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This story is a sequel to Where Spike came from

This is a direct sequel to Where Spike came from. If you have not read that story I would advise you do so before reading this, because a LOT happens in that fic.

The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Where Spike came from. Read at your own risk if you haven't read the original, as it will ruin a lot of the twists that happen.

The Tree of harmony has stripped all life from the mane 5's reality. Everyone they know is gone and there is nothing to go back to now. As they morn the loss of everything they ever loved they have to decide what their next step is.

Discord tells them that his reality isn't really made for ponies, and they cannot set hoof in one of the tree's realities again without it ending in their untimely deaths. So the Spirit of Chaos proposes that they simply... stop being ponies.

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7082705 Yes, the other is the tree.

huh didnt expect a sequel after the way 'were spike came from' ended. not that im complaining though :twilightsheepish: :pinkiehappy:

as for dashie though i understand her dilemma she needs to be carefull cause revenge is a poison and can blacken ones heart otherwise she might end up a bitter power hungry monster like tirek

....the others won't be all asymetrical like Discord....right?

7083741 Right. Their appearances are going to reflect their personalities. Discord looks the way he does because he is chaotic and unpredictable, thus his body is entirely asymmetrical.

7083429 Dash is a brash and aggressive sort, she doesn't like to think things through. Having the power of a Draconequus might not help matters, but we'll see.

I had a few people request a sequel so I decided to go with it.

I don't think a sequel was needed, but you're the writer.

How does one kill a near omnipotent and omnipresent deity?

Step 1: Determination
Step 2: Find inner monado
Step 3: Really feel it
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

7083773 well here`s hoping discord and the girls play their cards right if not then they might end up like spike and the nightmares.

7084106 There was a couple factors that made me consider doing a sequel.
1. tying up some loose ends with the mane five and discord
2. A sequel would bring in traffic to the original.

I'll tell you what its not going to do though, its not going to "fix" what the last story did. That would take away the entire point of that ending in the first place and cheapen its blow. Like I said in the comments of the original, tacking a happy ending on afterward would detract from the message, not add to it.

Considering the Tree in question, getting revenge on it seems like it would cause many, many realities far more problems.

will spike reappear in the future or will it just be Discord an the main five:trixieshiftright:

7133719 The Spike of the last story line was killed along with everyone else who was still around on the planet at the time.

:pinkiehappy:My anticipation for the next chapter is killing me:pinkiehappy:
I've only read the first chapter of this sequel and it's already one of my faves

I keep thinking that when a certain shirtless, shade wearing badass find out about this, hell to pay would be a major understatement.

Also please tell me this will have some sort of a happy ending.:fluttercry:

I hope you can update soon the first time I read this chapter was a few months ago

Well, you could always do the SMT II classic and kill each incarnation of the Great Will one after another. Though, uh...that didn't end up working out to well for Aleph so maybe they should choose another strategy.

Maybe forcing it into a Reality Marble?

i wonder if this will be you can't be rid of it but weaken it kind of things there trying tip the scale into true unity to fight it?

Wait so if Discord is aware of the Tree's powers and he's not driven to insanity to destroy it, does that mean Discord accepts what the Tree does?

i simply cannot stand stories that make either Harmony or the Tree of Harmony out to be evil like this. That's why this story and it's prequel got down voted.

As far as I'm concerned, both are garbage.

7857684 Life kinda happened for me, so much so I wasn't even able to put the hiatus status on the fic. I do plan on continuing it at some point though.

you know i already had a rough day and latly have been thinking about past choices and my life and future , friends and change, and time, i really dont think it was such a great idea for me to read theses stories. at least today it probably wasent.

8112556 I find reading some happy fics after a string of more bleak stories helps :rainbowkiss:

Loving this SO much, even if there's a ton of sad going on. Keep up the great work! :D

This is epicly deep keep it up!!!

how did i miss there being a sequeal. love this and wonder how thing will play out. but i can already see weakness with the tree and advantages the ponys or new choas lord may have. through a quick question. if the take discords deal will they be as powerful as him or just weild choas magic but not be a spirit like him.

I know I'm just reading this now and you probably gave up on this or something but take it from a guy who believes in keeping balance among everything. If you want to stop the tree you have to unleash so much chaos it cannot possibly fight back. You have to gather all the discords and all the elements from every reality yet to be destroyed and yet have been slated for destruction and have them all unleash pure chaos upon the tree. That's where I would be going with this anyway. How you do it is completely up to you.

I think he’s trying to be neutral in it because he sorta knows anything he can do will be seen by the tree before he does it by a thousand

Couldn't you have abandoned the story after the second chapter? I was really curious to know what happened next...

Please continue, I want to see where this is going.

Has this story died?

Hello from the year 2020

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