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Twilight has a talk with a few of her alternate-universe selves. It turns out that she's the only one in the known multiverse to have a marefriend, and she does what anypony else would do.

She brags about it until she's blue in the face. Too bad she bragged a bit too much.

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Oh gods this was adorable :yay:

“Things that only married ponies can do like-like hoof-holding and long trots on the beach and co-writing a thesis paper on the dynamics of the marital life between a mortal and immortal!”

That line alone gets you a like.

That was a surprisingly clever resolution.

This like too many pinke pies cranked up to 11 with a dash of insane twilight

The lavender alicorn stallion that just trotted in…

Go on... :pinkiehappy:

The youngest Twilight once again took full advantage of the stallion’s distress, and the imposter was ejected from their reality.

Aww, shoot... :pinkiecrazy:

Too many Twilights?
No such thing,

“I’ll tell every single Celestia what a bunch of creeps you’re being!” She threatened.

A chorus of terrified gasps rung out in the air, before a series of pops and flashes announced their immediate departure from her dimension.

I can just imagine it…

:rainbowhuh: celestias! Your twilights are acting like creeps
:trollestia: thanks for telling!
:twilightoops: nooooo

At least the heterosexual female Twilights didn't show up (those who weren't serious trolls, anyway). :pinkiecrazy:

Yes. Very King Solomon, actually.

"I'm not even attracted to you, I'm just so desperate to tell Princess Celestia I have a coltfriend and I mean you're from another dimension and boyish who's to say you're not a colt in this world and please go be my coltfriend I mean marefriend?"

Eh...I liked Pinkie Pie's idea about using the Mirror Pool better.

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