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Bringing personal and commission horse words to you over a cup of steaming Earl Gray! I write in many genres, for all audiences. Check my library bookshelves for convenient sorting of my stories.


In the sleepy hamlet of Ponyville, at rest beneath a festive coat of white, fillies and colts on holiday gather again at their schoolhouse for a special event. Dubbed “The Secret Starswirl Spree” by the foals in the manner of Secret Starswirl gift-giving, each youth looks forward to an energetic day of holiday shopping, as they choose a present for somepony special with the help of adult volunteers.

Scootaloo always chooses Rainbow Dash. This is their thing after all, and whom more awesome to spend the day with? Imagine a certain Wonderbolt’s surprise when her little buddy trots away with another. Somepony else has a greater need for the fastest flyer in Equestria. Can Dash make the impossible possible? Or will a poor little filly get the magic of Hearth’s Warming swindled out of her forever?

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Entry for the 2018 Sunset Shimmer "Journeys" Contest.

In a place where pegasi don't move the clouds and no princess walks beside the moon, a young researcher hides early gray beneath her fiery locks. The bags under her eyes are worn in; the friendship she once knew the product of a halcyon childhood. Loneliness makes strange bedfellows, and hers may be the strangest of all. Yet therein she has found a companion - one to whom the gift of her heart is real, and whom she can only protect by vowing never to see again.

Sunset Shimmer travels on a night train, fleeing with her unorthodox partner to their final destination. Only a few hours remain - can she truly let go of everything she has left?

Story Specific Cover Art by: legendaryspider

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On a clear spring night in Ponyville, when the chirping of early cicada and flutter of dandelion seeds gives way to the lovesong of crickets and the tantalizing elixir of jasmine and lilac, one can see clear to the spires of Canterlot high above. These are nights without fear, where boogeymen take the evening off to play at hackey sack in the thickets, and foals leave their bedroom windows open to giggle away their thoughts of tomorrow while the warm breeze kisses their cheeks goodnight.

On one such night, He who is called Regret stabs a restless mare deeply. With the help of a motherly friend, she will confront Him once and for all.

The songs appearing in this story feature original lyrics adapted from the following sources:
1: "Vinny's Lullaby" Karman/Bagdasarian; 1985 (Performed by June Foray for the Alvin and the Chipmunks special: 'A Chipmunk Reunion'.)
2: "Dream a Little Dream of Me", Andre/Schwandt/Kahn; 1931 (Popularized by Mama Cass Elliot with the Mamas & the Papas; 1968.)

#1 was chosen for this story due to a fondness by the author. #2 was chosen because the author frequently sings it as a lullaby, too.

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Thanks to Seattle's Angels for their review of this story!

Winter is at it's apex in Ponyville, but the year is not long for the world. New Year's is in full swing at Sweet Apple Acres. Two spent nags, mugs of cider in their hooves, sit before a roaring fire and find that their score is not yet settled. In the fields, a quiet blanket of snow and an emotional rollercoaster await. It's time to step outside.

(The song featured in this tale, "What are you Doing New Year's Eve?" is a favorite holiday song of the author. It was written in 1947 by Frank Loesser, and popularized by the author's favorite voice in music, Ella Fitzgerald.)
Cover Art By: Nemo2D. Used c/o blanket permission.

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~Featured on Fimfiction 11/19-22, 2017, and again on 12/9 and 12/16! Thanks so much!~

(This story will release in weekly chapters, beginning 11/19/2017 and continuing through the end of the year. Enjoy, and remember that this is a mystery story - if you intend to read, consider doing so before checking out the comments!)

Ponyville. The cradle of Equestrian civilization. The tiny hamlet with a habit for producing ponies destined to save the world. Under the cozy eaves of Equestria’s majestic capital city above, she sleeps; dreaming of quiet days, glad tidings, and a bountiful harvest.

This is Twilight Sparkle's town; the place where she earned her wings by learning not just to make a friend, but to be a friend yourself. Cider season is nigh, and a birthday party for a dear friend seems like the perfect way to usher in the first snaps of winter's chill. It might very well have been...had that friend not suddenly ceased to exist. Twilight didn't imagine her. Did she?

It wouldn't be the first time things have gone wrong. But it could be the last.

Story Specific Cover Art by: Ranch

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(Featured on Fimfiction 10/22/17-10/25/17! Thanks so much!) You can find reviews for this story here, and here!

(Historian's/Spoiler Note: This story includes characters and situations from My Little Pony: The Movie, and takes place during said movie.)

Four by hundreds of hooves, they march in dreary lockstep towards their cages, to serve their fate as beasts of burden. From all over the nation they came to this place in the name of friendship, but now their colors are struck and their ears drooped; scorching sulfur invading their nostrils as heavy chains bear them into capitulation.

Tempest Shadow, commander of the armies of the north and mistress of her own name, has subdued the capital of the largest nation in the known world without a single casualty on either side. She has bested three of the four legendary alicorns in combat, and chased away the last. Every obstacle in her way has been found wanting...save for one.

This is a story of the pillar that would not fall.

Story Specific Cover Art by: Ranch

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With cloud mite fumigation in full swing at her abode, Rainbow Dash finds herself with nowhere to go for a few days. Enter Fluttershy, Dash's dear old friend in wings, who opens her home and couch for much needed crash space.

On a mild spring morning and with a tummy full of Prench toast, Rainbow Dash spies a little corner of her friend's house she's never seen before. Therein lies The Mourning Nook - the place where Fluttershy cleanses herself in order to soldier on.

Bravery is about more than withstanding the Great Dragon Migration.

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An audio adaptation exists for this story, which was mentioned on Equestria Daily. Reviews can also be found here, here, and a Royal Canterlot Library interview/feature can be found here! Enjoy!

Enter Painless - a young resident physician at Manehattan East Side Memorial Hospital who drew the short lot, and ended up working through Hearth's Warming. With the city caught in the grips of a blizzard that weatherponies are still trying to get under control, the night is boring, the decorations contrived, and the coffee is as bitter as his sensibilities.

Tonight, Painless has a single, pointless task assigned to him - To keep the company of a lonesome, unconscious stallion who is essentially already dead. In so doing, a young doctor will learn that medicine is about more than scalpels and technique.

It's also about mending broken hearts.

(Note: The character 'Painless' is an homage to the 1970s-80s television series M*A*S*H. For convenience sake, December 25th has been used in this story as the date for Hearth's Warming.)

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(This story is a paid commission, and may or may not represent the views of the author.)

Dubbed "Day Court", Princess Celestia's progressive open-court initiative was intended to shorten the ivory tower to the crown for every Equestrian citizen. Instead it has become a cosmopolitan fiasco of puffed-up peacocks looking for the complaint department, which The Sun must endure until a better idea comes along.

On a certain afternoon like any other, in the waning hours of daylight, a pony claiming to be Princess Celestia herself arrives with a special request for her doppelganger - a request that bears the weight of life and death. Discord must be set free. Before it's too late.

(Historian's Note: The two chapters of this story take place in different time frames. Chapter one occurs shortly prior to the events of the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On", in season three. Chapter two occurs shortly after the defeat of Tirek, at the beginning of season five. This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie.)

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Featured on Equestria Daily - 4/30/17. Thanks very much! :heart:

Hearth's Warming's glow is alive in every heart. As a gesture of kindness to their friends, three ponies toil away in the great hall of the Palace of Friendship, creating a fine feast to usher in the season.

But what happened to the hollandaise? How will everypony face its loss? What happens when no condiment is left behind, and is hollamustaketchsrirachanaise sauce any good over steamed asparagus? These questions and more will be answered within!

Happy Hearth's Warming! :heart:

(This story is probably going to make a lot more sense if you at least listen to "Say Goodbye to the Holiday" first, but it's probably better if you watch the entire related episode.)

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