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Bringing personal and commission horse words to you over a cup of steaming Earl Gray! I write in many genres, for all audiences. Check my library bookshelves for convenient sorting of my stories.


In the sleepy hamlet of Ponyville, at rest beneath a festive coat of white, fillies and colts on holiday gather again at their schoolhouse for a special event. Dubbed “The Secret Starswirl Spree” by the foals in the manner of Secret Starswirl gift-giving, each youth looks forward to an energetic day of holiday shopping, as they choose a present for somepony special with the help of adult volunteers.

Scootaloo always chooses Rainbow Dash. This is their thing after all, and whom more awesome to spend the day with? Imagine a certain Wonderbolt’s surprise when her little buddy trots away with another. Somepony else has a greater need for the fastest flyer in Equestria. Can Dash make the impossible possible? Or will a poor little filly get the magic of Hearth’s Warming swindled out of her forever?

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