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(This story is a paid commission, and may or may not represent the views of the author.)

Dubbed "Day Court", Princess Celestia's progressive open-court initiative was intended to shorten the ivory tower to the crown for every Equestrian citizen. Instead it has become a cosmopolitan fiasco of puffed-up peacocks looking for the complaint department, which The Sun must endure until a better idea comes along.

On a certain afternoon like any other, in the waning hours of daylight, a pony claiming to be Princess Celestia herself arrives with a special request for her doppelganger - a request that bears the weight of life and death. Discord must be set free. Before it's too late.

(Historian's Note: The two chapters of this story take place in different time frames. Chapter one occurs shortly prior to the events of the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On", in season three. Chapter two occurs shortly after the defeat of Tirek, at the beginning of season five. This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie.)

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I do have to say, I like the way you write Discord. He's also one of my favourite characters to write

Blame Q, because that's where I get my Discord from. Hence the 'mon princesse' bits, and the reference to a mariachi band :raritywink:

A pleasure working with you as always!

Whoops, had this marked as incomplete for some reason.

Better now :rainbowwild:

Then the story worked. Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

Who made the picture?

I did. I make most of my own covers by putting together vector pieces.

“Why the long face?"

:applejackunsure: really? Just kidding, that bit always makes me laugh!

You really have writing Discord down. For as much as you take Q as inspiration, the cannon writers do as well. Your presentation of Celestia's remorse is just as deep, in the other direction of course. Very nice use of foils.

And yes, right in the feels:heart:

I find Discord complicated to write for, but rewarding :twilightsmile:

That made me choke up, so...yea. Well done.

Glad it had its intended effect :twilightsmile:

May a flock of chocolate angels sing you to your rest dear Screwball:fluttercry:.

Dear god this is sad...

It sounds like it did its job then. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jello Angels my dear.Chocolate is for rain. :ajsmug:

Its chaos. Although chocolate rain does sound delicious:pinkiehappy:.

But this story comes with chocolate rain you guys! Chocolate rain!!

Excellent story. Made me tear up in anguish, while also wanting to smack the shit out of Celestia for her part in it.

She paid for it in emotion.

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

:fluttercry: So beautiful, i cried

Aww, thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :heart:

"Among the stars in the sky, never be sorry for the way you shine.” These are the most beautiful lines I have ever read. Wonderful story.

Beautiful story. Wonderfully written. And congratulations, You made me cry. It's rare that stories manage that, so amazing job.

I always like hearing that I managed to evoke tears. Gives me that warm feeling. So glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Every time I try to write something starring Screwball, I end up scrapping it because none of my drafts ever measure up to the raw emotions of this fic. In a lesser story, that closing paragraph would be unbearably hokey. But in this one... god damn.

Three years out and this is still the pinnacle of Screwball portrayals.

I have read alot of sad stories here on Fimfiction, and yet you have done what so very little other stories have, you actually made me cry. It has been a long time since I shed any tears, so I congratulate you on a story very well done.:twilightsmile:

The whimsical thought provided her some relief, but it did not alter the inevitable - several hours at open court always resulted in a sharp, stiff crick in the back of her neck.

Get that mare a neck pillow!

This may be the first story to give a believable reason as to why Discord was reformed in the first place.

And that ending was perfect, as Celestia weighs the consequences of both of her failures, in a way that felt believable.

Excellent Screwball tale. Thanks for writing.

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