


The only conclusions any of us are jumping to so far are completely reasonable ones. Yes, it certainly would be shocking to find out that someone you considered a close friend had this kind of knowledge, but shocking or not, certainly you wouldn't mind it so much so long as one thing is true: That this friend used that knowledge to bring about a more expeditious solution to the issues faced.

From the tone of Twilight's letter, it does not appear that Gary used his knowledge do to that, but rather to insert himself as a Deus ex Machina when the time was most beneficial for himself.

"Hey Twilight, I noticed that... uhh... Ponyville doesn't have any parasprite insurance... and I think I saw it in the newspaper that parasprite attacks are becoming more and more common. I don't want to step on any toes, but what's the procedure if some show up in Ponyville? Pinkie was saying something about them, maybe you should ask her."
"Oh look, parasprites. Hey Sparkle-horn, play some polka, it'll make 'em go away. Boom."

"Hey Twilight, you're a pretty smart mare. I kinda noticed something, like all of these Pinkie's are like suuper hyper, but I know Pinkie's not like that all the time. What do you think that means?"
"Hey Twilight, make them watch paint and zap the ones that are twitchy."

8350334 Starlight deliberately learned about Twilight's past to fuck with her and create outcomes that would have undoubtedly resulted in the loss of life and the country had they not been stopped. How the hell is that less horrible than what Gary Stu has supposedly done?! False equivalency my ass. Both have taken advantage of events for their own ends and for one to be forgiven and the other not is bullshit.

I wonder how many dvds he has with him. And that conversation with Celestia will be interesting. Also wouldn't his presence run the risk of causing major changes to events or even creating entirely different ones (Seeing as he seems to be the deus ex machina of major events that happened in the show I could see some villians trying to get rid of him in some way)?


And also very likely correct, but even if they aren't, this is still a sociopathically huge breach of trust.

Again, what crime is committed here?! Yes, a huge breach of friendship but what crime?! And if he does nothing and it's found out he knew about it all because he's afraid of the trust he'll break. I'm certain the crown is going to find a very hard time justifying throwing this guy in prison. It would be a very bad precedent to set.

I agree with you on that. Because he is viewed as a hero it would piss off a lot of ponies if he's thrown in prison. Hell some ponies might view it as jealousy from the Mane 6 and Celestia seeing as some ponies probably think that he's the reason that the villains were stopped. And if the dvds are released to the public to prove it's real I can see some ponies starting to think that their lives are nothing more than a form of entertainment for aliens and that can lead to some major problems.

That or I'm starting to look way too far into this story.

8350408 One would think you would destroy that type of stuff just in case. If I was in the Resident Evil world, and it was found out I had games that were based around the character's lives, I can guarantee they would react badly towards me and freak out. This is also similar to the Next Gen episode of Star Trek where one of the Holodeck characters of Sherlock Holmes becomes self aware.

I doubt Gary Stu did this to for shits and giggles, but rather to survive in a world he likely didn't ask to come to.

8350442 No you're not reading too much into this. This entire fic was about people interfering in Meta ways and the characters reacting to such a thing. If anything, Twilight Sparkle is reacting to such as way to show she still has control and is having an existential crisis. A messed up as it is and an opportunistic breach of friendship this maybe, it's not worth imprisoning Gary Stu. The stuff Starlight Glimmer did was on a much worse scale.

The fact someone said immorality should be something to be arrested for is kinda horrifying given the thought process.

The fact she basically tied him to what sounds like a researchers table is kinda weird too, given the fact that many ponies have run from uncomfortable situations in the same way.

That would make sense. While I wouldn't be surprised by him wanting to take part in the show's events partly for fun I would think the main reason why he is even taking part in these events is to try to escape from Equestria. While we don't know for sure if the princesses are trying to find a way home for him I would think what he would have wanted was to try to get the Mane 6 and in essence the princesses to like him so as to encourage them to find a way home for him (And if he's lucky a way back too so he can come to and from Equestria at will). I can see a conversation with Celestia and the other princesses basically being Gary asking the princesses to help him find a way back to earth and the princesses would be willing to help him because of what he's done for Equestria. However, this won't happen because a certain purple dragon thought it was a good idea to mess with Gary's possessions (Granted Spike did it for a friendly reason but I and I'm sure many others would be pissed off if someone messed and looked though their stuff).

8350496 Pretty much buy we won't know until the author elaborates further on the story.

Stop focusing on "what crime" because there is no crime being broken and there never was going to be one simple because:

The situation is so absurd there was never going to be a law put in place to prevent something like this.

While he hasn't broken the "letter of the law" what he is doing is such a breach of what might be called the "spirit of the law" that it's disgusting.

You do realize that said Gary Stu didn't even wait a couple episodes and go "Oh shit! The episodes and paths are diverging! Time to intervene!". No. From the literal first episode he decided to insert himself as the solution to the problems. And he couldn't even be bothered to come up with solutions in ways that were creative to him. He took solutions he knew the characters would be fully capable of coming up with themselves and cockblocked them by suggesting them before they could come up with the solutions to make it look like he's the big smart guy.

Gary is a messed up person and going "But look at Starlight" isn't going to change that.

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