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This story is a sequel to Discord's Time Travel Trip.

Somehow, (Discord), someway (definitely Discord), Nightmare Moon meets her future self. (It’s all because of Discord.)

How will she react to seeing the mare she’s destined to become? And how will Luna feel when confronted by her dark past?

(For those of you who will ask, this Discord is the younger Discord of the previous fic.)

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Comment posted by Kaliber deleted Jan 10th, 2022
Comment posted by Kaliber deleted Jan 10th, 2022

Um... Did you mean to comment something? Also, how did you post nothing? That's actually kind of cool.

“I’m a mail mare now!” Lua added, adopting a strained smile as she explained, “I deliver packages and scrolls to the citizens of Equestria. Day or night, rain or snow, Ditzy Doo’s is the way to go.”


Celestia actually having to pay attention to her sister is interesting considering I never thought nightmare was the first time she realized that she had been ignoring her sister and her way of erasing everything that was about her sister except one children's book day speak of love.

And that is why you don't use time traveling spell people will take advantage of it look what happened in Back to the Future Part 2 it was a pretty interesting twist here but pretty good keep up the good work

Huk #9 · Jan 9th, 2022 · · ·

Did Celestia and Luna drink their way through their retirement fund or something :trollestia:?

I'd like to imagine that Luna was drinking her sorrows away while Celestia bought a golden lounge chair and a dozen cakes.

"It's fine, Luna. We have all the money we'll ever need."

"We don't get tax money anymore. We have to pay taxes!"

Huk #11 · Jan 9th, 2022 · · ·


Or maybe it was the classic:

"Damn it, Celestia! Stop ordering stuff from pBay! I had to pay extra shipping fees for the third time this week!"

Celestia cocked her head. "I didn't... Wait, what 'extra' shipping fees?"

"The PHL sent me a message that I have to pay ten extra bits or they'll send the package back. They even provided a... what do you call it? A 'link,' yes? I clicked it and provided our accounting information." Celestia's face went blank. "What? What's the matter?"

Anyway, are you planning a squeal (... triquel?) where Discord fixes everything?

I have an idea, but I'm not too sure. For a while, this story was going to be a copy and paste of Time Travel Trip, where Luna beat her younger self, events unfolded the way they were supposed to, yada yada yada. But I didn't want to give people just the same story but with a different skin.

If I do make a sequel it'd be a bit longer and have a certain kite loving cultist tumble through time.

Certainly funny to read.



Ah, yes, her... what could possibly go wrong :rainbowlaugh:

what happened to celestia?

Luna was picking her up then Luna dodged the rainbow beam with discord being stoned, but thencelestia seems to disapear

She's slumped on the floor. Didn't feel like she was too relevant once she was knocked out.

This didn't go as expected.


In the immortal words of Johnney Test. "Wow I didn't see that coming"

wondering in the original universe, will anyone notice that Luna is missing?

"Hey, boss. Luna hasn't shown up for work in like... Three months."

"Really? Who was she sending mail for?"

"Uh... Looks like it was Discord."

"She's dead."


"She's dead. Let's just hire somepony new."

"B-but what about--"

"I'll put up a few fliers in town, you go hit Cloudsdale and look for a bat pony."

earring a startled nod from her younger self

golden earring?
nah, it's lulu, probably silvery . .

Can't believe I missed that. Thanks!

On the other hand, that was the only one i caught.
That is pretty good at the word count.

I love everything about this story, and it perfectly encapsulates everything that bugged me about how the writers failed to utilize Luna. 10/10, made my day.

(Don't mean to nitpick, but I foud two...not typos, but accidental word substitutions.)

Nightmare Moon always strived for perfection, even if nopony else every recognized it.

But if ponies still cheered for Celestia, if they still flocked to her sister’s day and ignored her nights, the she’d make them love it.

Awesome. Thanks for pointing these out. Man, I really can't believe I let that slip by.

That was ace :o) She totally went feral :D

“I thought it would be funny,” he defended.

well, it was. Just not the way you were expecting

That was a really good story I hope Luna enjoys her victory why it last.

*Boop boop boop*
"Yes starlight?"
"Somepony is messing with the timestream again, the light went on."
"Is it your past self again?"
"No its not my past self, its the red light not the mauve light."
"Look I'll go check it out, probably nothing."
"Remember to refill the plutonium tank on the time machine!"
"You know I always bring it back with a full tank, when I'm not in a hurry..."

This is a pretty funny and kind of messed up story I like it

I know this is supposed to be a funny one shot, but I really want this to continue as a story :fluttershysad:

This reminds me of the scene with XL and Nos-4-a2 when they start transforming the universe into wirewolves. Beautiful

:trollestia:: "Good. Continue to think that until I manage to connect with my older self and clean this whole mess up."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Visiman discord la cago a lo grande y Luna volvió a sus viejos hábitos de conquista mundial lol aunque espero bastante que no haya noche eterna, porque eso seria catastrófico en varios niveles

Oh, wow you just slapped me with Nostalgia. God, I forgot about Nos-4-A2. What an amazing villain.

Lol it's a gift. Nos-4-a2 was glorious because he was unashamedly evil while also being charming and wasn't reformed, which would have been terribly out of character, and instead killed in an absolute brutal way for a kids show. Glorious. I dare say he is even more evil than Zurg. XD

That was not part of the plan for Discord

I laughed way too hard at this. I would enjoy a continuation, but as a one shot, it's perfect.

I really did hate what they did with the last season. Throughout the show Celestia never changed at all and continued to be a giant butt to Luna consistently and never worked on her obscene amount of character flaws after she was de-god'ed into a character role. I really do like the outcome here, but I can't help but feel bad for Nightmare -- she just gets bossed around by Luna :fluttercry: I suppose time is of the essence however to make sure their takeover is guaranteed.

Ha, I didn't even care enough to notice, she was already dead to me :yay:

I have a theory that she sent the celestial from the past to the future.
I think past celly will want to wring future celly's neck.

... God damnit, that's actually really clever. Might steal that for a future entry.

If that's okay with you, of course. Really happy you're theorizing about my work!

no problem :pinkiehappy:
you're welcome :twilightsmile:
send me the link when it's ready ok?:pinkiesmile:

My money is on Ditzy coming to bring her back.
Because what Luna does on her time is her business but she was at work when she was brought there and neither rain, nor sleet nor time travel shenanigans can stop the deliver of the mail. If you want to rule the world with an iron hoof you can do it after you sign off.

yes! all hail queen luna!!

As interesting as the postal service and mailing system goes, the power of ruling a nation is far better for I can reform the postal service to follow my vision. Pfft, snail mail, more like sloth mail... Who wants that?

-Luna, expressing discontent of the current mail system that she cannot change without consulting Twilight or the Director of Her Majesty's Postal Service(HMPS)

Cute story. However...

Nightmare Moon couldn’t believe eyes. By some chance, her future self had joined forces with Discord.

She has two. Why wouldn't she believe them?


Me too hope she have a plan to Supply food without photosynthesis that needs the sun.

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