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A look into the life of one of MLP:FIM's most infamous characters before he met one of the leading protagonists. Let's find out why the ironically named Angel bunny is so mean to everyone.

Art stolen from KorakDuHart Go support the artist and check out their other work.

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This was an interesting look into Angel, he's so gruff and tough, but under the anger is just a lonely little soul.

Fantastic job, I adored it.

i'd love a sequel where he wages war on those who'd do harm to him.

Awww. I've always loved Angel, but I've never thought about the why of him. And this is a fabulous dive into that very concept.
Poor little white bunny with a bushy tail. Can we maybe get a sequel on why he likes his tail fluffed..?!?!

Thanks for writing this; it's wonderful. :pinkiesad2:

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