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~Featured on Fimfiction 11/19-22, 2017, and again on 12/9 and 12/16! Thanks so much!~

(This story will release in weekly chapters, beginning 11/19/2017 and continuing through the end of the year. Enjoy, and remember that this is a mystery story - if you intend to read, consider doing so before checking out the comments!)

Ponyville. The cradle of Equestrian civilization. The tiny hamlet with a habit for producing ponies destined to save the world. Under the cozy eaves of Equestria’s majestic capital city above, she sleeps; dreaming of quiet days, glad tidings, and a bountiful harvest.

This is Twilight Sparkle's town; the place where she earned her wings by learning not just to make a friend, but to be a friend yourself. Cider season is nigh, and a birthday party for a dear friend seems like the perfect way to usher in the first snaps of winter's chill. It might very well have been...had that friend not suddenly ceased to exist. Twilight didn't imagine her. Did she?

It wouldn't be the first time things have gone wrong. But it could be the last.

Story Specific Cover Art by: Ranch

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Wow, great start, really looking forward to more.

One chapter a week for at least a month and a half, depending on how many chapters I need to wrap it up :pinkiehappy:

Aaaaaaaand time paradoxes destroy Equestria! :twilightoops:


Mmmm...not quiiiiiite. Looks that way though don't it :pinkiehappy:

8560923 Oh, a sidereal tangential relativistic Higg's differential transposition via entangled fermionic subethereal flux resonance?


(Alondro's BS sometimes sounds like it should make sense...)

Very well put together. Reading the description I couldn't help but remember:

In a weird/dark way this is humorous. Poor AJ. Best Background Pony has finally gone beyond into being forgotten. And I can feel Twilight's frustration.


Very good, you picked up on the inspiration for this story! That's one of my favorite TNG eps :raritywink:

Ohhh yeah, she does have the background pony thing going on. I hadn't taken that into account :rainbowlaugh:

Who's Applejack? Is she some background character or something? :ajsmug:

I have no idea. Neither does anypony else, according to this story.

Yay feature box again :heart:

Hmm... Either pony Rod Sterling is going to step out of the shadows, a mad pony with a box is going to show up or Starlight conducted a experiment ala "Remember Me".

Comment posted by PhoenixTDM deleted Nov 20th, 2017

That's not a misspelling, it's the word 'nigh'.

It's only inspired by Remember Me so it mayyyy not follow quite that literally, but Twilight has certainly entered...the Sparkle Zone. *do do do dooooooo*

Oh wow -- the writing in this is fantastic! I did NOT expect such a well-written story when I clicked this, but I am pleasantly surprised!

Seriously: even the reactions to Twilight's apparent delusion are believable. Usually in stories like this, everything feels flat. Not here!

I was half-expecting it to be Spike that vanished (as there would have been a certain dark humour in that, given the way the show treats him sometimes...)

But, seeing the inspiration from the comments (which yeah, was one of their cleverer episodes), I suppose I shouldn't rule that out quite yet...

I have the attention of Cobra and the Decepticons? Should I be worried? :twilightsheepish:

I find mystery stories to be tricky to write for that very reason - keeping facts in order, logic flowing, and responses believable. Glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

A number of TNG episodes I really like either focus around Dr. Crusher, or prominently feature her.

Oh my, whatever would Twilight do without Spike? Hmmmmmm.....

Given the source material, we can expect this to end with somepony:applejackconfused: never quite knowing how glad Twi is to see her.

Mmmm, welllllll...

Darnit I wish I could say :rainbowlaugh:

Well, if we're gonna replicate what's happening to Sparkle against Duke and Optimus Prime, we need to know what's going on.

Using that comparison, just assume she dies. You can also subsitute the phrase 'in a coma', if you prefer.

We do not speak of the G.I.Joe movie. Unless we're talking about Pythona porn. And the theme song to the G.i.Joe movie. That was absolutely awesome.

Comment posted by WishyWish deleted Nov 20th, 2017

Well, I was eight years old when that movie came out so I spoke of it much back then - for better or for worse I can still quote it rather well. And yes, the opening sequence is quite fantastic.

I used to like the movie m'self, yeah. But now that I'm older I can clearly see how ridiculous a lot of it is... *shrugs* Eh. Just how I feel about it now. Plus, I REALLY detest the idea of Cobra-La being connected to Cobra's founding...

Great first chapter, looking forward to more!

I borrowed a line from it for one of my stories. It's in here somewhere :twilightsmile:

Glad you're enjoying it so far!

all manor of frivolity


the move lives


Whoa...whoa...WHOA! HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE...did I just read a temporal displacement?

Because if I did, then that was brilliant. If not, still brilliant.

I've never read the book/s if there are any, or seen the movie, but the mystery pony and applejack vanishing like that makes me think of the bureau.

I'm not familiar with that, so no worries there.


a sidereal tangential relativistic Higg's differential transposition via entangled fermionic subethereal flux resonance?

This makes perfect sense actually, and it almost perfectly describes what I was visualizing in my head.
Sidereal is probably the most off about it, but it could be possible to go where I'm thinking in that direction.
A relative sideways shifting of two harmonized higgs fields of the two universes causing an overlap of the reality's space that happens to have two Twilight Sparkles occupying the same exact space, with the same exact state of their aetheric network and the fermions that flow through it. An astronomically tiny chance and an even smaller margin of error!!
They harmonized perfectly for but an instant, causing an entanglement event, and when the entanglement broke, they resonated to the other universe and not their own!!
TRULY BRILLIANT!!!! Pioneering the magi-physics world with what we understand and with what we immagine!!
Wow, I didn't think I would be able to put all that into intelligible words. Not words that most could understand the relationship between them, but dang does it feel good to write it all down.
This story is great, I can't wait to find out if I'm right!!
BUT WAIT!! THE MYSTERY! How could I have so foolishly forgotten!? A red herring perhaps? Perhaps an outside observer? Maybe just another one single difference between the two universes?
(Find out next time, On Dragon Ball Pon)

That may have taken longer to write than this story did, and the story isn't finished.

8569313 *Alondro tries to engineer a thingy to do the stuff... and ends up in the Sonic Fandom by mistake!*


Naahh, the only thing I didn't know was sidereal and fermionic. I see sidereal as a general "among the stars" kind of out there. And the fermions! I had no idea that things could behave like that, perfect state of matter for liquid mana.
I knew the other stuff already, the only took a little more than five minutes was because I'm using a touchscreen. There's no way it took less than that to actually write this awesome story as it is so far.
I've got a hunger, in my mind, body, and soul, the only thing that can quench it is knowledge, learning new things. And when after reading the comment, I had been fed for the first time in months. I couldn't help but share my bliss.

There's a saying somewhere. "Look before you jump" even if you miss the moon, you land on the infinite series of moons that you didn't want to land on. *places beacon so you can find your way back* good luck.

I'm glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:

I already know where this is going...I have seen this episode of Star Trek before I know where this going...and I know exactly what that guy did...

I haven't and I'm more than a little terrified right now.

If it was a guy that did something, it's not the right episode :raritywink:

I know what episode you're talking about but can't remember which one it is. Can you remind me?
Edit: Never mind. Google helped

Oh believe me it wasn't...it was sort of pocket dimension and it was Next Generation...

Men, it's not just re-writting history, it's more like they were entirely retconned out of existence! Like some mad author deciding that Applejack is just a background pony anyway, that Twillight don't need the help of a mayor or a staff to run the town.
(Remember folk, if this turn out to be the -rather cheap- twist, you heared it here first!)
And well, it almost looked like a challenge to Twi. First a friend, then the pony she is talking to, then the family of her friend, the another friend...

Spooky stuff anyway. Although it may be moving a tad too fast?


You've probably got the right ep. Just wondering what 'guy' would have had a large affect on it!

This is only going to be running weekly through the holiday season, so I can see why it might be thought of as moving a bit quickly. Much like the material it pays homage to, it's not going to be a longstanding project. I can promise that it won't be about a mad author or retconning though - I'm not much into fourth wall stuff! (Unless you're just calling me mad for writing it in the first place, which is always possible :pinkiecrazy:

She saw some this chapter saying that your behind this and she is the only one who can see him.

Hmm...now I'm pretty sure we're not talking about the same episode. This story draws some source material from the season 4 TNG episode Remember Me.

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