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Do you ever regret things you did in the past? Whether it was accidentally insulting someone, or waging war against a concept with chocolate rain and licorice trees? Well, Discord doesn’t “regret” it, but he can admit he made a mistake or two.

But his past certainly disagrees.

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Lovely one shot. Very well done! :yay:

Ah, Discord. Always your own worst enemy, aren't you? :rainbowlaugh:

“For once, I actually agree with what’s her face,” the Present Discrod agreed.

You'll want to get that typo. Otherwise, a nice short and sweet one shot.

Nothing like a simple silly little story to break up all the more serious long ones. Both are great in their own ways of course!

But Discord fighting with himself...I bet the girls were like 'You know what just gonna blast em both and let harmony sort it out.'

Well short simple silly stories that pop up form the see of serious and porn

Thanks for pointing this out! I can't believe I missed that.

If anyone else finds an error, let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks again, everybody! :pinkiehappy:

Sometimes is better to not know the future

The younger Discord roller his eyes. “Oh please, even I could guess that.”

rolled* his eyes

“It’s every color,” Future Discord said, causing Pinkie Pie to gasp before she wrapped his hooves around his neck.

are the pronouns here messed up?

Those were the only two errors I discovered while reading this, nothing too big. Regardless, this was a fun little story and really enjoyable, was kind of expecting Discord to keep ripping other Discords from other times and dimensions because of how chaotic that would be.

Thanks for catching these! :pinkiehappy:

No biggie, I wish you well on your future endeavors :twilightsmile:

Beautiful and chaotic as ever! And the conversations between those two are brilliant! The whole story is brilliant! Hope ya don't mind, but I couldn't resist on making a reading of this crazy fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/FufS68DImjk

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Nicely done!

Wow very nice short story even the past Discord has to learn from himself in the future even if it's the hard way but anyway this was good keep up the good work

Great story!
Yes, Discord would absolutely hit on himself! :rainbowlaugh:

most excellent
i need more time-traveling Discord shenanigans

Here ya go! Some other fanfics where Discord plays skip rope with the time line.

lol this was brilliant :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: A thought suddenly strikes me. PAST Discords Lucky he did not target Fluttershy first while in the precense of his future self as i dont think his future self would react as shall we say softly as he did. This in turn would leave the mane 6 even more confused then they already were.

Yo that is a pretty awesome story here man I do like how Discord at least the future one have to teach the past self a valuable lesson

Kind of surprised Twi didn’t try to get some future knowledge while it was available.

bwahahahaha this was amazing!

This was very amusing, good work.

Yeah. This was cool. Discord v. Discord. Timey wimey shenanigans. Loved it.

You’re just linking right back to this story.

*ahahahahah* I'm dying. Discord, haven't you heard of being your own worst enemy?

I clicked the link. It should be directing you to my latest blog, where I recommended two better Discord Time Travel fics.

I guess I can just put them here.

EDiscord of Tomorrow
After Discord failed to break up Twilight's friendships, he decides to trade places with a future Discord where the Elements would no longer exist. A future where, unknown to him, Discord has been reformed...
ChaoticConduct · 9.9k words  ·  579  5 · 9.1k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

I was a tad cautious at reading this, but it's good! Most time-travel stories are flawed and predictably bad.

I'm confused. Which, come to think of it, makes perfect sense. Carry on.

PS:The story is great.

Wanderer D

Simple but fun :twilightsmile:

I loved this one!
Both incomplete :raritydespair:


Tis better to have read, loved and lost. Then to never have read at all. What little of the story there is was amazing.

I enjoy it. It was funny and very Discord. It was truly enjoyable.

That was fun! Little glitch, you misspelled Zephyr at the end there. Though I could kind of see Discord calling him that, like Endora calling Darrin Derwood.

Thanks for pointing this out! I can't believe that slipped by me. :pinkiehappy:

“Hold it!” Pinkie Pie yelled, earning everypony and draconequus’ attention as she glared at the older Discord. “If you’re really our friend… Then what’s my favorite color?”

“It’s every color,” Future Discord answered, causing Pinkie Pie to gasp before she wrapped her hooves around his neck.

In the entirety of this story, this was the most heartwarming part.

There was no part of this I didn't absolutely love! :rainbowkiss:

got this recommended by a friend, very nice

Sadly, the ending of the story was predictable.

Him betraying himself , etc

Like,you know there is no mentum for continuation.

There is another story Discord's Rewrite ,where Discord send his past selve, memories from the future. That Discord is/exists/lives when ponies arrive to Equestria,when they are running away from Windigos.

Essentially that Discord changes drastically past and for that future.
That story has momentum and continuously something interesting happens and you want to know more.

Love me some good Discord(s)

“Yes! I have a time traveling friend from the future! I am so going to abuse this for my own personal gain!”

Pinkie is a mare who has her priories straight. :pinkiehappy:

Oh yes, I absolutely loved that story. There’s another story, Discord of Tomorrow, where the Past Discord pulls the old switcheroo with his future self, sealing places in time to wreck havoc in the future as his future self tries to set things right in the past.

I love a good ol' story featuring Discord and his wonderful shenanigans. :heart:

She already had an episode about using information untimely gotten, I think she may have learned.

Thank you for this story, short/sweet/perfect!

Perfection, just perfection :)

Wow, I think you've portrayed both past and future Discord exactly how they'd act in this situation.
This was great. :)

Apparently, some foal named Ocean Breeze, (he’d remember that for later,) bullied her and Dash into sneaking into the Rainbow Factory at night. There was something about a rumor involving blood and rainbow water or whatever. A bit too gruesome for his tastes, but still a cute story.

Rainbow factory reference

I guess plan B is to use time travel to create a chaotic temporal causality loop to join them

like the old saying goes if you can't beat them, join them

Funnily enough, I had just finished reading Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device before reading this

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