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While the shakeup following Operation Whirlwind is still settling out, Princess Celestia invites the newly-formed Cutie Mark Crusaders to perform a reprise of their "award-winning" performance at the Ponyville Schoolhouse Talent Show.

But not everypony is pleased with this display of the three races working together, and with Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor distracted by the hunt for the escaped Agent Snake a new menace finds opportunity to emerge under the snouts of him and his allies, with the Crusaders as their primary target...

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Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 3 )

And two of the traitors are about to get their just desserts.:ajsmug:

Just as I'd hoped they would.

Well done, everypony.
Well done, indeed.

Now here's hoping their whole nasty mess comes crashing down around the rest of their traitorous cohorts' ears.

Including Moondancer's.

Too bad about her poor sister, though.........

Hoo-boy, this is going to be a filthy hot mess.

"Now you know he's been busy with other assignments, coordinating the batponies working at night trying to track down where Aten and his guards disappeared to." Gibraltar reminds his subordinate. "As if the critial (critical) nature of Lieutenant Troilus spouting anti-pegasus conspriacy theories has helped any... it's a pity he's the most senior Lieutenant on the shift after Aten's group was purged out..."

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