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On a clear spring night in Ponyville, when the chirping of early cicada and flutter of dandelion seeds gives way to the lovesong of crickets and the tantalizing elixir of jasmine and lilac, one can see clear to the spires of Canterlot high above. These are nights without fear, where boogeymen take the evening off to play at hackey sack in the thickets, and foals leave their bedroom windows open to giggle away their thoughts of tomorrow while the warm breeze kisses their cheeks goodnight.

On one such night, He who is called Regret stabs a restless mare deeply. With the help of a motherly friend, she will confront Him once and for all.

The songs appearing in this story feature original lyrics adapted from the following sources:
1: "Vinny's Lullaby" Karman/Bagdasarian; 1985 (Performed by June Foray for the Alvin and the Chipmunks special: 'A Chipmunk Reunion'.)
2: "Dream a Little Dream of Me", Andre/Schwandt/Kahn; 1931 (Popularized by Mama Cass Elliot with the Mamas & the Papas; 1968.)

#1 was chosen for this story due to a fondness by the author. #2 was chosen because the author frequently sings it as a lullaby, too.

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Wow... Brilliant work!

I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you wrote it. So thanks! 👍

That's the best kind of praise, thank you!

I'm ashamed that it took me this long to move this story from my "to read" pile to my "read it, liked it" pile. Heartwrenching, emotive, poetic, ecstatic, and that's just your narration! Your story shines for taking a well-worn trope and breathing new life into it. I wouldn't hesitate to feature this story in a live reading. My only question is about the songs in the story. Are they original, or modified from another source?

Edit: I fail at reading the story's description, in which you answered my question.

Aw gee, that's lovely to hear. Anytime I can invoke a feeling in a reader akin to what I felt writing something, it feels good. Everything's been done before, I can only hope to do it in a way people enjoy.

I wanted a way to feature those songs and...this was the result. Thanks for the thought on the reading :twilightsmile:

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