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A 10 year old girl who had no family, no friends, and nothing to live for goes to comic-con dressed as Lumen from the game Lumen, but didn't have the camera, so when someone has one, she buys it and got sent to Equestria. She wanted family, and she got one.

"Lumen! Lumen, wake up sweetie! Daddy's broken out!" Discord said.

A fun one at that.


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Never played Lumen so this'll be interesting...

what is the game about

Nice, but ah, straight out the gate;

six five mares with weird necklaces, one whering a tiara,

remove 'six', replace second underlined with "wearing"

5964795 Heh, I was in a big hurry. Thank you.



Whenever I see a new displaced story it's usually about a guy/gal with crazy-ass powers making shenanigans in Equestria, but a ten year old girl with a very simple power?

I may keep an eye on this.

Edit: Lots of grammar and spelling errors, you may want to pick up an editor.

The butter yellow Pegasus bushed at that, "And something that once he had, he didn't want to lose!


Next Chapter!

Another photo-oriented character! I'll make sure Max is on her best behaviour if you want a crossover.

5965676 I'd love too! Tell me when you can.

5965709 It'll be a while yet. I'm in the middle of one right now and have at least one other I'm talking about with another author.

5965719 It is okay. I still have setup.

Never even heard of lumen until now but... I'll give it a shot
Seems good so far... I'll be tracking this! :twilightsmile:

show don't tell, remember!

okay.......i officially want more....putting this on my tracking

I so want this to continue. Keep going!

I call child abuse. Celestia and Luna need to get there asses kicked for attacking a child.

aaaawwwwww nooo....That last line!

“Hello Teddy! Good mourning!”
He smiled at me, “Good mourning Lumen.

I think these should pro8a8ly 8e morning, since mourning is a part of grief, not a part of the d8y.

~Vriska Serket

5989002 Yep, pretty much!

5991158 Heh... wow, that's funny. They could be mourning! XD

Comment posted by Synthetic Soul deleted May 19th, 2015

5993497 What? Maybe Lumen and Among the Sleep

nooooo!!!!!!1 :fluttercry:
its the night mare isnt it or at least a nightmare.

6040623 Then don't read Displaced. Why don't you like them?

6040740 Well what's so bad about crossovers though?

6040809 a lot of times i will hate one of the story's in the crossover or not have time to read it

6041345 Hmm...Yeah, I can get that. Usually I just kinda try and get through it to the stuff I do like. Either way to each their own and all that biz.

Problem with the Displacement crossovers is that they feel like filler that you can skip 95% of the time and the 5% that does have some plot relevance usually only has 1 or 2 paragraphs that advance the story barely. The other problem is that a lot of them are done so early in a story like this one. The story has barely started and instead of getting something that helps set up and establish the story, we get something that ultimately amounts to nothing. Best place to put them is if there is a lull in the story line or in between arcs.

6042363 Yeah, but there isn't any arc going on. What that was was a bit of filler, and I do hate filler. But there was some good things in there. One: General Hurricane is a TV. Two: Lumen doesn't know that it's been a thousand years. Three: If a bad Displaced summons her, Daddy will pull her out.

I most likely missed some things, but there are those. Plus, I felt that it was the introduction. I hope I don't do too many crossovers. I thought it was a good start, but thank you for the advice.

“Hello! I’m Lumen, the daughter of Discord! If you… Wait, what side are we on…? Okay! If you’re a good guy then I’ll help you… Oh! And you can’t course while I’m around, daddy doesn’t like that.”

Funny summoning phrase! :rainbowlaugh:

Only wondering about one thing. Why didn't Lumen know the 'f-word'? I mean, Discord said bitch to Celestia before. Seems strange to me, that she wouldn't have heard of it.

I can understand, that Discord tries to avoid such words, now that he is reformed, even if it seems a little strange to me.

Love the 'Displaced Chaos Daughter' idea. I'm already thrilled about the meeting with the Mane 6. :pinkiesmile:

6062540 When he says it, Lumen can't remember him saying it. He erases her memory when she hears one, and it gives her a headache. When they first met, Lumen was a... a bit verbal due to her caretaker coursing at her and the other kids. It was so bad, Discord took most of those memories and literally threw them in the trash.

He had few morals back then. One of which is that children should never say those words. He's just that chaotic.


Ah, ok.

I just remembered something. Chaos Education. Brilliant idea. I hope Lumen 'teaches' Twilight a thing or two about it! Well, this might end up in Twilight freaking out and educating Lumen. :rainbowlaugh:

6062640 I nearly forgot I was gonna do that! Thanks!

I agree. There's some stories that were pretty interesting and I wanted to see where they went, only to get bogged down with chapter and chapter of crossovers. So much that it doesn't even feel like it's a story anymore, just a slice-of-life of other stories.

As far as this story goes, I like the premise and scene/writing style. It's a little odd without being overbearingly random. Keep up the good work.

6019573 *blocks slap Athens punches stomach* I say sir! And I say nope.avi.

:pinkiehappy: AMONG THE SLEEP!!!

Why would I do that??? You have too much fab!:twilightsmile:

Hmm. Interesting chapter.

Good chapter can't wait to see the next one

I hope she meets the Mane 6 soon. This is going to be fun. :pinkiesmile:

5964773 Other than the fact that you need a proof reader, its very good.

Get on the hype train!

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