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(Note: This story is scheduled to release in weekly chapters throughout the month of December, 2016. Happy Hearth's Warming!)

With six days to go until Hearth's Warming, the bitter winds and barren branches of winter are held at bay by the seasonal tidings of joy that seem to flow forth from the land itself - infusing every rock, tree, and pony in Ponyville with a glowing warmth that no squall, even that from the ancient windigos, could ever hope to stamp out.

Amidst a backdrop of merriment, two Cutie Mark Crusaders search for the truth behind an absence in their ranks. In their mission to become whole again, they learn that they must always believe.

(This story is dedicated to anypony who needs a dose of positive thinking.)

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I wanna see what happens next

Next chapter coming soon!

I hope nothing bad will happen to Scootaloo in this story!

Wellllll...read on is all I can say :raritywink:

Poor Sweetie and it must be real bad if she doesn't want the other CMC to see her.

It's a...rough topic, let's say.

:pinkiegasp: OMG What's going on! I might cry already and its only the second chapter. I want more. Can't wait to see where this is headed.

I promise I'll keep this one on its intended release schedule until the end!

Thanks for reading :pinkiehappy:

Not many stories give me a case of the feels like this one is. I want more....but almost scared to ask for it. I have a feeling the next chapter is gona rip our hears out and throw it across the room.

Well...maybe. Mind the note at the bottom of the description though :raritywink:

Thanks for reading!

7790102 Things need to be bad. It help you really appropriate the Christmas well in this case Hearth's Worming miracle. ......That's ware I see this going anyway.

Love the story so far, but if you want an idea on how to maybe save Sweetie here is mine.

:scootangel: Light Bulb "OH, What if we take Sweetie-belle through that magic mirror to the human world, I bet they know how to fix this kind of stuff, they don't have magic but they must have medicine or some machines that should be able to remove it from Sweetie's brain."

:raritystarry: "Oh My, now that is quite an idea, I will have to get in touch with Twilight and she can get in touch with Sunset then."

Chemotherapy, chemomancy...to-may-to, to-mah-to...

If only teleporting it out of her was working :applecry:

:fluttercry: Damn didnt see that coming. Love it still. Can't wait for the next chapter

As hard as the big 'C' is to those who have it, the suffering of the loved ones who have to watch the deterioration of the ailing is just as hard, in a completely different way. When I used to transport patients to their Chemo sessions, it was hard on me to watch the shrinking of their bodys over the weeks and months, and I barely knew their names. It is beyond my ability to think of how their family's truly felt.

Survivor's guilt is a strong and irrational demon to battle, I hope Rarity's friends can help her through it.

Applejack is spot on however, the most important part of any patient's treatment is not the medicine, but their frame of mind. Especially in a long term battle. Having those around you offer support, and not just the empty platitudes commonly spouted, but deep heartfelt support, will often make the biggest impact in a treatment plan. The hard part, as Applebloom and Scootaloo will soon find out, is not being willing to help, but getting the patient to accept that help.

Cutie Mark Crusaders forever! If Apple Bloom is anything, she's a stubborn as a post and won't be giving up easily :twilightsmile:

Frame of mind is a powerful medication. The story Applejack provides about Orange Pekoe is, so far as I know, something that actually happened to somebody once. Because they believed it would.


Forgive me, but when editing Hearth's Warming in Blue this evening, I got distracted by the goings on of RL and accidentally hit the 'publish' button on the new chapter before it was complete!

I immediately unpublished the incomplete chapter, but I can't do anything about the 'new chapter notification' on the front page. I offer my deepest apologies for the error, and assure those who are looking for the next chapter that it will be available on schedule.

Sorry again!

That was beautiful. Incredibly beautiful. I'm sorry I can't say more, but honestly, it's a little hard typing through the happy tears.

That it made a difference to anypony is enough.

Happy Hearth's Warming :twilightsmile:

“Yep,” Applejack replied bluntly. “Like you’ve been to Tartarus and back.” She stood beside her friend in the mirror. “But ya did come back.”

And coming back is what is important. This has been an awesome Hearth's Warming tale, you went and made me cry again.:twilightsmile:, in a good way. Good friends to share life your with, that is what makes life worth living. It isn't the journey you make, but the company you keep.

Well...it's just really nice to hear when somebody has an emotional response to something I write. Warms me like the season :twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed it. If it does anything to brighten anypony's day, I'm happy for the time that went in. Happy Hearth's Warming!

This was so emotional and well written.. absolutely beautiful. It was sad, yes, but at the same time.. it wasn't. I'm about as good as Rainbow Dash at expressing emotion, but I won't lie, this hit me right in the feels. <3 Wonderful job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to know when anybody can take something away from a story like this. :twilightsmile:

I'm surprised this doesn't have a lot more votes and comments. It's very poignantly written and still very optimistic. The subject matter certainly isn't one I would expect from most pony stories either, but was really nice to see addressed.

Well, thank you for looking at it, and I'm glad you enjoyed. :twilightsheepish:

Princess's Dang it, that was beautiful. Here, have a like and a fave.

It's nowhere near Hearth's warming, and I'm a guy, but dang it all if I can't help but cry from the sheer wonderfulness.

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